Best Standing Desk Chairs 2023 For Good Posture

Curling up all day in the deep couches is not a good idea, no matter how cozy. Sitting for a long time can lead to excess fat around the belly, chronic back pain, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Being a couch potato is one way to spike your blood pressure too.

Standing all day isn’t good either: it can cause lower-limb muscle fatigue, plantar fasciitis, and joint problems if you’re on the heavy side. What to do? Find a suitable medium! Avoid both prolonged sitting and standing with standing stools and chairs. These engage your core muscles, promote active sitting, encourage good posture, and relieve back and foot pain. If you want to get fit, it’s time to replace your reclining office chair with this.

Now that almost everyone is in the wellness revolution, it’s better with this innovative tool. Our review will list ten of the best standing desk chairs that can help you get the best experience.

Recommended Standing Desk Chairs & Stools

Continue reading to figure out what brands made it to our standing chair review and buying guide. All of these are top-rated products!

Product nameDimensions (inches)Warranty
Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool18 x 16 x 97 years for wood
Seville Classics Airlift Standing Desk Stool16 x 16 x 283 years
Modway Veer Active Sitting Chair26 x 26 x 42-501 year
Ergo Impact LeanRite Standing Stool30 x 18 x 463 years
Smugdesk Drafting Tall Office Chair32 x 24 x 718 months
AERIS Muvman Sit-Stand Stool13 x 13 x 275 years
Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool16 x 10 x 235 years
VARIDESK VARIChair Pro30 x 30 x 201 year
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair26 x 25 x 515 years for nonmoving parts
Uplift Desk Motion Stool21 x 15 x 137 years

1. Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool

Varier Move Tilting Stool

This Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool has a convex base, so it will seamlessly follow your movement, enabling you to move a lot even if you’re in a sit-stand position.

It’s full of thick cushions for comfortable seating. This saddle seat has an adjustable gas lift. Therefore, it’s effortless to get in and out of the chair without toppling over. This standing stool keeps you active while ensuring comfort.

This innovation is one of a kind! It’s becoming a hit, especially to fitness converts. It gives comfort to your joint, back, and feet when you’re standing too long on solid ground. Your body will thank you for it.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be assembled without tools
  • Pivots as you move
  • Durable
  • Equipped with a saddle stool
  • It allows an increased range of motion
  • Expensive

This saddle seat is quite comfortable to use if you’re working on equipment and tables of varying heights. It pivots smoothly and follows your movement. The build quality of this standing stool can last for years to come.

In no time, back and knee pain will be a thing of the past. This standing stool helps strengthen your core. It shifts the center of gravity to your feet instead, so if you have a nagging pain at the back, it’s high time to switch.

2. Seville Classics Airlift Standing Desk Stool

Seville Classics desk stool

These standing desk stools from Seville Classics give you an innovation that will ensure a comfortable sit-stand position. Seville Classics Airlift has a soft cushion that can accommodate a weight of up to 250 lbs. It also has an easy-to-access airlift adjustment ring that can increase the chair’s height up to 28″.

This one is a tall chair that can rotate up to 360 degrees. You can go from a sitting position, and the seat can tilt up to 10″ from the center. It gives you much liberty to move so that you won’t have any problem reaching the paper works from behind you.

It eliminates the dangers of extended sitting, and it also spares you from injuries and discomforts caused by prolonged standing. See, it’s possible to engage your core even if you have an 8-hour desk job.

  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Can tilt in any direction up to 10.”
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Versatile
  • Wheel casters allow for better mobility
  • The cushion is more of a flat cylinder than a dome as advertised
  • Not for those with poor balance
  • The wheels aren’t for everybody
  • The bar at the back of the stool is uncomfortable

This standing stool or chair is for the active individual who doesn’t even like sitting. You need to have an excellent balance to be able to comfortably last in this standing stool, making it ideal or those who move around a lot. The 360-degree swivel works like a dream since you can hurry from one desk to another and change positions effortlessly.

Your core is really at work, which is excellent news; your backache will soon go away. This versatile stool can be used in the office desk or even in the kitchen.

3. Modway Veer Active Sitting Chair

Modway Veer chair

This Modway Veer active sitting chair might look like your regular office chair, but it’s not. It’s an upgraded version of your favorite black ergonomic chair.

Modway is a reliable source of office products. Their Veer has a classic and sleek office chair design but provides you with a lot of perks for your core. This chair features a breathable mesh back with lumbar support, and also a comfortable cushion mesh seat which gives protection for your back and legs.

It has a 360 degrees swivel ring, which allows you to lean in any direction comfortably. The five caster wheels add to the functionality of this standing desk swivel chair, together with the height adjustment lever, which is easily accessible.

This Drafting stool has everything you need to make yourself comfortable while working your body.

Modway provides you with four color choices for this chair: black, blue, red, and white. We highly recommend getting red if you want a statement chair.

  • Can smoothly glide on carpeted floors
  • The mesh seat and back are quite comfortable
  • Large seat
  • Comfortable height for most chairs stools and seats
  • Affordable
  • The armrest and back aren’t adjustable as advertised
  • The foot ring is quite small
  • The fabric can be harsh to the skin
  • Challenging to assemble

This stylish and sleek standing chair is a perfect accent for your contemporary office. Its design can easily blend in with your regular ergonomic chairs. You would only be able to tell the difference once you sit on it.

The backrest of the Modway Veer drafting chair provides extra support for those who are still starting to work on their balance and core strength.

4. Ergo Impact LeanRite Standing Stool

Ergo Impact desk chair

This physical therapist-approved standing stool is one of its kind. Ergo Impact LeanRite has an innovative and minimalistic design. It’s got an anti-fatigue mat, so it’s very safe to sit on it.

Aluminum and polyurethane are the materials that make it up, so this Ergo Impact Leanrite standing stool is quite easy to clean too. The mat is durable, high quality, and quite comfortable, also, since it’s neither too soft nor too hard.

It can seat a 5’4-6 feet person weighing a maximum of 270 lbs. As compared to some of the competition, this dual wheeled model is friendly on your tailbone. It won’t cause any numbness or discomfort in the said area.

  • Stable anti-slip base
  • The cushion pads relieved tension on feet
  • Perfect with a standing desk
  • No tailbone numbness
  • Not that comfortable for sitting

These are ideal chairs for standing desks. The anti-slip base provides assurance: no slipping or tipping over.

This standing stool allows you to stand longer and work for extended hours. It’s ideal for those who want to transition to a standing position while at work.  This standing chair from Ergo Impact will make you love a sit-stand, all while being kind to your feet and back.

5. Smugdesk Drafting Tall Office Chair

Smugdesk standing chair

When office work is taking a toll on your spine, maybe it’s time to get a standing stool. This Smugdesk Drafting Chair Tall office chair offers a lot of comforts. It has soft cushions that are perfect for long working hours.

The seat height adjustment ranges from 25.2-33.9 inches. Aside from that, it also has a black mesh back for proper ventilation. The swivel seat rotates 350 degrees, which offers more mobility and convenience. The mesh pad has a shape of a waterfall, which allows air to circulate to your legs, too.

It’s equipped with an adjustable foot ring so you can effortlessly switch to any position. The four caster wheels are nice and won’t scratch your hardwood floors.

  • The cushions don’t squish down
  • Has a lot of customizable features
  • These drafting chairs are easy to assemble
  • The extended height can accommodate tall people
  • A lower footrest would make it perfect
  • The footrest is challenging to screw into place

This desk chair is ideal for those looking for a tall and adjustable chair. If you’re sitting while working for extended hours, this standing chair will help you stay active. This standing stool is also a fit in offices with a not so comfortable temperature, since the mesh back and cushion keeps you fresh.

6. AERIS Muvman Sit-Stand Stool

Aeris Muvman sit stand stool

Get your core engaged while sitting with this 360 swivel standing chair. AERIS Muvman Sit-Stand Stool is a perfect fit for a sit to stand desk.

Ensure stability with its non-slip base. The seat height conforms to both standard and high requirements, with a height adjustment range of 20”-33” for those with standard height and 23.5-36” for the tall ones. This wide range of seat tilt caters to the comfort of both short and long-legged individuals.

There’s not much you can do to work out your body when you’re confined on a desk all day long, that’s why standing stools or chairs like the AERIS Muvman are worth the investments.

  • Compact and light
  • Wide height range
  • Non-scratch and non-slip rubber base
  • Seat comfort is good with this sit stand stool
  • The padded seat lacks cushion
  • The seat is quite clammy at the butt

It’s ideal for students who spend long hours studying at a desk, since this standing chair encourages you to move around. But at the same time, it allows you to sit comfortably. It helps you move from a sitting position to perching on a desk and standing—all without any back pain.

The wide range for height adjustment caters to tall people. If you have long legs, you can find this standing stool rather comfortable.

7. Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

Learniture standing desk chair

The Learniture is one heavy-duty chair. This standing stool has a weight limit of 265 lbs. It also has a height adjustment from 18.5-28 inches, so even if you’ve got long legs, you can still extend your legs with ease.

It has a pneumatic gas lift that you can access to adjust the height seat. The seat is vinyl covered, making it easy to clean.

This office chair for standing is a good choice if you want to discourage laziness, and you have no choice but to engage those core muscles. It helps you to be active while working.

  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable even for tall people
  • Not for those who don’t want to engage their core while sitting
  • Challenging to assemble

These chairs and stools for standing desks by Learniture is ideal for those who want to correct their posture. The backless design encourages you to engage your core while sitting, strengthening it, and improving your posture. It has a height adjustment that can accommodate long-legged people.


Varidesk Vari active seat

Equipped with a full cushion seat, this VARIDESK VARIChair Pro offers ultimate comfort for a sit-stand position. Perch on your desk or sit with ease, you can change positions comfortably.

It can tilt from side to side- this movement mimics side crunches. Therefore, you’re sure that your core is worked out all the time.

It comes fully assembled too, so you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to put it all together. It’s practical for those who aren’t into DIY projects.

  • The full cushioned seat is comfortable
  • Firm padded seat
  • Great lumbar support
  • Fully assembled
  • Doesn’t swivel fully

For the sit-stand position, this model is perfect. This chair is excellent for students who spend hours studying on a desk. It has zero pressure on your lumbar, and you can easily adjust the seat height. It’s also ideal for those working long hours and moving around.

9. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Flash Furniture standing desk chair

This standing stool boasts of contemporary design: Flash Furniture fits a modern office. It comes in six fashionable colors that can add a pop of fun in your space. All of these have the same mesh back, a material that allows for better air circulation.

The breathable mesh material is perfect for students and professionals who spend all day on a desk, so you know that this chair can make you withstand long hours. It keeps you cool so you can focus on what you’re supposed to do.

The seat may be leather or mesh-covered, and its waterfall design allows air to flow from your back to your thighs.

You can easily adjust the set height by with the pneumatic lever. This chair provides relief to those with low back pain and other back problems, offering more lumbar support.

  • Great air circulation
  • Provides support for those with back pain
  • Not that durable
  • The seat cushion is kind of flat
  • Can make some noises when you sit on it

It’s the right choice for those living in areas with temperatures that tend to go too high. If your office is scorching hot in summer, this is one product you should have for yourself. It keeps you cool and comfortable, so you can focus on important things.

10. UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool

UPLIFT desk motion stool

This sleek standing stool features a height adjustment of up to 10″, which makes it a good fit for those with really long legs. You can go in a leaning position with your legs comfortably extended.

The base of UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool is rubber material and not plastic- safety and durability are guaranteed. Additionally, the seat has a waterfall design that encourages proper air circulation. It also features a multidirectional swing capacity, which allows you to swing from any direction with ease.

  • Well-cushioned seats
  • Cans wing to any direction
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • The low height setting is not that comfortable

Long-legged people will find this standing stool very comfortable, while shorter individuals may discover that this stool is challenging to use. The saddle doesn’t go low enough to sit-stand people comfortably.

Final Verdict

Standing desk chairs offer a lot of perks: it allows you to do work efficiently while encouraging mobility, promoting good posture, and supporting your lower back. This innovation will enable you to move around a bit while you’re still at work.

A good chair has to have an adjustable height, durability, and spine support to allow mobility. Our buying guide will help you get standing chairs and stools that will serve your needs.

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