Best Queen Bedroom Sets 2020 for a Fabulous Space

Your furniture must have the same style for a cohesive look, which is why getting a bedroom set instead of individual pieces is a good idea.

There are plenty of sets for sale, and they don’t have to be over-the-top expensive either. For instance, you can get kids’ bedroom sets less than $500, discount wooden furniture sets, or all-metal ones.

Setting your mind on the best queen bedroom set for your house is not that simple. We will help you choose with this article. By the way, almost all of our options are affordable!

Recommended Queen Bedroom Sets

To start this queen-sized furniture set review, first look at the products’ specifications in the table below.

Product nameTotal weightQueen bed frame dimensionWarrantyMaterial type
Kings Brand Modern Bedroom342 lbs.85 x 63 x 54 inchesNot applicableWood
Coaster Home Furnishings Robyn Bedroom Collection500 lbs.87 x 63 x 53 inchesOne year warrantyWood, Walnut Veneer and Fabric
Roundhill Furniture Ioana295 lbs.81 x 63 x 48 inches30 days returnWood and Rubber
Poundex Louis Phillipe350 lbs.80 x 60 x 8 inches180 days returnPine
Furniture of America Archimedes606 lbs.91 x 67 x 72 inchesNot applicableWood and Leatherette
Home Styles Aspen Rustic Cherry Finish Bedroom Set179 lbs.91 x 66 x 52 inchesLimited parts replacementMahogany Solids and Cherry Veneers
247SHOPATHOME Oak Bedroom458 lbs.86 x 66 x 54 inches30 days returnSolid Wood and Veneer
Roundhill Furniture Imerland620 lbs.85 x 63 x 55 inches30 days returnWood
247SHOPATHOME Elkton Oak Finish742 lbs.85 x 64 x 56 inches30 days returnSolid Wood and Veneer
Roundhill Furniture Montana309 lbs.87 x 65 x 55 inches30 days returnWood

1. Kings Brand Modern Bedroom Furniture Set


Kings Brand Modern Bedroom is a six-piece set. With the top queen bedroom set on our list, you get a queen size bed frame with a headboard and footboard, bed dresser, mirror, five-drawer chest, and two nightstands.

The dovetail drawer design allows you to conveniently open and closes the drawers with its center metal glides. With these many drawers in a set, you get plenty of storage space to keep your bedroom organized.

Kings Brand Furniture also offers this set in a King Size version. For King size mattresses, we highly recommend adding king size heated mattress pads if you want to reach ultimate comfort.

This bedroom set doesn’t provide a warranty or return policy.

  • You get a lot pieces, storage space, and options
  • Great value for your money
  • Black and brown finish of sturdy wood
  • Easy assembly
  • None that we can think of

The Kings Brand Modern Bedroom is a good option if you want an affordable and durable set. Its contemporary and sleek wood construction would fit any kind of space design.

2. Roundhill Furniture Ioana 187 Antique Grey Finish Wood


The combination of wood and rubber construction for the Roundhill Furniture Ioana 187 Antique Grey Finish Wood Bed Room Set include a queen-size bed, one dresser, one mirror, and one nightstand.

The wooden dresser with six drawers includes a mirror on top. The nightstand, on the other hand, contains two drawers, perfect for storing your cords, books, and personal care items.

The seaside-inspired set features a milo and rubberwood finish with gorges grain styled wood inlay. It nicely has parallel line designs that give off a contemporary and modern feel in any room.

This queen set weights 295 in total. You can also get the Roundhill Furniture Ioana in a king-size set.

  • It has a reasonable price
  • Contemporary design
  • You only get a 30-day return policy

The Roundhill Furniture Ioana is our pick that will give your room a refreshing seaside feel with its wooden structure and greyish color. It a good choice if you don’t want to break the bank.

3. Coaster Home Furnishings Robyn Collection


For a set with a chic design and sleek straight frames, the Coaster Home Furnishings Robyn Bedroom Collection gets the third spot on our list.

This set includes one queen size bed frame, one nightstand, one dresser, and one mirror. The sturdy wooden classic furniture has a dark walnut finished coating, and the bed frame’s got 13 slats that can carry up to 600 pounds.

The nightstand gives you two drawers, while the dresser contains six drawers.

This modern queen bedroom set is grey and goes well with the wooden structure. The upholstered platform bed includes an also upholstered, soft headboard that gives a bold color contrast. The headboard adds a touch of softness with its fabric-covered foam.

Robyn has a total weight of 500 lbs. You can get the Robyn Collection in King or California King too.

  • Has a weight limit of 600 pounds
  • Versatile
  • It is considered expensive for a four-piece bedroom set

The Coaster Home Furnishings Robyn queen set gives you a modern and vintage look altogether. With its wooden finishing and its upholstered headboard, this bedroom set will make a home improvement that would last for the years to come.

4. Poundex Louis Phillipe Queen Bedroom Set


The Poundex Louis Phillipe is one of the more affordable queen bedrooms sets you can find in the market. It’s composed of a queen size bed frame, dresser, mirror, chest, and nightstand. Its classy, French-style sleigh platform bed adds a beautiful vintage look to your furniture.

The Louis Phillipe bedroom set features a sleigh platform bed that is durable, stylish, and budget-friendly at the same time. The solid wood pine and veneers create an exceptional surface detail. The line drapes give off an antique and contemporary look.

Louis Phillipe includes 180 days of return policy.

  • It is considered very affordable for a set of 5 pieces
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Very narrow drawers
  • Some hardware seems cheaply made
  • Bed may need reinforcement

The Poundex Louis Phillipe is very affordably priced when compared to other models of the same range. It’s a good enough value for your money.

5. Roundhill Furniture Montana Modern Wood Bedroom Set


The Roundhill Furniture Montana Modern Wood is a five-piece queen bedroom set. With this, you get a queen size bed frame, one dresser, one mirror, one nightstand, and one chest.

Montana is an excellent option if you want ample space for storage and organization in your bedroom. The nightstand gives you two drawers, the dressers have six drawers, and the chest has five drawers. But wait, there’s more.

The storage headboard for the queen bed provides you extra space aside from all the included drawers. The headboard incorporates a bookcase and four cubbies where you can place all your bedtime essentials.

This solid wood frame has a walnut finish with preserving lacquer top coating. When the package arrives at your doorstep, some assembling will be needed. It, however, includes complete hardware and an instruction manual in the box.

If you are looking for the exact model but in king size, Roundhill has got you covered. Just like other Roundhill products, you will be given 30 days to return it.

  • It is a five-piece set that includes a bed frame, dresser, mirror, chest, and a nightstand
  • Includes a bookcase headboard and four cubbies for extra storage purposes
  • It has an affordable price
  • Quick to assemble
  • The bed legs are kind of weak
  • Not so great quality control

The Roundhill Furniture Montana Modern Wood Bedroom Set is solid wood with a contemporary design to it. You also get an ample amount of storage space, especially with its headboard. You also get this at an affordable price for everything you get.

6. Furniture of America Archimedes 3-Piece English Style


The Furniture of America Archimedes 3-Piece English Style Bedroom Set is another excellent option. However, it only includes three pieces of furniture, namely a queen size bed frame with headboard and footboard, one nightstand, and one chest.

This luxurious 3-piece queen bedroom set features two extra spacious bottom compartments on the nightstand and four large chest drawers that are slim and sturdy in an English dovetail construction.

You will get a gorgeous leatherette headboard that is plushly padded with faux leather cover and has buttons centered. The headboard looks beautiful with its camelback design, beveled wood trim and crowning, and stylish upholstery with diamond stitching.

To balance the extravagant design of the headboard, you get a simple square paneled footboard, also with beveled trimming. You will also see the four unique and twisted posts on each corner of the bed frame.

If you want something more substantial than the Queen sized bed, know that King, and California King versions exist.

  • It has a luxurious and regal look
  • The headboard is soft and plush
  • Brown cherry wood finish- solid wood and wood veneers
  • Felt-lined top drawer adds a touch of safety
  • High end price

The Archimedes will give any room a luxurious and expensive look with its Victorian-inspired construction. But just like its look, many may find the price of this Queen bedroom too heavy in the pockets for a three-piece bedroom set.

7. Home Styles Aspen Rustic Cherry Finish


The Home Styles Aspen Rustic Cherry Finish includes just two furniture pieces: a queen-sized bed frame and a nightstand.

The nightstand gives you storage space with just one drawer, and a side-mounted and easy-glide suspension and one large open storage area that you can use for bedtime essentials.

Mahogany solids and Cherry veneers construct this set. It has a rustic cherry coasting to create a balance of warmth and a vintage style for your bedroom.

  • It has a rustic look
  • It’s durable because of the Mahogany wood
  • Strong, beautiful bed
  • It is considered very expensive for a two-piece set
  • Limited parts warranty
  • Not that scratch-resistant

The Home Styles Aspen Queen Bed Set includes a bed frame and a nightstand. It is also quite expensive, but the material justifies the price. Mahogany wood is known to be sturdy and its durability stands the test of time.

8. 247SHOPATHOME Oak 6-Piece Queen Set

247SHOPATHOME Loxley bedroom set

The 247SHOPATHOME Oak has six pieces: one queen size bed frame, two nightstands, one dresser, one chest with one mirror. Like the Roundhill Furniture Montana, this provides quite a lot of storage space.

Each nightstand has two drawers. The dresser gives even more storage, since it has two small drawers, four larger drawers, and a mirror. The chest gives you even more storage space with its two small and four larger drawers.

This 247SHOPATHOME bedroom set gives you a transitional style that is solid wood and veneer for quality and durability.  You get a worn-out coating look that will surely add to a unique catch to any bedroom,

The downside with this set is that you will only get a 30 days return policy. This set does, however, comes in three sizes: Queen, King, and California King.

  • It is six pieces set that include a bed frame, dresser, mirror, chest, and two nightstands
  • There are plenty of storage space available
  • You can get it at a reasonable price
  • The bed could use more slabs

The 247SHOPATHOME Queen Bedroom set undoubtedly gives you an ample amount of space to store a lot of clutter. This set is a steal because of its reasonable price. Aside from being cheap, something to appreciate about it is its classic design and storage bed availability. However, you will only get 30 days to return policy with this set.

9. Roundhill Furniture Imerland Contemporary White Wash


The last Roundhill product making our list is the Roundhill Furniture Imerland Contemporary White Wash Finish Bedroom. The attractive Queen bed features a headboard with parallel lines and a rustic urban chic style with a whitewashed finish for an eye-popping look.

This 6-piece queen bedroom set includes a queen-size bed frame, two nightstands with three drawers, a chest of five drawers, and a dresser with three small, four medium, and two large drawers. Lastly, the bedroom dresser includes a mirror on top.

The drawers of this set are English dovetail construction with smooth-gliding drawer slides. This set gives you 30 days to return it, if ever you want to (which we doubt).

  • Has a rustic chic look
  • It is six pieces set that include a bed frame, dresser, mirror, chest, and two nightstands
  • There are plenty of storage space available
  • Mostly assembled
  • The material seems cheaply made
  • Not solid wood

The Roundhill Furniture Imerland is a bedroom set with a rustic look. It is coated white for a chic contemporary style. You get plenty of storage space with this 6-piece set considering the plenty of drawers it has to offer. This set, just like every other Roundhill sets, only gives you 30 days to make returns.

10. 247SHOPATHOME Elkton Oak Finish Set

Elkton Oak Finish Queen Bedroom

Another 247SHOPATHOME product to make it to our list is their Elkton Oak Finish Bedroom Set. This features a traditional antique style with a cabin-like inspiration. This entire set is solid wood and wood veneer that is natural wood grain finished; it brings depth and dimension into your bedroom area.

You get a queen size bed frame, two 2-drawer nightstands, one 6-drawer dresser, and one 5-drawer chest with a mirror on top. Not only that, but the queen bed frame itself also comes with two extra storage drawers at the foot of the bed.

The 247SHOPATHOME Elkton Oak Finish 6-piece bedroom set is available in three sizes: Queen, King, and California King. All of them provide their customers with 30 days of return.

  • Lots of pieces and storage space
  • The bed frame gives you two extra drawers
  • Less than satisfactory customer service

The 247SHOPATHOME Elkton Oak Finish will give a cozy shack vibe to your bedrooms with its all-around wood features. You also get plenty of storage space with this set due to its numerous drawers available. However, this set is quite pricey compared to other six-piece sets.

Final Verdict

Those are the most beautiful queen bedroom sets in the market. You can see that they differ mainly on the number of pieces and storage options. So once you have your queen mattress ready, be it a memory foam or a hybrid mattress, add more elegance to your favorite relaxation spot with your top pick of the bunch!

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