Best Dresser For Small Bedroom & Tiny House 2023

A dresser is more than just a piece of furniture, a storage solution – it is also a stylistic choice. These things come in a variety of sizes. Large ones are perfect accents for your living room, dining room, and bedroom.

These drawers also come in elegant colors. Sometimes, if it’s eye-catching enough, it can be a topic of interest among your guests when they step foot inside. With that said, getting the right size for your small bedroom may be a challenge.

You can’t just fit a bulky dresser in a small space- it’ll make the room seem more like a basement. That’s why we have come up with a comprehensive guide. We have listed out the best dressers for small bedrooms. These storage solutions will add more sparkle to the flat metal bunk bed in your apartment.

Recommended Dressers For Small Rooms 2020

We’ve rounded up ten excellent dressers that can fit in small spaces. These brands will surely live up to your needs and expectations.

Product nameDimensionMaterialWarranty
Stork Craft Kendon26 x 13 x 5 inchesWood, composite1 year
Delta Children Universal48 x 34 x 18 inchesWood, composite90-day limited
Black Sonoma Tall Dresser23 x 53 x 18 inchesLaminated Composite veneers, particle wood with veneers5-year limited
Sauder Orchard Hills31 x 17 x 40 inchesEngineered wood construction5-year limited
Evolur Aurora Dresser23 x 61 x 32 inchesKiln dried hardwood, fine veeners1 year
Roundhill Furniture Laveno 5-Drawer38 x 18 x 54 inchesSolid wood30-day
Coaster CO-Man’s Chest19 x 42 x 61 inchesMDF, Asian hardwood, Asian tropical wood1-year limited
Bling Game Metallic Dresser18 x 66 x 41 inchesMDF, Asian hardwood, plywood1-year limited
MUSEHOMEINC Rustic Wood32 x 18 x 30 inchesPine wood1-year limited
Angel Line Lauren47 x 18 x 35 inchesWood composite, solid wood material1-year limited

1. Stork Craft Kendon 5-Drawer Universal Dresser

Storkcraft kenton drawer

High-quality steel hardware construction, wood, and composite make the Stork Craft Kendon 5-drawer Universal Dresser. It has several baby proof features that make it a suitable choice for your kid’s bedroom or your nursery.

The finishings of this 5-drawer chest are non-toxic. The cabinets can be pulled out but catch at the back, so you’re sure that it will not fall to the ground.

Stork Craft has a solid wood frame and stainless steel construction that makes it so durable.

The top of the dresser and the drawers seem quite stable and durable, so you can showcase your home decors there.

  • Has several safety features
  • Easy to assemble
  • The back part isn’t solid

Stork Craft is a brand known for one of the safest dressers for your babies. This classical looking small dresser in Kendon is suitable in your nursery.

If you’re looking for a cheap but expensive-looking chest for a kid’s room or babies’ nursery, this is worth a second look. Though the back part is made of cardboard and secured by screws, it’s one durable piece of furniture.

2. Delta Children Universal 6-Drawer Dresser

Delta Children universal 6 drawer dresser

The Delta Children Universal dresser features six spacious drawers. It’s large enough to hold your bath towels and linens. This looks rather charming with its curved feet and easy to grasp knobs. The frame is made of wood, while composite materials make up the other parts.

This chic chest of drawers has a variety of safety features too. It has a metal glide system with safety stops and an anti-tipping system. Delta Children is one of the few 6 drawer wood dressers that are tested lead-free and have met the ASTM standards.

You can use the top as a changing table – it’s reliable and sturdy enough.

It’s quite similar to the Delta Children Haven. This 6-drawer dresser Delta Children produced just has a more straightforward structure.

  • Built solid
  • Spacious drawers
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Has a strong smell
  • Drawers don’t pull out. It leaves an unusable 3-inch gap.

It’s a small dresser that has spacious drawers. If you’re looking for more storage space, this can be yours to keep. The chic style, combined with functionality, is perfect for your adolescent or teenager.

This six-drawer dresser from Delta Children is a perfect pick for your growing children’s bedroom. This is quite sturdy, and you can convert the top to a changing station. You can also use it to showcase some knick-knacks or heirlooms.

3. Black Sonoma Tall Dresser

Black Sonoma Tall 6 Drawer Chest

The Black Sonoma Tall Dresser may be the solution to your limited square area dilemmas. It’s compact enough. But you won’t be disappointed with the storage space that it offers. The drawers are deep enough for your thick blankets and flannels.

This tall chest is a combination of pinewood and composite. The sides are pine wood, while the rest of the furniture is composite lumber. It features a laminated finish that looks chic.

The drawers are uniform in size, so they don’t need to go in any order. It’s complete with a tipping restraint, safety stops, brushed nickel metal knobs, and metal glides. The top edges have a curved shape for added security.

Do keep note that the weight capacity of the top of the dresser is only 20 lbs. So it’s not a place to store your TV or your microwave.

  • Space saver
  • Deep and even drawers
  • Chips easily
  • Takes long to assemble

Black Sonoma is practical and compact. It will solve your storage dilemmas, especially if you have a tiny bedroom. It has a vertical orientation, so it saves you a lot of space.

The drawers are roomy enough to store your belongings and clutter. And if you’re a fan of DIY projects, you will have a blast putting this tiny dresser together.

4. Sauder Orchard Hills 4-Drawer Chest

Sauder Orchard Hills chest

This 4-drawer chest features an unconventional style. The top 2 drawers of Sauder Orchard Hills have a divider. You may use this space to store your small precious belongings such as your watch and pieces of jewelry. And the bottom drawers are extra deep for all your shirts and pants.

It takes very little effort to close and open each drawer since they run on metal tracks. Sauder Orchard Hills might not be solid wood, but it is sturdy enough.

  • Has drawers of varying sizes
  • Sturdy
  • Takes a long time to assemble
  • Quite heavy

This charming product from Sauder only comes in a single color, so it may be challenging to match with your home decor. But if you’re looking for an accent for your small rooms, this dresser won’t disappoint. This small dresser gives a pop of color that can easily stand out.

The different drawer sizes of the Sauder Orchard Hills are an advantage. You can use the upper sections to store smaller items while the bottom drawers are spacious enough for your clothes. Overall, it’s inexpensive but durable.

5. Evolur Aurora Double Dresser

Evolur Aurora 7 drawers

This Victorian style double dresser is a dream! It has an enchanting design that’s perfect for a princess. It comes in 5 colors, all of which have a pearly finish to it.

Evolur Aurora is a girl’s dream. It’s complete with intricate bow details, a combination of crystal and metal knobs, curved legs, and delicate carvings.

Apart from the design, the functionality of Evolur Aurora is fantastic. You can transform the top part into a changing station or a daybed. It’s sturdy and stable enough for that.

The tiny dresser is also lead-free and void of any harmful chemicals, therefore meeting the standards of safety. It also comes with a safety anchor, making it a good fit for your nursery. The drawers can be accessed quickly, too, since they run smoothly on the metal tracks.

It looks far from an industrial storage dresser. But it sure can store a lot of both essentials and clutter.

  • Spacious drawers
  • Versatile
  • Comes in a feminine design with charming colors
  • Comes with a safety anchor
  • Fully assembled
  • Expensive

Evolur Aurora screams Victorian. And the Queen Anne style feet makes it like a chest the queen and princesses used once upon a time. If you’re looking for something that suits a princess, look no further.

It’s suitable for the nursery or your young girl’s room, complete with safety features too. There’s more to just the beautiful architecture – this seven-drawer dresser can be quite versatile too. The drawers are soft-close, and you can even open it with one hand while you’re carrying the baby with the other.

6. Roundhill Furniture Laveno 5-Chest Drawer

Roundhill Furniture Laveno 5 drawers

This tall five chest drawer is a perfect fit for your modern bedroom: white and classic. The nickel pulls further to complete the timeless look.

This lovely dresser by Roundhill Furniture comes fully assembled except for the four legs that are not attached. Even without the legs, it’s still sturdy and functional.

The top two drawers have a faux split division that gives you the illusion of having two small drawers. The four bottom drawers are spacious enough too. These really are small drawers for small bedrooms.

  • Fully assembled
  • Large drawers
  • Construction is a bit flimsy
  • Only comes in one color
  • Drawers don’t pull out smoothly

This pristine-looking Laveno drawer will complement your modern bedroom. It’s ideal for those who want a cheap and no fuss dresser. Since it comes in fully assembled, you don’t need to DIY.

The drawers don’t run on metal tracks, so pulling the drawers out may not be that effortless. This dresser is ideal for those who don’t mind using a little force to open the drawers.

7. Coaster CO- Man’s Chest

Coaster COMan's chest

This Coaster model is solid hardwood. Free of veneer or any cardboard material, expect this dresser to last. It has an unconventional design that looks quite modern.

The left side has six drawers, while the right side contains a cabinet that has two additional drawers and three storage spaces. It’s like drawers inside another cabinet. This white chest is one of the beautiful tiny dressers for bedrooms that have pure aesthetics.

This Man’s Chest looks modern and classical at the same time because of the metal knobs and legs. It’s a piece of luxurious furniture with English dovetail construction. Dovetail joinery ensures that this would last very long.

The top drawer is felt-lined, making it a safe place to store your jewelery and watches. The lining also protects the cabinet from scratches.

  • Solid and sturdy
  • A lot of storage spaces
  • You cannot pull out the dressers fully
  • Very heavy
  • Drawers are quite small

It’s a unique and functional chest drawer that offers a lot of storage space. Coaster CO-Man’s Chest allows you to segregate your essentials. It’s perfect for those looking for separate storage spaces but doesn’t mind the small drawers.

If you’re looking for a well-constructed dresser, this is it. It’s also suitable for storing little items such as children’s clothes.

8. Bling Game Metallic Dresser

Bling Game 7 drawers

This metallic dresser is high-quality material. Bling Game is horizontally built and offers a lot of storage space. The drawers run on black steel frames, so they glide with ease. They have safety stops too.

This luxurious looking item comes assembled. All you have to do is attach the four bunned feet. But be reminded that this is one massive piece of furniture- you might need more than two people to move it around.

The top drawers are smaller and have three divisions, felt lined for that added protection. The four bottom drawers are bigger – spacious enough to store your shirts, jeans, and jackets.

  • Comes assembled
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

This seven-drawer dresser is a sturdy bedroom furniture that can make your space more avant-garde. The posh color speaks for itself, the construction justifies the cost and looks luxurious with a mirror placed on top.

It’s a fitting choice for the meticulous lady who wants a splash of elegance in her bedroom. If the price is not an issue, then we highly suggest getting this little dresser.

9. MUSEHOMEINC Rustic Wood Dresser

MUSEHOMEINC Rustic wood 3 drawers

It’s a compact dresser that can fit a tiny space, but the size makes up for its construction. This three-drawer mini dresser is solid wood.

This small Musehomeinc product made of rustic wood has lots of metal knobs, adding a charming countryside vibe to it.

This three-drawer changer’s an additional storage space where you can put your magazines and collectibles. With its rustic look, it can pop out in your bedroom too.

This three-drawer chest may be be small, but it can hold a lot. It wood look cute in your reading corner.

  • Compact
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Drawers don’t have metal drawer guides

This sturdy piece of furniture looks charming in your reading nook. Complement it with a rustic chair, and you have a very cozy area where you can read your favorite novels.

You can also use it as a nightstand, or you can showcase your decor items on top. This dresser is perfect if you’re looking for additional storage space in your small bedroom.

10. Angel Line Lauren

Angel Line Lauren Dresser

This 6-drawer chest cabinet has a minimalist modern design that looks pristine in your bedroom. It’s a combination of solid wood and composite. It also comes with four modern-styled legs.

The drawers run on a metal guide system, and it also has safety stops, so you can pull the drawers all the way out without them falling to the ground.

The height of this dresser makes it versatile. You can use the top of the chest as your changing station. It’s perfect for storing your toddler’s onesies too.

Only a safety anchor is missing; then, it’s perfect to use in the nursery or toddler’s room. You would need to purchase safety hooks as this model doesn’t include one.

  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Compact and has a simple design
  • Has a lot of pieces
  • Small drawers

This small and straightforward storage dresser is perfect for storing your kid’s clothes. It can even be lovely for your nursery. Since you can use the top as a changing station, this 6-drawer dresser will serve you well.

Just make sure to purchase a safety anchor so you can put it in your nursery for your kids, babies, or infants without any worries.

Final Verdict

Big classic dressers offer a lot of storage space, that’s why more and more people prefer them. But, the search for drawers perfect for your small bedroom can be fun.

If space is a challenge, you have to look for another alternative.

Our list features cute tiny dressers for small bedrooms that are big in value and functionality. The construction and design will leave you in awe every time you walk into the room.

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