Best Accent Chairs for Any Budget in 2023

Statement chairs shine when they only come in one or two pieces since their purpose is to complement or contrast other furniture such as sofas and lift-top coffee tables.

It can be the focus of any living space or an understated accessory. It should be not only beautiful to look at, but also comfortable to sit in as you may be spending much of your time here!

After looking at more than dozens of chairs, we came up with the ten best accent chairs that would perfectly fit your living space. These don’t solely excel on the spec sheet, but are personally worth it to buy for your home decor. Read this buying guide if you want a list that is personally curated.

So without further ado, here are the top accent chairs in 2023:

1. Duhome Elegant Lifestyle Mid Century Modern Pink Velvet Accent Dining Chairs

Duhome Elegant Lifestyle accent dining chair

When we see shows renovating a couple’s living room, it is often these expensive chairs that are hard to buy that are featured. However, the Duhome Elegant Lifestyle Mid Century Modern accent dining chairs has the quality of chairs thrice its price.

You have two color options, a subtle salmon pink and vintage dark green. We personally liked the pink one since it pairs well with a lot of room design and furniture choices. The velvet fabric feels premium, while the stitching is top-notch.

When sat on, it feels super sturdy, thanks to its metal base. The four metal legs have anti-scratch foot pads that do not just avoid scratching the floor but absorbing light impact. The cushion is comfortable- you will not sink, but it also will not leave you with a sore bottom after sitting on it.

  • Masterful craftsmanship evident in the welding of the base to the legs and the stitching of the fabric
  • Cushion is supportive
  • Both color options are as sophisticated as it gets
  • Chairs cannot sit flush against each other due to their protruding metal legs

Whether it is for your office or dining room, a couple of these Duhome Elegant Lifestyle accent chairs would be the star of the room. Its price-to-quality ratio is hard to beat with remarkable welding and stitching. No creaks were heard and felt when we kept sitting on it. This chair will improve your area’s aesthetics with its pop of color.

2. Spatial Order Kaufmann Modern Armless Accent Chair

Spatial Order Kaufmann accent chair

The Spatial Order Kaufmann Modern Armless Accent Chair could be one of the best-looking office chairs we have seen. The best thing is it is an excellent choice at its price.

Its textured gray overstuffed cushions with double tufting on the backrest, with its deep walnut brown solid wood legs, scream high class yet chic. Pairing it with a heavily-patterned carpet is just a room idea straight out of a magazine.

As an armless chair, it is suitable in small spaces like an office needing a guest chair. The ergonomics of this chair are smart, with the cushion going deeper towards the backrest. This feature allows for someone to stay upright and maintain a good sitting form.

  • The textured ash gray fabric makes this not just an average gray chair
  • Walnut brown legs are beautiful to look at
  • Truly comfortable without being too soft
  • The chair is 15 inches from the ground and might be small for taller users

The product has a mid-century modern style at its finest. The chair has enough character to stand out but is not loud to clash with other furniture such as your modern flat-screen stand. The tailoring is excellent, as well as the construction.

3. Christopher Knight Home DuSoleil Velvet Armless Chair with Hairpin Leg

Christopher Knight Home DuSoleil chair

The mid-century design has proved itself not just to be a fad, but both a stylish and practical design. The Christopher Knight Home DuSoleil Velvet Armless Hair Pin Leg Chair is a classic yet fresh take on classic chair design.

What we love about this chair are the pin legs that might look frail, but it’s nothing short of reliable. It creates a “floating chair” silhouette that is emphasized by the deep velvet teal. A lot of tufted accent chairs end up looking tacky, but the tufting on this is modern. The geometric shape also helps in creating a “retro-modern” chair.

It is not the type of chair you want to get cozy with while reading a book, but it is far from being uncomfortable like the chairs we have seen. If your room is a bit bland, this chair is a statement piece chair.

  • The teal velvet has a subtle shine on it
  • Tufting is modern and does not look dated
  • Metal pin legs are robust
  • Velvet is harder to clean than other fabric

When done right, velvet chairs elevate the overall look of a room. This piece is a make-or-break chair. It gives contrast to an otherwise dull room, but downside is that it ranks low on the comfort level. However, you are not buying this chair solely as a means to sit, but as decoration or artwork- like a framed painting or your wooden desk.

4. Mainstays Microfiber Tub Chair

Mainstays Microfiber Tub accent chair

Blue has always been a popular color choice in furniture, but this type of dark blue in micro-fabric is a cut above the rest.

The tub design is unique and is perfect to pair in a room full of geometric patterns and lines. It is also compact for its design, which is rare.

The cushion is overstuffed and encased in a microfiber fabric that is like velvet but more beautiful. It is also easier to clean just by using a damp cloth.

If you like a chair that hugs your back, this is it. It gives a cozy and warm sitting experience without being too comfortable, like a bed. It’s a perfect lounge chair in an office setting.

  • Snugly fits your back without you sinking too deep in it
  • Back supportive couch
  • Dark blue microfiber fabric blends well with a lot of colors
  • Space-saving size- incredibly easy to fit anywhere
  • Seat height could have been higher

If you want a more mature looking office that does not look like a pottery barn catalog, this chair should be part of your selection. The dark blue microfiber is just gorgeous.

5. Divano Roma Classic Scroll Arm Accent Chair

Divano Roma Classic Scroll Arm accent chair

We work hard to achieve our goals, and for the hard-worker, you deserve a chair that is as bold as your decisions. The Divano Roma Classic Scroll Arm Chair in red inspires confidence to anyone who sits on it.

The Chesterfield design goes back to the Victorian Era in 1800 England. However, this plush chair uses velvet instead of brown leather, and the execution feels fresh rather than a mere copycat.

The large, scrolled arms give this chair an elegant look. It also provides plenty of resting area for your arms. The tufting is not overdone and is only at the bottom front and upper back of the chair. We liked the throw pillow for our neck and back’s comfort.

Want to take a look at less daring furniture to contrast this boldness? Check out our selection of six-drawer wood dressers.

  • Chesterfield design paired with a loud red velvet fabric makes this a bold contrast/statement piece
  • Every part of the chair feels well built
  • Nicely stitched seams
  • It does take up a lot of space- however, this is an excellent choice if you have a spacious home

Not everyone can rock this type of upholstered armchair, but for those who can, it shows authority and brashness. We can think of this as your sole chair in your audio room if you are an audiophile or one of your office chairs in a hip office setting.

6. Coaster Home Furnishings Armless Curved

Coaster Home Furnishings armless chair

Armless chairs like these take up a little space while still being an attractive piece of furniture. In understated oatmeal, this chair is perfect for those who want a neutral-looking room, but still having a bit of flair.

The frame of this Coaster Home Furnishings Accent Chair is solid wood and feels dense when we hit it with our knuckles. With a linen-like blend fabric, the calm oatmeal color contrasts with the light brown wooden legs. Our team specifically liked how the chair incorporates a lot of curves in its legs and tufting in its cushion without being an obnoxious-looking chair.

Also, sitting on this feels like sitting on a couch. The central cushion curves a bit downwards, and up again to form the backrest. This thing allows for a more relaxed sitting position, something that upright chairs cannot give.

  • Oatmeal is an underrated color
  • Wooden legs and tufting are elegant
  • The genuinely comfortable sitting experience
  • Stains stand out on the light-colored fabric.

There’s no need to find a designer chair when you have this gorgeous Coaster Home Furnishings armless accent chair in oatmeal. The color would not stand out, but the design will. It is easy to compose a room’s unique aesthetics with this chair.

7. JIASTING Mid-Century Retro Modern Accent Chair

JIASTING retro modern accent chair

Mancaves, audio rooms, smoking rooms, or your wine cellars often have a more masculine design to the JIASTING Mid-century Retro Modern Accent Chair. The dark grays, deep browns, raw concrete, and vintage wood all come into play to create an authentic yet warm look. That is what you will get with this mid-century chair.

In a sea of mid-century chairs, this one stands out. The deep walnut brown wooden cylindrical legs and armrests create geometric lines that compliment the textured dark gray fabric. The tufting is subtle gives the chair some flair that does not clash with the rest of the design.

The wooden armrests and legs will create patina (fading) over time, which will give this chair more character. Build quality is excellent, as well as tailoring. Nothing feels cheap and poorly-made with this chair.

  • The square cushions, geometric lines, and cylindrical wooden legs create an iconic design
  • No squeaking or give when tugged
  • Excellent tailoring
  • Using rubbing alcohol near the chair could stain the wood

One of the best mid-century chairs we have seen that stays true to the “retro-modern” style is the JIASTING Mid-century chair. The design is as good as the construction. Get comfortable with this chair while your vinyl player is playing some jazz and your cigar smoking.

8. BELLEZE Allston Cream Wingback Chair

BELLEZE modern accent chair roll arm

It is a sunny Sunday morning, and the light is shining on your bright Citrine Yellow Allston Cream Wingback Chair by BELLEZE.

Unlike other reading chairs, this one does not take up a lot of space. The scroll arms are at a perfect height for you to rest your arms without straining it. The wooden legs keep it stable at all positions.

The wingback style comes from 1600s England, but a modern version like this one feels right in both a classic or contemporary room. The wood frame is robust and does not wobble or squeak.

  • Bright yellow color will make the chair stand out
  • Wingback style keeps your back warm
  • Solid construction
  • A bit narrow armrest

Want a bright yellow wingback chair but short on space? Belleze Citrine Yellow Allston Cream Wingback Chair will not physically and visually crowd your room.

9. GreenForest Dining Chairs

GreenForest dining chairs velvet

The best chairs all have a common characteristic: they start conversations. We picked the purple version of the GreenForest Dining Chairs since this color will get some looks and keep the whole room talking.

This pair of velvet accent chair hugs you from behind while not cramping your sides like chairs with armrests do. The supple velvet fabric gives the whole chair an uneven texture and shade, thanks to the nappy feel of velvet.

All sides of the cushions are plain velvet except for the rear side of the back cushion. It sports a quilted pattern, which was a nice touch.

The legs are metal but have wooden veneer print on it. This feature allows the chair to have the classic look of wood without being made of wood. It is sturdy, and no squeaking happened when pressed further.

  • Metal legs with wood veneer get the best of both material
  • The color choices are beautiful
  • The quilted pattern on the rear side of the back cushion gives the chair character
  • These are excellent chairs to fit your unique dining room style if you have one
  • The back cushion was too upright for our liking

Perfect for a more modern household, the GreenForest Dining Chairs combine classic build with energetic color. Purple is not the only color scheme; we liked the rose next, gray, aqua, then blue. The velvet on this is premium and shows an uneven nap throughout the cushions.

10. HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair

HomePop Parsons accent dining chair

The HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair breaks away from monotone chairs. The textured teal fabric has a unique pattern in the cream that will make your guests ask where you bought it.

The armless design keeps it compact. The rounded cushion matches well with the rectangular backrest and rectangular wooden legs. We especially liked that the buffer bulges slightly in the middle, which makes it easier for the user to sink his/her hip.

Have fun at home, pairing this set with other pieces of furniture. Whether it is shabby chic or modern Parisian, this chair will have a place in your home.

  • The pattern is not something present on many chairs, a beauty to look at
  • Wooden legs do not protrude out, saving space
  • Ample height on the backrest
  • Can only be bought in pairs

Home tours on television will eventually feature this chair set. The pattern will make it stand out in a room. However, even if you have more than two of these chairs, it will not visually crowd the room.


Whether it is a wing chair or a woven chair, chairs that stand out are essential in a room. Plain-looking chairs might be cheaper, but an accent chair will make your room look as twice as interesting.

We hope this guide will help you pick a stylish chair that you won’t get tired of looking. After all, we sit on them daily as well as our guests. Why settle for cheap and tacky furniture when you have these ten options that we’ve presented that do not let price dictate build and style.

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