10 Best Storage Benches Reviews 2020

Storage benches offer additional storage space without eating up too much space. You can use it to store shoes on your doorway. It’s also where your guests can sit down while they untie their shoes.

Storage benches are also perfect centerpieces in your living room: you can store your magazines, journals, and books. It’s also helpful in the bedroom. The nifty box can store your cable wires, gadgets, stuffed toys- everything you see scattered on the floor. It’s also a place to keep your crochet and craft essentials.

Benches with storage spaces are versatile and quite functional. While its primary use is to declutter, it would not hurt to have a posh and stylish seat. Who says storage benches need to be dull and boring? We have listed 10 of the best storage benches that can fulfill your storage needs. Let’s update your storage space with these stylish benches.

Our Top Recommended Storage Benches

Our storage bench recommendations have the best of the best in terms of function and aesthetics. Take a look at the summary table of their specifications below.

SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack Bench
Natural bamboo plank27. 6 x 11 x 17. 7 inchesSix months
The Sole Secret Button Tufted OttomanHardwood, foam, fabric20 x 50 x 17 inchesLimited one year
Ornavo Home Foldable Tufted LinenWood, particle wood, Linen/polyester woods, fabric upholstery15 x 15 x 15 inches100 days
VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack Shoe BenchMetal and particleboard28.3 x 13.3 x 72 inches3 months
Simpli Home AdamsWood48 x 17 x 25.3 inchesOne year
Christopher Knight Home Living Santa RosaFabric, plywood, solid wood19.3 x 50.8 x 16.3 inches90-day limited
Madison Park ShandraSolid wood, plywood, fabric50.3 x 19.3 x 18.8 inchesOne year limited
ClosetMaid 3258 Cubeicals
19 x 35 x 14 inchesOne year
SONGMICS Folding Storage OttomanWood and faux leather
43 x 15 x 15 inchesOne year
Pulaski Hinged Top Button Tufted BedFabric and wood41.5 x 15.8 x 18. 5 inchesLimited one year

1. SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack

SONGMICS Shoe rack bench

This 3-tier storage bench is a combination of a shoe bench and storage. Manufactured from natural bamboo planks, it exudes an earthy vibe. It boasts of durable bamboo construction, so you can expect it to last for years.

This Songmics product works great as an entryway storage bench. The material is damp proof. So mold will not thrive if you just came from the rain with your wet shoes. The screws match the color of the furniture, making them invisible on the bamboo bench.

It has galvanized rust-proof metals. The bamboo itself has a damp resistant coating, so mold problems and musky smells are the least of your worries.

It can also display your greenies. The combination of the green leaves and the bamboo planks exudes a refreshing vibe. It’s like bringing your garden inside your room.

You can also use it as a kitchen stool for your toddler. It’s durable enough to carry the weight of a child. But don’t try it for adults!

This bench with compartment is slim, compact, and fits perfectly in narrow spaces.

  • Compact and slim means you can place it in small spaces
  • Has both great function and design
  • Inexpensive
  • Versatile
  • Can accommodate storage baskets
  • Not made for sitting on
  • Each tier can only hold two pairs of adult shoes

You can use this storage bench in a variety of ways. One, you can use it as a shoe bench. Two, you can place it beside your deep couch reading nook. It’s spacious enough to showcase your favorite books and magazines. Three, you can use it in the bathroom since it’s damp free. It’s a great way to organize your towels and rugs too.

2. ClosetMaid 3258 Cubeicals

ClosetMaid 3528 Cubeicals bench

It’s a compact cube-sized storage chest that you can squeeze in a tight space. It has three dimensions and a cushioned top. You can also place a container basket in each chamber.

It’s a simple and easy way to organize your magazines and some blankets, being a basic and straightforward shoe bench that is perfect for your doorway. The cushioned top makes it comfortable for your guests to take off their shoes. It can also function as a beautiful coffee table.

This cubbie bench can bear the weight of around 250 lbs.

You can always have a more extended bench by combining two to three cubed seats! Line them up in a row, and you got plenty of space to organize your clutter. You need to attach them.

It can be used in your doorway, bedroom, and can be a cute nook for your kids. If you want to add more plushness, you can always pile it up with more pillows.

  • It is a compact chest but it offers a large storage
  • The cushions are washable
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Needs to be attached to a wall
  • Heavy to move
  • The cushioned top keeps sliding off
  • Cushions are flat

This cube-shaped storage bench is quite compact. It can make it into tiny spaces. This 3-cube storage bench has a modern and straightforward design that could easily blend in your room.

3. Ornavo Home Ottoman

Ornavo Home Ottoman bench

Light and foldable, this Ottoman foldable, tufted linen, large storage chest footrest can offer extra storage space and provides additional seating too. Since its foldable, it’s easy to store it away when not in use.

It comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large. You got more options for your decluttering needs with a long bench, having enough storage space, while also offering even more vertical storage. This ottoman could easily blend in with the rest of your dorm room.

You can open and close the bench by lifting off the lid. There are no hinge issues or whatsoever. Place it in the living room, and it can serve as a storage chest. It’s also comfortable footrest with its padded seats. And you can also organize your magazines and books, while providing extra seating for your guests.

  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Additional vertical space
  • The sides are cardboard and fabric
  • The lid can collapse with excess weight
  • The bottom can be a bit flimsy

This inexpensive button tufted storage bench can be in your doorway, bedroom, or living room. The extra vertical space of this fabric storage bench can store some blankets and bedsheets.

This foldable ottoman offers additional storage space at a reasonable price.

4. VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack Shoe Bench

VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack bench

This rustic looking furniture is one of its kind. It’s a coat hanger and storage in one. The combination of metal and wood accents will lend a vintage vibe in your homes. It has a vertical build so you’ll save some area.

It comes with a wood accent that has a high-quality finish. Since it’s lightweight, it’s quite a breeze to assemble.

Each hook can bear up to 6.6 lbs of weight. While the entire wooden board can carry weight up to 176 lbs. All in all, you get nine hooks for your coats, scarves, and hats to hang. Be careful not to load it with too much weight as the metal hooks can come off.

  • Space saver
  • 2-in-1 coat hanger and shoe storage
  • Lightweight
  • Needs an anti-tipping restraint
  • Hooks can fall off with a heavyweight

This vintage-looking industrial coat and shoe storage fit tiny spaces. It’s an excellent option for decluttering if you’ve got a minimal space. It can also serve as a vintage welcome to your guests at the doorway.

This hall tree can help you organize your coats and shoes without overeating space.

5. Pulaski Upholstered Storage Bench

Pulaski upholstered storage bench

This luxurious looking storage bench is high-density foam. It’s also tufted with diamond buttons, and equipped with tapered legs.

The upholstery is delicate and textured linen fabric, while the metallic nail trimmings add to the plushness of this upholstered storage bench. The legs are in natural brown, lending a classical look to the seat.

This lovely bench is more of a decorative piece. So never attempt to sit on it as it can collapse. But it has decent storage space to organize some of your clutter.

If you want a luxurious looking storage bed that can add more charm to your bedroom, this brand is lovely.

  • Looks plush and luxurious
  • Has fine linen upholstery
  • The padded seats are comfortable
  • Small storage space inside

With its plush exterior, it fits perfectly in the master’s bedroom. It could add a touch of elegance to your queen bedroom. Place it at the edge of your bed, and it can serve as a posh accent.

Space may not be the widest as you’d hope it to be. But it’s decent enough to store some of your towels and scarves.

6. Christopher Knight Home Living Santa Rosa

Christopher Knight Home Living Santa Rosa

This ottoman storage bench is strong enough to sit on. It looks luxurious and is high-quality material. It’s nice because it has soft leather and a tufted lid. It has a smooth and firm cushion that feels rather comfortable to sit on.

It looks very classy and seems like it’s high-quality fabric. It’s quite light too. So moving it around is a breeze.

The bottom of this tufted storage is not solid wood, so storing only light objects will preserve the beauty of this furniture.

This leather storage ottoman bench also has anti-slam hinges, so that’s one last thing to worry about if you have kids around. It opens easily to reveal a spacious room inside.

Even kids can access this fabric lined storage with no worries. It has an anti-slam system, and the lid is easy to open. So it’s safe and accessible for the kids.

  • Fully assembled with the feet
  • Strong and solid
  • Anti-slam hinge
  • Large storage space
  • The bottom of the bench isn’t solid

If you’re looking for a fully assembled storage bench, this is it. Even the feet come fully attached already. This bench is one luxurious looking storage bench with a cushion since it could double as an accent in your bedroom too.

Just be sure to store only light objects such as blankets and extra pillows. Too much weight can wear it out.

7. Madison Park Shandra

Madison Park ottoman storage

This rectangular storage ottoman comes in four colors, all built with espresso-colored legs. It comes fully assembled too. So no DIY here.

There’s a cushioned top portion of the ottoman, which is quite sturdy with a combination of plywood and solid wood construction.

Almost the entire ottoman is well built and reliable, except for the bottom part of the floor. This ottoman bench provides extra storage though this chest is quite thin and may not be able to accommodate heavy objects such as your free weights.

Since it’s sturdy, you can comfortably sit on it. The upholstery is well made too. This ottoman can give you additional storage and add to your home decor at the same time.

The storage space is quite ample too. It’s easy to open and close the lid, but it stays open until you intentionally close it.

  • Fully assembled
  • You can sit on it comfortably since it’s an adequately wide bench
  • The inside of the bench has a strong chemical smell
  • Issues with the hinges

This ottoman bench looks expensive and luxurious for its price. It can add a touch of sophistication to your homes. When placed at the doorway entrance, your guests will be amazed by a classy piece of furniture. It’ll surely leave a good impression.

It can serve as a bench storage chest footrest while being an excellent accent for your living room and bedroom too.

8. The Sole Secret Button Tufted Ottoman

The Sole Secret Bench

This model seems like chest storage for all your shoes, and it comes in two sizes too. This ample upholstered shoe storage has button tufting and beautiful upholstery. It’s one piece of luxurious furniture that can add a touch of sophistication to your home.

It contains an adjustable divider. The medium size has 14 slots while the large one has 18 slots. You can easily remove the dividers to reveal big storage space. You can use the full bench to store your thick blankets and wool.

It has a hydraulic opening system. This system makes it easy to open and close the lid of the bench.

It’s luxurious and durable enough to be sat on since it offers enough support. No one would even know that you’re hiding stuff underneath. It comes almost completely assembled. All you have to do is to screw on the feet.

It’s perfect for those with prominent families where the kids’ shoes are just flying everywhere. It’s classy furniture that can help you declutter your front door area.

It’s also a beautiful bench for your living room and bedroom. Place it at the base of the bed and use it to tuck away your winter blankets. With the dividers removed, it offers a lot of storage space big enough for bulky rugs and wools.

  • Spacious storage
  • Shoe pockets are quite deep
  • Almost fully assembled
  • High quality and luxurious looking upholstery
  • Practical, elegant, and opulent
  • Some issues with the screws on the feet
  • Issues with the hinge
  • The dividers can be flimsy

This shoe storage bench is function and aesthetics rolled into one. The ten button-tufted upholstery is luxurious looking. It can efficiently serve as an accent in your living room or door entrance. Not to mention, it has a vast storage space to help you organize things.

9. SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottoman

SONGMICS 43 inch folding storage bench

This 43 inches folding ottoman is a stable and sturdy storage bench. It can hold a weight of about 660 lbs. You can sit on it comfortably without worries about the seat collapsing. It’s manufactured with CARB P2 MDF, making this ottoman one safe and sturdy bench.

The SONGMICS 43 inches folding storage ottoman bench has a modern and sleek design with its faux leather covering. This faux leather makes this storage ottoman quite easy to clean too. All you need is to wipe the surface with a little bit of water, and it’ll look at all brand new.

This faux leather folding ottoman has a collapsible design. So you can easily tuck it away when not in use. It’s compact and easy to move.

  • Compact and portable
  • Has a collapsible design
  • Easy to clean
  • Padded seat faux leather
  • Easy to assemble
  • You need staples to connect the sideboards

The modern design of this Songmic 43 inches folding ottoman could complement any room. It’s sleek and compact, so it’s perfect for those with limited space such as dorms and small apartments. The storage space of this faux leather folding ottoman is enough to organize your blankets, clothes, magazines, and books.

You can also place this by your foyer and mudroom. It’s also great storage for your shoes and slippers.

10. Simpli Home Adams

Simpli Home Adams storage bench

The Simpli Home Adams is a 48-inch ample storage space that disguises itself as the bench. Made of solid wood, it can comfortably sit in two persons. The top lid is made accessible and safe by a hinge system. Lift the top cover off to reveal spacious storage space.

This bench has two divisions or compartments. You can place shoes and slippers on one side. And have your magazines and books on the other hand.

It relatively looks more like a bench. And people won’t even notice that it has a storage space inside.

It fits a modern home. It’s a great storage solution if you want to keep all your stuff discreetly tucked away and organized.

  • Built solid
  • Features a hidden storage space
  • Additional seating
  • Lots of color options
  • Hard to assemble
  • The backrest of the bench is quite weak
  • Dents and scratches easily

If you’re looking for a discreet storage solution, this furniture will amaze you. It’s a charming bench that you can place in your mudroom too. So your guests can comfortably sit while tying and untying their shoelaces.

This entryway storage bench can also make a chest where you can keep your blankets or magazines. Since it has two divisions, you can store different items at a time.


Benches with compartments are lovely storage solutions: they offer additional space to organize your clutter with a flair. Some of them can double as an extra sofa by your foyer. And unlike a cabinet, you have an option to store your clutter discreetly.

Storage benches also serve as home decor. It comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. You can go vintage, rustic, minimalist, or stick to modern design. There’s always a storage bench that can match the interior of your homes.

The best brands offer a full storage space that you can even store thick blankets inside. These storage solutions can be sturdy too. You have to get reliable products. Our storage bench reviews will help you get a charming bench for your needs.

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