6-Drawer Wood Dresser 2023 Review & Buying Guide

There’s nothing more stressful than coming home to a sea of clutter. We all know that the most common way to organize your things is with a classic wooden dresser.

A two or three drawer dresser may be a staple in anyone’s home. You can use it for your clothes in the master bedroom, you can also keep your collectibles and magazines in it, and lastly, it can add an accent to your living room, along with lamp end tables. But, a 6 drawer dresser is something else entirely: it holds sufficient capacity to store all your stuff while taking up as little space as possible.

Moreover, a wood dresser should also look pleasant if you want to add more charm to the interiors of your home. Listed down are fifteen of the best wood dressers with 6 drawers that you can get now.

Six Drawer Wood Dresser Top Recommendations

Scroll down to see the 6 drawer wood dresser brands that will surely liven up your space as you declutter your homes. Our suggestions will help you pick a suitable one for your room.

Product nameDresser materialDimensionsWeightWarranty
Angel Line Lauren DresserSolid wood and composite47 x 18 x 35 inches99 lbs.Limited 1-year
Delta Children Haven 6-Drawer DresserWood and MDF48 x 19 x 34 inches111.1 lbs.90 days
Cherry Monterey 6 Chest Wood DrawerPine and cherry wood, composite23 x 53 x 18 inches34 lbs.Limited 5-year
Sauder Orchard Hills Wood DresserEngineered wood with Carolina oak finish51 x 17 x 30 inches113 lbs.5-year limited
International Concepts DresserUnfinished wood24 x 13 x 6 inches130 lbs.1-year limited
Sauder Palladia Vintage Oak Finish CabinetEngineered wood,Vintage Oak finish58 x 16 x 34 inches140 lbs.5-year limited
IKEA Tarva Chest DrawerSolid wood pine61 x 15 x 36 inches54 lbs.5-year limited
Delta Children Universal DresserSolid pine wood and composite wood49 x 21 x 35 inches119 lbs.90 days
VASAGLE Narrow Chest DrawerMDF, Alder wood, birch veneer20 x 16 x 45 inches54 lbs.5-year limited
Stone & Beam Parson Solid Wood & OakSolid hardwood and oak veneer60 x 19 x 35 inches218 lbs.3-year
Rivet West Mid-Century Distinct Grain ChestSolid hard wood, dark oak finish60 x 19 x 35 inches210 lbs.1-year
Sauder Dakota Wooden DresserEngineered wood, craftsman oak finish57 x 18 x 35 inches152 lbs.5-year limited
Stylistics Hartford Mirror & ChestSolid pine wood62 x 18 x 78 inches176 lbs.1-year limited
South Shore Fakto 6 Drawer Wood ChestWood and metal, rustic oak18 x 51 x 32 inches132 lbs.5-year limited
BOWERY HILL Cherry Wood Six Drawer DresserWood and metal34 x 58 x 16 inches148 lbs.1-year limited

1. Angel Line Lauren Dresser

Angel Line Lauren Dresser

This white finished Angel Line Lauren dresser is a perfect addition to the modern home. This dresser is wood mixed with composite materials, which are quite durable.

What we love about the Lauren is that each drawer slides off easily, and it’s perfect since it’s got open-cut handles- the lack of metal handles eliminates the risk of it breaking off.

This model may have many parts, so you might think it’s confusing to assemble. It may be quite heavy too, but it is surprisingly quite easy to put together. Even one person can assemble this dresser in 30 minutes.

It’s also a safe dresser that your toddler can use by themselves- it’s safe for kids, but adults can also use it.

  • Has a clean, minimalist look
  • Durable
  • Deep drawers are easily accessible
  • It has a finished backside
  • Has a lot of pieces
  • The top two drawers are quite small

It’s a compact and straightforward six drawer dresser that can easily fit in any room. This drawer can easily pop out in a dark or nautical themed wall, and it can also complement the minimalist style of your living room.

With the slide stops, this dresser is ideal for use in your nursery since the drawers glide so smoothly. The cutout handles serve well those who are tired of having to deal with broken metal handles.

2. Delta Children Haven 6-Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Haven Dresser

These chests of drawers are perfect because of their straightforward and structured design that can go with any room. Delta Children Haven dressers have built-in safety stops so the drawers won’t fall off.

It’s proven to be safe even if you have kids around, since this Delta Children Haven 6 drawer dresser is free of lead and other toxic chemicals.

While it meets the ASTM safety standards, it can also meet your taste in terms of design. It has a subtle and cool gray shade that can easily blend in your nursery. Haven is quite similar to the Universal 6 Drawer dresser, but with the slight difference of a more straightforward structure and style.

Need more room to store all those extra nappies and toys? This dresser has got spacious cabinets that can organize all of your baby essentials.

  • Tested lead-free
  • Features 6 spacious drawers
  • Has safety features for children
  • Drawers don’t pull all the way out
  • Challenging to assemble for some

If you’re looking for a dresser that’s lead-free, this Haven model with 6 drawers is worth a second look. Lead and other chemicals on your furniture can have severe implications on your child’s health. With every breath, they might be inhaling all those toxic fumes. Not with this dresser, though. This dresser will calm your worries, since it has satisfactorily met ASTM standards for harmful chemicals, especially lead.

The dresser knobs come in a functional and uncomplicated design. You can change it to whatever your heart fancies.

3. Cherry Monterey 6 Chest Wood Drawer

Cherry Monterey Tall Drawer Chest

This tall 6 chest drawer looks unconventional due to its cherry wood and pine construction. This chest drawer is finished with a cherry laminate, adding to its durability and its countryside charm- rustic and warm.

You’ll see that it has curved edges, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting a nick or a scratch. This unconventional 6-chest drawer is towering in height compared to the typical dresser, but it has a tipping restraint that ensures balance.

It also has metal runners and safety stops for the smooth sliding of each drawer. The metal glides flush on the railings too, so it is quite easy to open and close the drawers, further eliminating any falls or accidents.

Each drawer can carry a weight of 8 lbs. while you can showcase heirlooms on top of the dresser with loads not exceeding 25 pounds.

This Cherry Monterey, 6 drawer dresser’s charm is made complete with dark pewter knobs.

  • Drawers are quite deep
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Good value for money
  • Strong resin smell
  • Takes long to assemble

This cherry laminate dresser is perfect for those looking for unique furniture- this tall chest can be a breath of fresh air. Out of all the items listed here, Cherry Monterey is the best dresser for small bedroom because it’s vertically oriented and doesn’t take up much space.

The six drawers are quite abundant in-depth. It’s suitable for storing bed sheets, blankets, or anything that’s too bulky for your regular dresser.

4. Sauder Orchard Hills Wood Dresser

Sauder Orchard Hills Dresser

This dresser from Sauder is one environmentally friendly drawer chest. Engineered wood makes it up- that is, a combination of wood and the residuals left from the lumbering process. Therefore, you know that no chip of wood goes to waste. Also, the back of the dresser is thick cardboard material.

This Orchard Hills dresser drawer feels rather nice and sturdy too. It also comes with safety stops, so each drawer stays off the floor.

Similar to the Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser in diamond ash finish, the two bottom drawers of the Sauder Orchard Hills dresser are more massive than the rest, giving more storage space. Classic metal pulls complete the equipment.

  • Bottom drawers are spacious
  • It looks classical
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Has patented lock system
  • A bit heavy to assemble

If you’re looking for a classical chest drawer, this Carolina Oak finish Orchard Hills dresser’s oak, coupled with metal knobs, will remind you of Sunday lunch at your Grandma’s house. It may be a bit heavy to assemble, but this would last for years to come.

Plus, the bottom drawers are spacious than the rest, which is a good thing- the varying sizes of the drawers give you more options. This way, you can store the bulkier clutter at the bottom part, and save the top section for small trinkets and knick-knacks.

5. International Concepts Dresser

International Concepts Dresser

The International Concepts dresser is solid unfinished wood. It’s quite heavy duty and sturdy, with the back being thin. It’s quite rare to find a decently priced chest that’s solid wood.

Though, it may have some drawbacks, like the solid wood being a more massive load. You can expect assembly to be quite challenging but think of it as an arm workout.

It also boasts of a butcher block surface – straight cuts of wood that make this chest dresser one sturdy furniture. It also makes it more stable, and the butcher block has lovely earthy wood patterns to add.

This spacious dresser also has euro slides, securing each drawer’s alignment.

  • Solid and sturdy
  • Options on what colors to use for the finish
  • Big drawers
  • Heavy
  • Challenging to assemble

This beach grayish tinted dresser may fit those with eclectic taste. If you’re looking for one solid piece of furniture, this is it. It’s unfinished, but it’s relatively easy to finish, so this works for those who want to add personality to furniture.

6. Sauder Palladia Vintage Oak Finish Cabinet

Sauder Palladia Dresser

This vintage oak finish dresser is another Sauder cabinet of engineered wood. This brand is committed to making dressers that are more environmentally friendly. That’s why we feature it so much here.

What sets the vintage oak finish apart is its structure and design: a T-shaped assembly system that makes the four bottom drawers bigger and deeper.

The Palladia is a classy and functional piece of furniture, at the same time sturdy enough to hold a TV on top. The cabinets are rather spacious, too, making it a great storage dresser to keep all of your clutter.

This six dresser cabinet is a bit on the heavy side, so you might want to place paddings on your floor to avoid dents.

  • Bottom drawers are extra deep
  • Has a sophisticated design
  • Sturdy
  • Includes anti-topple anchors
  • Heavy
  • The drawers can get jammed

This chest drawer is quite functional. If you’re looking for a sturdy, dual-purpose cabinet, this is it. For one, the four bottom drawers are deep and spacious – it has a lot of space to store bulky items. And two, it’s sturdy enough to hold a TV on top.

It’s a beautiful accent to your bedroom, and it gives off that classic vintage vibe.

7. IKEA Tarva Chest Drawer

IKEA Tarva Drawer

This compact chest drawer is solid wood, but the bottom is cardboard. It has a warm pine color, but you get the option to stain or finish it any way you please.

This lovely and straightforward chest drawer also helps you a bunch with a safety fitting. You can attach it to your wall, so you’re sure that your cabinet stays where it’s supposed to be. It’s always better to have reinforced protection for your kids.

IKEA Tarva eliminates the hassle- it already comes with its safety fittings, so all you have to do is to screw it on. That’s one less worry!

  • You can pull out the drawers nonstop
  • Option to stain it
  • Useful safety fitting
  • Challenging to assemble

You can go from plain pine to wild blue. This IKEA chest drawer lets you own a dresser that can match your personality. You can paint, stain, or varnish it any way you like.

This petite drawer will inevitably pop out in any space. IKEA Tarva is the real deal since it already has its safety fittings, so all you have to do is to screw it on to attach it to the wall.

8. Delta Children Universal Dresser

Delta Children Universal Dresser

Delta Universal is a dresser that deserves a spot in your nursery. It has several safety features that will ensure you have a good night’s sleep. It has metal runners and safety stops to ensure that each cabinet stays on its fittings.

Toxic fumes will be less of your concern since this Delta model is free of lead and other harmful chemicals.

The Delta Children Universal 6 drawer dresser is very safe to use around children. Its design won’t disappoint, too, since it features rounded edges that give this functional cabinet a softer tone.

The top of the cabinet is sturdy and stable- you can even use it as your diaper changing station. It’s a chest drawer that can make life easier for you.

It’s also a nice addition to your bathroom. With the spacious cabinets, you can store all your towels and bathroom essentials, and use the top of the dresser as your vanity kit. It’ll surely add a characteristic vibe to your bathroom interiors.

  • Has child-proof features
  • Knobs can be changed
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Has a strong odor

This sturdy furniture is quite functional. The top is sturdy enough to use as a diaper changing station, or to showcase your fishbowl, or potted plants. You can use it for anything, really. Therefore, it eliminates the need for another chest or table.

9. VASAGLE Narrow Chest Drawer

Vasagle Narrow Chest Of Drawers

This vintage-looking narrow chest drawer will take you back to the 1900s. It doesn’t require much space but can store a lot of clutter. The cabinets are quite spacious, and it glides smoothly, too, knowing that each drawer is 3.9 inches deep.

It has an installed side railing so that accessing the cabinet is like butter sliding down on a hot toast.

Antique style handles further complete the vintage look. Everything about this chest drawer double dresser screams vintage.

  • Anti-tipping hardware will help keep its balance
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Takes 4-5 hours to assemble

This narrow chest drawer fits small apartments and spaces. When there is a dire need to organize and de-clutter, but the area is an issue, keep this drawer in mind. The cabinets are spacious enough to store a lot of items. This dresser also looks lovely in a small bedroom or living room; and, it’s sturdy, so you can use the top of the cabinet to display whatever you like.

10. Stone & Beam Parson Solid Wood & Oak Chest Drawer

Stone and Beam Parson Drawer

This rustic looking chest drawer is solid wood and oak vinyl. The oak finish gives this 6-drawer chest a distinct wood grain pattern. Rustic and natural-looking, this cabinet has more to boast than its exterior.

It has self-closing cabinets, and metal glides, so jammed cabinets are a thing of the past. The metal glides ensure that each opens with ease- you don’t even have to close the drawers. The self-closing feature of the drawers sets it apart from a sea of functional dressers.

It also has metal pulls, which gives this dresser a sophisticated touch. Furthermore, it eliminates unnecessary noise you sometimes make when accessing the cabinets. It will prolong the life of your chest dresser.

  • Self-closing cabinets
  • Has a lovely rustic exterior
  • Heavy-duty
  • Not for those looking for a finely finished dresser

This Stone & Beam six-chest drawer is ideal for those looking to add a rustic element in their homes. This chest drawer feels like an extension of the great outdoors, because its color story is more of an earthy, natural tone. The self-closing cabinets serve as an upgrade to your regular drawers.

11. Rivet West Mid-Century Distinct Grain Chest

Rivet West Mid-Century Dresser

This sophisticated looking dresser is fit for your modern interiors. Equipped with brass pulls, it adds a luxurious vibe to any space.

This six drawer chest dresser is solid hardwood, with the oak veneers adding a lovely grain to the furniture. It’s well built and can last for years to come, and it looks a bit similar to the Black Sonoma dresser, except that the latter has knobs instead of handles.

It eliminates the daunting task of assembling the dresser- you can purchase this chest cabinet fully assembled already.

If you’re not into DIY, then you would love this chest dresser. There’s no more need for manuals, instruction kit, and hours figuring out how to connect point A to point B.

This chest drawer will be delivered to you in one functional piece already; all you have to do is figure out where to put it. Whichever you decide, It will surely add a touch of elegance to any space.

  • Is already fully assembled
  • Has a secret compartment at the back for the cords
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Makes noise when moved
  • May be quite heavy for one person to move

This elegant looking furniture is quite versatile since you can use it in the living room or bedroom. This dresser is one sturdy piece of furniture since it’s thick, solid wood.

12. Sauder Dakota Wooden Dresser

Sauder Dakota Pass Drawer

This beautiful piece of furniture is one heavy-duty dresser. Boasting of an elegant T-lock assembly system, Sauder Dakota has a straightforward, structured design. It’s also equipped with safety stops so you can pull the drawers all the way out without it sliding off the railings. The drawers also run on metal runners that make it easy to access the drawers.

Though it’s not solid wood, the Craftsman Oak Finish is quite sturdy, since it’s a combination of engineered wood and veneer. One advantage of engineered wood is that it’s resistant to warping and rotting.

It also complements an antique themed room, so that you can showcase your heirlooms, jewelry, and other small objects on top of this rustic dresser.

Its engineered wood material makes it one sturdy yet very affordable piece of furniture. If you are on a budget but would still want to score a dresser than can last, this one’s perfect for you.

  • Warp and rot-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Takes time to set up

The rustic charm of this 6 drawer dresser is a perfect centerpiece for your homes. Its spacious cabinets can store your blankets and flannels, while making your space feel warmer and more welcoming.

13. Stylistics Hartford Mirror & Chest

Stylistics Hartford Dresser

This Hartford dresser is a beautiful combination of a mirror and a chest. Constructed with solid wood, it’s a beautiful and elegant accent in your bedroom. It features cabinets that slide smoothly, and you can pull out each drawer.

It’s quite compact to fit a small bedroom, but no matter your storage needs, this Hartford dresser has got you covered! It’s useful as a nightstand and a place to store your valuables, while the simple knobs complement its classic look.

This model is delivered almost built-in. All you need to do is attach the mirror, and it’s good to go- plus, the finish looks somewhat classy and isn’t some cheap veneer.

It’s ideal for those looking for a functional vanity. Not only is it a lovely nightstand, but you can also store your blankets and other bulky valuables in the drawers.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Classy
  • Built to last
  • Worth its price
  • Suitable only for the bedroom

This 2-in-1 dresser and mirror can add a touch of warmth to your bedroom. It’s almost built-in, so you don’t need to spend hours setting it up- perfect for those who are not into doing it yourself projects.

Overall, it’s an elegant and sturdy cabinet-mirror combo that has a decent price tag. You could skimp on price without skimping on the value with this furniture.

14. South Shore Fakto 6 Drawer Wood Chest

South Shore Fakto Drawer

This Scandinavian inspired dresser boasts of neutral and clean design. The combination of wood and metal makes this Nordic dresser suitable in your modern-themed homes.

Completing its modern look are the metal handles with a black finish. The drawer slides on metal railings, allowing the drawers to glide smoothly. The Fakto dresser does not take a lot of precious bedroom space, but it can still store plenty of things.

The safety stop feature prevents the drawers from going all over the place. So, there’s no need to worry about putting things back together.

  • Includes a wall anchor kit
  • Spacious drawers
  • Made with non-toxic laminated board
  • Charming Nordic design
  • Wood at the bottom drawer is thin
  • Looks quite fragile

It’s a modern and trendy dresser that’s perfect for your kid’s room. The inclusive wall anchor makes it easier to secure the cabinet to your walls, making sure that your enclosure stays where it needs to be.

This Scandinavian inspired 6 drawer chest can be a lovely accent to your modern styled room.

15. BOWERY HILL Cherry Wood Six Drawer Dresser

Bowery Hill Drawer

This dark chest drawer is finely constructed. It has a timeless classic design that would remind you of your grandma’s living room.

This classical piece of furniture possesses a T-lock assembly system. Because of high-quality materials, architectural columns, and framed doors, you can see that this lovely architectural finish dresser looks well thought out. The oval nickel knobs complete its timeless look.

Not only is it a charming dresser, but it also has safety features, like safety stops and the drawers being on metal railings. Together, these serve as a guide for smooth glide and security.

Similar to a creek dresser, the bottom drawers are extra deep. This BOWERY HILL six-drawer dresser is spacious enough to store your sports equipment and outdoor gear.

It’s also a traditional centerpiece in your living room. You can use it to store your books and your magazine, and it can also function both as a dresser and a bedroom decor.

  • The four bottom drawers are extra deep
  • Solid and durable dresser
  • Versatile
  • A bit heavy to move

If you’re looking for a dresser with a lot of extra space, this timeless dresser is a great choice. The bottom drawers are extra deep, so you can use it to store bulky blankets, mattress pads, and flannels. It can also be used in the office to store your files, office products, and paperwork.

It’s a timeless and versatile dresser- a lovely and useful addition to any space.

How to Choose a Good Wooden Dresser with 6 Drawers

Dressers and chests come in a variety of choices. To get the perfect 6 drawer dresser for your space, you will have to base on several factors- style, material, size, and the drawers.

These things are a great addition to your home interiors too. Getting the perfect one can make your homes more Instagram-worthy.

Let’s look further into each detail.


Chest dressers come in a myriad of lovely styles. A single brand may offer dressers in a variety of colors too.

To choose the most appropriate double dresser for you, you have first to determine the style that you want. Are you looking for a drawer that can complement the minimalistic style of your bedroom? Or perhaps you want an accent for your all-white living room?

Some dressers also exude a somewhat rustic and countryside vibe; you’d often see this with unfinished dressers. Meanwhile, grained dressers evoke the vibe of the great outdoors.

Some dressers have a timeless and classical style. You can opt to match the chest with the interiors of your home.


Size is perhaps one of the practical factors to consider. If space is a problem, maybe a narrow chest drawer could be useful. As double dressers are full dressers that occupy more floor space, they’re ideal for rooms where the area isn’t an issue.


Some dressers have drawers that are uniform in size. Some models have smaller drawers on top and larger drawers at the bottom.

Some brands are known for extra deep and extra wide dressers. So, you have to gauge the amount of clutter that you have to organize.

Do you need to organize your heavy linens and blankets? Perhaps drawers with more space and depth would be most useful.

Other features that you should look for in drawers are the safety stops and the metal guides, things that provide an additional layer of safety and ease of use. Especially if you have children in your home, safety stops are a must. It would also help if you can have the drawers attached to your walls too.

What’s an excellent choice for a 6 drawer chest? Should it have the best adjustable shelves? Should it have metal rails? It would all depend on your requirements.


The material will dictate the durability of your dresser. Drawers with metal lend a more modern vibe. Solid wood dressers would last a long time, but these are more costly.

You can opt for engineered wood for a more cost-effective but sturdy dresser. A combination of solid wood and wood composites is also another cheaper alternative.

Other favored materials for dressers are cedarwood and pine. Pine lends a rustic and vintage charm, while cedar keeps insects away.


Another consideration that you have to look at is the location. Where do you intend to put the dressers?

Dressers that you’d place in the living area often need to be a bit bigger. Plus, the top part of the furniture should also be sturdy enough to hold a TV- not all can accommodate that weight.

Are you going to place the dresser in the kitchen dining area? Are you going to use it to store your china collection? Answering these questions will help you decide what dresser to get.

A dresser in your kid’s room or the nursery needs to have full safety features. It should also be free from toxic chemicals, such as lead. Make sure that it also adheres to safety standards, such as ASTM.

Chest drawers in the living room often serve as an accent to your homes. You may opt to complement the theme of your living room. Or, you may choose a bedroom dresser of a contrasting color to serve as a lovely accent. These unconventional aesthetics will surely pop out and give life to your space.

Final Thoughts

Six-drawer wood dressers come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. The durability and resiliency of wood as a material is time tested. Not to mention, wood dressers add a nostalgic charm to any room. A beautiful dresser is an excellent addition to your home interiors too. These furniture pieces function both as storage and accent to your home decor.

Choosing the perfect one might feel like being lost in a candy store. With a myriad of lovely and functional dressers to choose from, it’s easy to get lost. But that’s exactly what this detailed buying guide and review is here for!

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