Best Heated Toilet Seats 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Sitting on a cold toilet seat is very uncomfortable, especially during the freezing winter. Anyone who makes a night trip to the toilet has this unpleasant experience of chilling while discharging.

It is the same reason why heated toilet seats are getting popular; it makes users comfy. Extra unique features such as intuitive temperature settings, air dryer, antimicrobial seat, and even heated nightlight, are also present in top-of-the-line brands.

Some options are good, while some are a hoax! This fact is why you need to read reviews, check the manufacturer, find a seat that has easy installation, and choose one with an energy-saving mode and over-the-top features (if you like).

Read this and see all the relevant info about the best heated toilet seats for your bathroom.

Benefits of a Toilet Seat with Heating Function

There are multiple reasons to like a heated toilet seat. It truly is something that adds convenience to your everyday life at home. Enumerated below are some advantages.

Makes you feel warm

Of course, it is very explicit- people buy a heated toilet seat to experience additional warmth. Most notably, during the winter season, it’s too challenging to use the regular toilet, since the cold chills you to the bone. Good thing we have a reliable ally, so buy your heated seat now before the winter comes!

More comfortable

It is more relaxing if you sit in the ‘throne,’ even more so when you can calibrate the warmth that you’ll feel. Also, remember that there are lots of medicinal benefits to neutral heat. The warm temperature will open the pores of your skin, paving the flushing out of toxins.

Aids arthritis patients

For the older ones who are suffering from arthritis, a heated toilet will help you a lot. It will minimize the pain that you feel by countering the cold temperature from setting inside your body.

Relaxes stiff muscles

You don’t need to pay for a heat therapy session once you used a heated toilet seat. The warmth that comes out from the toilet is more than enough to keep your muscles relaxed.

Minimizes energy consumption

Another compelling reason why you must choose a heated toilet seat is that it consumes minimal electricity. Aside from this, using this kind of toilet helps lessen the carbon footprint of the environment because of the organic deodorizers pre-installed in most of the heated bowl seats today.

Recommended Heated Toilet Bowl Seats 2020

We reviewed the top ten heated toilet seats available in the market today. Use this information if you want to buy an excellent addition to your bathroom:

Product nameDimensionsType of toilet seatWeightWarranty
TOTO Washlet S30024 x 24 x 8 inchesPlastic17.5 lbs.One year limited
Euroto Luxury Toilet22 x 20 x 10 inchesElongated15.2 lbs.One year limited
KOHLER Electric Bidet Toilet Seat20 x 17 x 6 inchesPlastic, elongated10 lbs.One year limited
Brondell S1000-EW Swash 100021 x 15 x 6 inchesNon-wood, elongated14.3 lbs.3 years (Except non-residential usage)
BioBidet Ultimate BB-60021 x 18 x 6 inchesElongated, plastic bidet heated14 lbs.2-year limited
Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat21 x 16 x 6 inchesABS elongated10.6 lbs.One year limited
TOTO Washlet C10024 x 21 x 9 inchesPlastic, elongated16 lbs.One year limited
Lotus Hygiene Systems ATS-50020 x 17 x 6 inchesElongated/round15 lbs.2-year limited
Bemis Radiance H1900NL 00019 x 14 x 3 inchesElongated, plastic4.6 lbs.One year limited
UltraTouch by Hogue, Inc.20 x 15 x 2 inchesRound2.2 lbs.90 days

1. TOTO Washlet S300 Toilet Seat

TOTO Washlet Toilet Seat

This Sedona beige-colored heated toilet seat, from the world’s leading bathroom and fixture company, was developed to induce a spa-like ambiance. The Washlet S300 series is equipped with adjustable water pressure and comes with an aerated front and back warm water cleansing system.

Through a wireless remote control, you can easily adjust the heat settings, water pressure, and the flow of the aerated stream. Since this was designed to mimic a spa experience, the product has a built-in massage feature. It rolls out automatic cycling motion for subtle massage.

Further, you can control the temperature levels of this toilet seat for up to three calibrations depending on your preference. Aside from the front and rear water cleansing system, the deodorizing disk fan also entices a lot of customers. Its antibacterial property lies along its SoftClose seat antibacterial plastic coat.

So, if these things excite you, better get your Washlet S300 now!

  • Reinforced base to add durability
  • SMART remote control with LED panel
  • Easy-to-install docking station
  • Antibacterial build
  • Spa-like Massage Mechanism
  • You can adjust the temperature
  • Expensive

This product is from a trusted company that operates since 1917 in Japan. Feature-wise, this one is a five-star. In terms of the auxiliary features like the skin sensor, spa-like treatment, and touchscreen remote, you’ll get the most advanced from this heated seat for the toilet from TOTO.

2. Euroto Luxury Toilet

Euroto Luxury Toilet Elongated

From the self-lifting and soft-closing lid down to its self-cleaning nozzle, the Euroto Luxury Toilet is another top-notch heated toilet for the bathroom. This toilet has a built-in designed bidet nozzle that washes smudge thoroughly. You can also experience a unique spa-like massage from the product. Its quick and efficient drying system remains incomparable, too!

This advanced smart toilet seat also comes with an intuitive air purifying system that keeps the quality of the air good. You will never get bored while you are sat on the throne since the Euroto Luxury Toilet has an FM radio player.

When the heat levels reach the peak, the toilet’s failure and malfunction alert system will be activated, keeping you always safe. With the extra features it has in its arsenal, there’s no doubt why most hotels in different countries install this advanced heated toilet seat from Euroto.

  • Hygienic
  • SMART adjustment Controls
  • Energy-saving
  • No definite product warranty

If virtual automation excites you the most, then go with this option. The Euroto Luxury Toilet meets all your needs in this modern and digital world. From automated temperature control, intuitive air purifying system, down to the capacity to automatically control the temperature to prevent overheating, you can get these all with the Euroto Luxury Toilet.

3. KOHLER Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

KOHLER Electric bidet toilet seat

This white toilet has an in-line heater that keeps the flow of warm water in the toilet bowl. The body of the KOHLER Electric Bidet Toilet Seat is also stainless steel. The heated seat is also capable of self-sanitizing through its UV-light antimicrobial system. This seat gives you a total of five heat configurations.

Further, the product also cleans the air using organic carbon. To add comfort, mainly when you use the toilet at night, the KOHLER Electric Bidet Toilet Seat has a built-in self-illuminating LED light.

The temperature nozzle positions and controls of this revolutionized toilet are also intuitively designed for quick adjustments. It also comes with a touchscreen remote controller with two programmable default presets, allowing each user to configure a unique setting.

Now, if you are always looking for a gentle closing seat, this high-end heated toilet seat is perfect for you. The KOHLER Electric Bidet Toilet Seat has a soft-closing lid and seat design that prevents even a discreet slam.

  • Reinforced base to add durability
  • SMART remote control with LED panel
  • Easy-to-install docking station
  • Remote-controlled functions
  • Personalized preset settings
  • Needs a dedicated electrical circuit

With all the jam-packed features, we assure you that this is the ultimate electric bidet seat of this generation. The built of the KOHLER Electric Bidet Toilet Seat is extremely tough that it can withstand even in the most hostile environment. If you are up for the long-term return of investment, this one is perfect for you.

4. Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000

Brondell S1000-EW toilet seat

This award-winning heated toiled is popular due to its stellar hygienic features. This factor places the Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 in a great advantage. Based on studies, among many other features, experts recommended heated toilet seats to be hygienic to protect the life of the users.

The S 1000-EW Swash 1000 product has environment-friendly bidet attachments such as its ceramic heating system. The ceramic heat system of this elongated bidet toilet seat allows seamless heating of water without causing discomfort to the user.

This product also contains the bio bidet ultimate electric bidet. Aside from this, the elongated heated body of the product keeps the user comfortable. It has a unique deodorizing steamer and easy-to-use adjustable temperature settings for more precise temperature control.

Like most of the heated toilets today, the Brondell S1000-EW Swash also has a nozzle oscillation mechanism that makes the user lean and adjusts the angle of the bowl as needed. Also, you can change the temperature control panel of this bowl in no time. The product has a built-in adjustable water temperature on the side part of the toilet. This toilet has a spa-like massage feature with guaranteed three-level aerated spray for thorough cleaning of smudges.

Indeed, the Brondell S1000-EW Swash is one of the most advanced heated toilets of today. Among its bagged awards include the Product of the Year Award for Electric House 2011, one of the top 10 VIP products in 2010 from Good Housekeeping, and qualified as one of the Popular Science’s Simple Flush Must-have Products.

  • Certified production-error free
  • Comes with a whopping 3-year warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Higher energy yield as it utilizes Alkaline battery
  • Reports of water leaks flooded the customer support service

If awards speak for competence, the Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 must be our top one. Well, for the advanced features, you can have them all in this revolutionized toilet seat. Automation and luxurious design are also present.

5. BioBidet Ultimate BB-600

Bio Bidet ultimate toilet seat

The bio ultimate electric bidet meets the luxurious demand of every household- it is also another top-notch heated toilet. Its antimicrobial agent is in its front and rear water cleaning systems.

Aside from its luxurious design, the BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat is also one of the few elongated heated toilets in the market that are antibacterial-material made. Its seat and water flow systems provide comprehensive cleaning, even in the sensitive area. The massage feature of this heated toilet is a game-changer as well. Its massage hardware cycles both front and back to ensure total satisfaction.

The BioBidet Ultimate BB-600 is not only perfect for adult cleaning but also for child wash. A lot of parents find the SMART seat design of the BB-600 is an effective way to wash your kid thoroughly after discharging.

The luxurious layout of the Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat keeps you configure all of its functions efficiently. All you have to do is to access the intuitive control panel at the side of the toilet. With these advanced features, there’s no doubt why people call this toilet as the ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet ever built!

  • SMART design
  • Luxurious layout and design
  • Equipped with a high-end bidet
  • Tank reservoir for seamless flow of heated water
  • Not designed to record the last configured water pressure for airlock flushing
  • Requires a dedicated wire to prevent light flicking issues

The luxurious and classy style never gets old. If you value the aesthetics so much, then this is the perfect heated toilet for you. Aside from the appealing design and gentle closing of the lid, the BioBidet Ultimate Electric Bidet Seat is also known for its potent antimicrobial properties. Want to get healthy in a classy way? Then, this is for you!

6. Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat

Clean Sense bidet seat

The Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet combines luxury, intuitive design, and durability. Aside from its sleek lid and seat, this cutting-edge bidet focuses on its Advanced Water Heating System for continuous flow of warm water.

Other unique features captured the interest of people, including an adjustable nozzle position, built-in antimicrobial design, seat sensor, and hot-cold seat indicator. These features are beneficial in fine-tuning temperature during colder months.

The most notable innovation that the Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet introduced to the market is its advanced programmable memory buttons. It allows each user to record a specific seat temperature setting. This revolutionized bidet is also known for its low noise motor pump. Thus, you can’t hear a disturbing sound as the bowl eliminates smudges.

This smart toilet seat bidet is also boosted with a built-in odor neutralizer to ensure that there will be no emission of foul odor. All these features plus lots more exciting innovations; you can only experience them all if you choose the product. No worries, this bidet wouldn’t leave your pocket empty. Based on the latest market reports, the Sense dib-1500R Bidet is one of the most high-end but affordable bidets in the market today.

  • Comes with programmable chips for recording settings
  • An easy-to-adjust heated warm set
  • Guaranteed continuous supply of water
  • With carbon odor deodorizer
  • Longer battery life
  • Doesn’t have a built-in water filter

Unlike the SmartBidet SB-1000 electric bidet seat, the Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet combines toughness, style, and automation. Indeed, this is an excellent option if you want a level up discharging experience. This heated toilet also utilizes organic air purifiers, so you are, in a way helping the reduction of the carbon footprints on the planet. Order your Sense dib-1500R Bidet now and get a high-end heated toilet for good!

7. TOTO SW2034#01 Washlet C100

TOTO WASHLET Electronic toilet seat

This product could be an entry-level washlet, but you can expect more stunning features. This advanced bidet toilet seat guarantees hygienic discharge as it employs its patented Premist technology, ensuring thorough cleanings of your toilet bowl.

You will never smell a foul odor from your toilet bowl since this product employs an advanced air deodorizing treatment. Indeed, this washlet provides a comfortable discharging to the tee. You can anytime configure the settings through its SMART remote control system. If you want a manual operation, it is very much possible using its side control panel.

You will also be amazed at how the automatic toilet heat setting feature works. This product is very upfront if you use the Washlet C100! It’s just a combination of sensors working on to detect the best temperature to complement the needs of your body.

You can select from the three built-in temperature settings of TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Washlet to make sure that it meets your preference. A warm air dryer is also present to prevent the accumulation of humidity that usually leads to the development of stubborn dirt in the toilet bowl.

  • Affordable yet got a luxurious design
  • Fully remote-operated heated seat configurations
  • Equipped with an automatic cleaning wand
  • Soft close and adjustable water lid
  • Design that compliments most of the bathroom style
  • Reports of recurring leaks on the tank-pipe attachments

This product is a simple washlet that can outlast even the mainstream heated toilet, such as the smart electric bidet. This one is from TOTO, so no issue on quality. With this, you can have your TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Washlet and experience a high-end toilet without spending too much.

8. Lotus Hygiene Systems ATS-500 Heated Seat

Lotus smart bidet heated seat

This product is the first model in the market that provides dual-seat preference in one bidet. The Lotus Hygiene Systems ATS-500 has both round and elongated toilet seat bidet. It has a continuous warm water cycle and equipped with a specialized cleaning system that fits children. On top of this advanced wash feature, this model is also an energy-saver.

A total of five air dryer and adjustable heat configuration settings are ready to fit your needs and preference. The toilet also capitals much on its patented and unique Purestream technology that assures constipation relief. Thus, people who are usually suffering from constipation find the product as a sufficient resolution to their recurring condition.

While it is true that this ‘round and elongated’ bidet toilet seat is in demand in the market, its price remains to be affordable. So, order yours now on Amazon before the Lotus ATS-500 Advanced Smart Toilet Seat gets out of stock!

  • Cost-effective
  • Automatic and user-friendly features
  • Energy-saving
  • Multi-shape heated toilet
  • Does not automatically reset or refill the tank

Advanced features usually come at a higher price. Surprisingly, this is not the case if you buy the Lotus Hygiene Systems ATS-500. This toilet is flexible and is suited both for mature and young ones. You can also save a lot of electricity if you select this heated toilet.

9. Bemis Radiance H1900NL 000 Heated Night Light Toilet Seat

Bemis Radiance plastic toilet seat

This heated night-light toilet by Bemis has 3–level water temperature settings to meet your preference. What makes the Radiance different from its competitors is its unique STA-TITE Seat Fastening System. This technology assures permanent attachment of the toilet bowl; no need to enhance the attachment even after several decades.

The soft aerated water flushing out from the Bemis Radiance Plastic Toilet Seat will surely entice people from all walks of life. The said feature will make the typical use of toilet subtle and more comfortable. The aerated water is a must to reduce spillage and splashing in bowl and sink.

The product also comes with steel nozzles for secure and reliable setting adjustments. For convenience, it also has a light illuminating LED. Even if you use the toilet amidst a sudden power outage, the led nightlight will keep your composure.

The Bemis Radiance is an advanced toilet seat that caters to the needs of residential and commercial establishments. You must entrust this heated toilet brand since this is a creation by one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of toilets- Bemis Manufacturing Company (est. 1901).

  • Energy-saving mode
  • Multiple temperature controls
  • Perfect fit; designed to fit any toilet bowl
  • No slam
  • No wiggle
  • The LED night lights do not automatically switch on with the lifting of the lid

It is usually a problem with most toilets that they usually wear off over time. You may observe that your toilet is moving with age. Prevent this from happening by choosing the Bemis Radiance Plastic Toilet Seat. It follows the patented STA-TITE Seat Fastening System that ensures a stable and immovable toilet even after several decades.

10. UltraTouch by Hogue, Inc. Heated Toilet Seat

UltraTouch heated toilet seat

This product is known for its stylish and sturdy built. Also, the UltraTouch by Hogue, Inc. Heated Toilet Seat is economical, with 12 watts total consumption for regular usage. Aside from this, it also has a sealed 12 V transformer to prevent any electrical glitch.

No need for you to use sanitized toilet paper since the entire build of the product is from antimicrobial materials. This feature keeps you free from pathogenic bacteria before and after you use the toilet.

Aside from this, you don’t need to install an external air deodorizer since the UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat has its self-air purifications system. This heated toilet seat also has an adjustable heated lid that makes the user comfortable even in the cold season.

Unlike the typical toilet heated seats that are only foam-padded, the product utilized the ‘Soft to the Touch’ padding technology. Said technology ensures that only high-end material covers the entire toilet. If you are looking for a comfortable heated seat without more on synthetics, the UltraTouch Heated Toilet is the perfect thing for you.

  • Energy Saving
  • Delicate and organic ‘Soft to the Touch’ coating
  • Tough built
  • Made with integrated antibacterial agents
  • Quickly changes color, most notably when exposed to oil and lotions

The UltraTouch is a perfect example of a stylish and sturdy heated toilet. So, this is another excellent option to spare yourself from the hassles and glitches brought by the unreliable toilet seat. The price of the product is not that high, but what you’ll get is a high-end heated toilet that will surely exceed your expectations.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Warming Seat for the Toilet

Here are some of the significant things that you must consider to make sure that what you’ll be buying are a premium and cutting-edge heated toilet seat.


You need to make sure that the shape of the toilet seat will fit your buttocks. Also, find a heated toilet seat that has an adjustable nozzle to cater to the needs of children.

Mount Type

Before you purchase, make sure that you also check the mount type of the seat. There’s no blanket rule on the best kind of attachment; you can prefer the conventional bolt-and-nut if that makes you comfortable. However, if you find an advanced type of toilet attachment, then it’s a better pick.


Some heated seats are plastic; others are sturdier. So this is another consideration before you buy a toilet seat. Make sure that the material used can withstand even in the most hostile setup.


It is also important to know upfront the filling make up of a toilet seat because most of the items available online utilize synthetic foam as padding. This material will make you uncomfortable in the long run. Try to find more organic stuffing for a better-heated toilet seat.

Final Verdict

You need to get a product that will provide all the benefits without underlying problems or glitches. To help you out in pinpointing an excellent choice in the market is the very reason why this up-to-date review is here.

But, remember that sometimes, using your intellect is not enough to discern things. There are times that what your heart feels is what matters!

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