Best Lift Top Coffee Tables For Extra Storage

If there is one thing that a house would always need, it’s enough storage space. Especially if you have a small flat or unit, it’s going to be quite a struggle. We’re not just talking about something where you can put all your clutter. You will always want something that can match your home decor.

Lift-top coffee tables are functional and can be an accent in your living room too. The additional hidden storage space, wherever it may be, is a lifesaver, especially if you have a small apartment or place.

The best lift top coffee tables can showcase some of your collectibles. And of course, it’s a lovely nook where you can serve coffee to your friends. It would look beautiful in your reading niche by the corner. Keep scrolling to see our recommended lift-top coffee tables for 2020.

Our Recommended Lift Top Coffee Tables

Our lift top coffee table review has some of the most innovative and lovely pieces of furniture.

Signature Design by Ashley Carlyle46.2 x 26 x 18.8 inchesVeneer, engineered wood, and wood118 lbs.1 year limited
Mainstay Full Extending and Storage18.9 x 38 x 17.9 inchesWood75 lbs.1 year limited
TANGKULA Coffee Table41 x 19.5 x 19-24.5 inchesSolid wood, metal, and chipboard53.5 lbs.1 year
SUPER DEAL Pop-Up Storage Cocktail Table17 x 20 x 39 inchesParticleboard with melamine veneer120 lbs.30 days
BHG Rustic Gray43.1 x 23.4 x 18 inchesEngineered wood76 lbs.1 year limited
Steve Silver Company Crestline30 x 48 x 19.5 inchesHardwood and ash veneer86 lbs.1 year
Carson Forge Cherry43 x 19 x 19 inchesPressed board and veneer74 lbs.5 years
Logan Cherry18 x 48 x 26 inchesHardwood, cherry, and basswood veneers107.5 lbs.1 year
WLIVE Wood Coffee Table42.9 x 25.6 x 27.1 inchesParticle wood and metal65.1 lbs.1 year
Casart Coffee Table41 x 19.5 x 19-24.5 inchesMetal, chipboard and solid wood101 lbs.1 year limited

1. Signature Design by Ashley Carlyle

Signature Design by Ashley - Carlyle

The Carlyle lift top table consists of side and front drawers. It also has a beautiful raised top where you can showcase some collectibles, and of course, serve coffee.

This lift tabletop furniture features a deep brown, almost black color. It’s a sleek and deep color that looks spot on. The cabinets are spacious enough and offer additional storage.

You can get ample storage from the four drawers. You can easily lift the top via a spring top mechanism. It reveals a hidden room inside where you can maybe put some blankets or throw pillows.

This Ashley Furniture Signature Design coffee table has caster wheels for easy moving. The drawer knobs are polished nickel tone, completing the contemporary look of this lovely coffee table.

The height of the tale is also perfect for working on a laptop or computer so that you can use your coffee table in three ways. It’s fully assembled, so all you need to do is decide on where to place it. And, there it is, a perfect accent in your living room or home office.

  • Drawers slide smoothly
  • The wheel moves easily over rugs
  • Table lifts easily
  • Hand-finished
  • The big warning sticker on the inside of the table is hard to remove
  • Comes only in a single color

Signature Design by Ashley Furniture is a maker of exquisite furniture, and this Carlyle coffee table is no exception. It’s a perfect fit in a contemporary or modern home.

The Carlyle is a sturdy lift-top coffee table that complements your living room with its modern design, adding a bit more charm to your space.

2. Mainstay Full Extending and Storage

Mainstays lift-top coffee table

This Mainstay coffee table comes semi-assembled- you have to attach the legs. You can fully extend the top mechanism if you want more access to the hidden storage inside.

This rectangular shaped coffee table can also be a workstation. It’s also available in Sonoma Oak finish.

This coffee table is very affordable- perfect for those with small spaces that have just moved into the city. Or perhaps a student in a dorm with a lot of items to organize in a small area.

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Fully extended top
  • Little storage space

This minimalist style coffee table is fit for small space. It’s compact and will look lovely in a small living room. This storage table is so dense but can hide a lot.

It perfectly sits in small nooks and corners. The fully extended cover is quite sturdy too. You can use the top table as a workstation without any worries about your laptop tipping over.

3. TANGKULA Coffee Table with Lift-up Top

TANGKULA coffee table lift top

This coffee table is a combination of wood, metal, and chipboard, and it offers a lot of storage space. It has a fully extended top, adding more functionality so you can use it as a workstation too. It can be in your living room, home office, or even bedroom. Its walnut finish exudes a simple yet timeless piece of furniture.

You can adjust the lift top table from 19 to 24.5 inches. So it relatively can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. You can work on your laptop comfortably since it’s quite sturdy.

It offers a ton of storage space, too, having three divided open storage. You may use this for organizing your books and magazines, or maybe use the open shelves to showcase some of your collectibles. It also features hidden storage where you can organize all your accessories and clutter.

This Tangkula lift top coffee table also has a stable wood foot to make it quite sturdy and durable.

  • The top surface is smooth
  • Easy to clean (waterproof finish)
  • Solid and stable
  • Has a lot of storage space
  • The top has an adjustable height
  • Challenging to assemble

The adjustable height of the top is perfect for the entire family. It can accommodate the whole family. Dad can use it to work on his official presentation, while kids can also use it to work on their projects and tasks.

And if you’re looking for a lot of compartment and storage space, a comfortable working station, this hidden compartment lift tabletop furniture in brown is highly recommended. This lovely coffee table would last for the long haul.

4. SUPER DEAL Pop-Up Storage Cocktail Table

SUPER DEAL lift top coffee table

This lift top and storage cocktail table has a more modern style. Its sleek crossed iron base, crafted from lacquer and melamine veneer finish, has a minimalistic style. It looks quite stable and sturdy too. This table’s pop-up top reveals a hidden storage space. There’s more to this than its hidden storage- it has open shelves below also. This table gives so much ample space to offer: keep away your DVD collection and cozy blanket for movie night.

The maximum load capacity of this lift-top coffee table is 121 lbs. So, you can feel free to load anything you like.

The distressed finish accents the metal hinges beautifully, for a striking, floating top look. It’s quite an interesting look.

  • Affordable
  • Smooth, sleek appearance
  • Instructions are hard to follow
  • Slams shut- not safe for kids

Its name checks out! It really is a Super Deal. If you have lots of clutter, this is the right choice. Although, we wouldn’t recommend this around rambunctious kids due to its sharp edges and quickly slamming door.

5. BHG Rustic Gray

BHG rustic gray coffee table

This charming coffee table in the rustic gray finish is quite functional. It features a combination of open and closed storage. You can find one free room on the bottom shelf. The top can be lifted and moved forward to transition a workstation. It reveals a spacious hidden compartment and storage space inside.

The open bottom shelf is excellent storage for your magazines and books. Your guests can conveniently grab something to read while waiting for you. The hidden room, on the other hand, is built for the stuff that you want to keep hidden from the public.

This coffee table lift top is quite heavy and sturdy; the lift system doesn’t wobble. It’s quite stable, so it’s a perfect place to work on your laptop while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

This coffee table in rustic gray indeed combines style and function. It can add more charm to your space. It can also serve as a living room decor.

  • Multifuncional
  • Smooth lift system
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • You get a lot of function within your home with this collection
  • The material looks like plywood
  • The top is a little hard to lift

If you’re looking for functionality and versatility, this is a farmhouse lift-top coffee table for you. The aged wood appearance adds up to its rustic charm so that it will fit in a vintage or countryside inspired room. The BHG coffee table rustic gray finish is a perfect working station too. With its stable lift system, you can work at ease without all the rocking and wobbling.

You can use this modern farmhouse lift top coffee table in more ways than one.

6. Steve Silver Company Crestline

Crestline lift top table

This stunning coffee table is hardwood and ash veneer, so it has a lovely finish. Steve Silver Company Crestline looks well put together and elegant.

You can lift the top to reveal hidden storage space. The top table is at an ideal height for eating while watching TV. It’s also very convenient to work with a laptop. It features two storage spaces underneath the top lift at the corner. It has an empty hollow space in the middle where the spring mechanism is attached.

This sleek lift up the top coffee table has lovely intricate molding at the sides. The extended top lifts to serve as a dining table or a workstation. This coffee table also has an additional open shelf at the bottom. It’s quite spacious and large enough to organize all your magazines and books, as proven by the product dimensions.

It comes with four caster wheels that make this piece of furniture easy to move around. But you also have an option not to use it, should it become too shaky.

  • Easy to move around
  • Lots of storage shelves, modern furniture design
  • Compact
  • Not sturdy enough for heavy loads
  • Hard to assemble
  • Hard to lift the table

This elegant looking coffee table is compact and has ample storage shelves. It’s a modern piece of furniture that can fit into a tiny space. It’s a perfect coffee table and workstation for those living in small apartments or a dorm. The wide-open storage space at the bottom makes it ideal for those who want to get things organized but have limited room.

7. Carson Forge Cherry

Carson Forge Cherry table

This cozy looking coffee table is pressed-wood and veneer. This Carson Forge Lift Top is one of the few eco-friendly furniture. It’s also UV resistant and made from non-toxic materials while the cherry finish gives it a subtle traditional look.

The extended top reveals one storage space. It also has additional two open shelves at the bottom, with dividers for more versatility and with the bottom shelf accommodating heavier items. It has a rather solid base, too.

This coffee table in Cherry is eco-friendly, so if you’re in the green revolution, this coffee table won’t be to blame for deforestation. It also looks more expensive than it is, making a great accent in your living room. Even your guests won’t guess how much it actually costs.

  • Nontoxic materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Scratch and stain-resistant
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Easy to clean
  • The board can bubble under the veneer
  • Hard to put the extended top back
  • Heavy

This modern coffee table is ideal for families with lots of kids, since the engineered wood is tested free from toxic fumes or chemicals. It’s also stain and scratch-resistant, so you’ve fewer worries if your little one accidentally drops face paint on it.

8. Logan Cherry

Logan Cherry coffee table

This luxurious coffee table of solid wood can last for some time. Logan Lift Top Coffee Table in Cherry is a lift fop table that reveals hidden storage inside, but with an open compartment at the bottom. Underneath the open shelf is another storage space: a mounted drawer for storage, complete with knobs.

This coffee table has a load of storage space for its size. It also comes with four caster wheels, making moving this heavy furniture possible. The oak finish looks stunning in your living room. It’s a piece of statement on its own- a lovely decor.

The top is quite sturdy too. So you can use it as a workstation. It can confidently accommodate more substantial items.

  • Lots of storage space
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wrap, scratch, and stain resistant
  • Heavy

This coffee table is a real value for money. It’s stable, durable, and you can expect it to last for years to come. It’s fit for those looking for more storage spaces. It has a combination of closed and open shelves and drawers that can serve your storage needs.

The bold and elegant design would sit very well in a modern living room or your office.

9. WLIVE Wood Coffee Table

WLIVE wood coffee table

This coffee table boasts of a unique style — the top lifts forward then transitions into a comfortable working station. You can also enjoy homemade popcorn while watching your favorite flicks.

The metal and wood construction makes this piece of furniture look modern and industrial.

It has an efficient gas spring lift support to lift the top seamlessly. The steady stretch lets you enjoy working on the tabletop without any wobbling or crashing.

The hidden compartment is decent enough to store some of your clutter away. Also, the left side features a sliding storage drawer that reveals another secret compartment.

It’s got a unique style and functionality and it’s for those looking for something more than just a regular coffee table.

  • Has silencer crash pads
  • Stable steel legs
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t slam when you lower the top
  • The sliding panel is a bit rough to move

If you’re looking for a coffee table that’s versatile, durable, and friendly on your hardwood floors, this WLIVE coffee table is it. It’s equipped with pads so it won’t dent or scratch your floors.

At the same time, this piece of furniture is quite durable too. The extended top is sturdy. There’s no wobbling that might spill your coffee over the rug.

10. Casart Coffee Table

Casart coffee table lift top

This coffee table has quite a stunning classical design. Made with high-quality wood, it has textured patterns that look timeless. It fits very well in a large living room or your office.

The lift top of this rectangle coffee table has an adjustable height, having a range of 19-24.5 inches so that it can cater to more people. Underneath the lift top is a spacious compartment where you can organize your accessories and clutter at the same time.

You will find three open storages at the bottom: a divider separates each one. It’s a perfect way to showcase some plants, your favorite books, and some collectibles too. The legs have an intricately carved design.

With a lot of compartments, you don’t have any choice but to be organized. The abundant storage space of the Casart Coffee Table Lift Top Wood Home Living coffee table is a classic design.

It’s an additional storage space, a centerpiece, and a nook where you can enjoy your favorite cup of joe.

  • The lift top has an adjustable height
  • Timeless design
  • Lots of storage space
  • Quite heavy

Overall, Casart Modern Lift Top Storage Coffee Table is nice because it has a hidden compartment, which means it’s a versatile and functional piece of furniture. This lift top table has a rectangular shape, which lets you enjoy some spacious shelves and compartments.

It is style and functionality rolled into one.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Top Lift Table

A lift top coffee table is one functional and versatile piece of furniture. It’s a must-have, especially if you’re trying to save space. And if you want to get organized, but your clutter won’t let you. The hidden storage and lift tabletop are innovative features of this modern furniture.

Buying the best lift top table can be a puzzle. With so many pieces, how do you find the correct missing part of the problem?

Our buying guide will help you spot the coffee lift top table of your dreams.

Here are some factors that you should consider.

Existing furniture in your home

Living room

Coffee tables with lift up tops come in a variety of designs. There are a lot of options: you can go timeless, rustic, vintage, or modern industrial. Coffee tables with an oak finish lend a more rustic vibe. Often, you would want to match it with the interiors of your home.

It’s also essential to identify if you’re going to use it on carpeted floors. Lift-top tables with caster wheels can provide more mobility on carpeted floors. But if you intend to place it on hardwood floors, make sure it won’t cause scratches or dents. You can look for protective pads, so your floor surfaces are free from harm.


coffee table

Are you going to use your coffee tables with lift top storage solely for storage? Are you looking to use the extended top as a workstation? Or, do you want a nook where you can serve coffee for your guests?

Look for more storage compartments if getting organized is your goal. Look for a sturdy and durable lift top coffee table that can accommodate more massive objects if you’re going to use it as a workstation. And for the latter, you have more liberty! Often, you need to consider the shape and the size of the table if the storage space isn’t that big of a deal.


living room space

No matter how much you love a classic, rectangular coffee table, if your small living room cannot accommodate it, you need to look into lift tops. So, the square area is a significant factor to consider when buying a coffee table.

If you have limited space, go for the compact ones. There are lovely home living room modern lift top storage coffee tables that are compact but still offer a ton of storage space.

Coffee tables with hidden storage are ideal in small apartments or a dorm. You can get all your clutter organized in one compact furniture.


Are you looking for solid wood? Or a table that’s eco-friendly and nontoxic?

Solid wood is relatively more durable. And if you have kids, a coffee table that’s nontoxic is an excellent choice.

The finishing also dictates if a coffee table is easy to clean. If that’s what you’re after, look for stain-resistant ones.


coffee table with lift top storage is a must in every household. If you have friends coming over, you always talk things over coffee. Having a decent coffee table is something that you would want for your home. Even better if there’s concealed storage in it.

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