Best Swivel Chair 2023

Owning a good rotating chair is essential to having a productive office or an inspiring room. It allows you to move around, which is not just fun but beneficial when concentrating.

We have compiled five of the best swivel chairs available online right now in this shopping guide. We will be showing their features, pros, and cons, so you’ll know which one to get and which ones to avoid.

Review of the Smoothly Gliding Swivel Chairs

Here is a quick round-up of our favorite chairs for living rooms and offices:

Esright Massage ReclinerFive relax functions: vibrate, recline, heat, 360° swivel, and rockUnspecified
Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/TiltMesh back for breathabilityLimited 5-year warranty
OFM Essentials Collection UpholsteredThe gray fabric has an uneven weave look to itLimited lifetime warranty
Babyletto Madison Swivel GliderStain and water-resistant microfiber fabric1-year warranty
Best Choice Products Floor Gaming ChairCan be folded in half for easy storage and movingUnspecified

1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright massage recliner chair

More of a relaxing chair than an office one, is the Esright Massage Recliner. This product is heated, PU leather made, ergonomic, lounge chair. Esright is in a lot of living rooms for a reason: it’s your one-stop-shop for a massage.

This black leather chair has five relaxing functions, which are: vibrating, recline, heat, 360-degree swivel, and rock. The vibrate feature uses eight massage nodes to cover the backside of your body fully (back, lumbar, thigh, legs). The recline and rock features are only for a quick nap, and the heat function is to decompress your body.

All of these functions are remote-controlled. Meanwhile, the chair is faux leather- it is supple and soft on your skin. The seat cushion is overstuffed to provide an extremely comfortable sitting experience.

It may have all these features for a topnotch massage, but it lacks a zero-g function. We recommend getting a zero-gravity massage chair for that.

We also commend the excellent customer service of the company. They helped us in configuring the settings for the different features.

  • Eight massage nodes cover your backside from top to bottom
  • Armrests are generously padded
  • Heat function does not hurt at all
  • Cushy deep-seat couch
  • Takes up a lot of real estates

Whether it is in your living room or office space, having a massage recliner chair gives a lot of benefits. This product is something you’d want to sit on right after a long day working.

2. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel Tilt Chair

Alera Elusion Series Chair

Want a simple but functional chair for your professional or home office? The Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel Tilt Chair is a classic without all the extra features, but still, have excellent material and build quality.

The first time we sat on this contemporary chair and glided around, it was evident that this would last. The armrests are screwed in tightly without any give at any point. The product has no creaking also even if you move around with the chair or the chair itself. The material feels solid, and the construction is premium.

The seat cushion accommodates our buttocks. It was a waterfall edge that does not strain the bottom side of the thighs. The breathable mesh back panel keeps your back dry and fresh.

The armrests and the height of the chair are adjustable. If you want a functional and comfortable chair without the price increase brought by extra chair features, this one should be on top of your list.

  • Adjustable height and armrests
  • Comfortable contoured cushion
  • Excellent build quality
  • Plain black look

This Alera Elusion Series is perfect for the folks that want a practical task chair that does its job well. It might not have the extra features a lot of chairs have, but it is something you will be comfortable in for the years to come. With this breathable chair, you can forget about back sweats.

3. Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

Babyletto Madison swivel glider

This chair may not look like most of the chairs available, but it is a thing of beauty. The Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider in Mocha Microsuede is an accent chair with the functionality of a rotatable chair.

The microfiber fabric is stain and water-resistant, meaning you can play with your babies or puppies on it. The chair frame and swivel base are metal, so it will withstand years of sitting and moving. The rotation is buttery-smooth with no hitches. Also, the chair has a Greenguard Gold certificate, which means it has low chemical emissions.

The brown color is perfect for homes with an earthy color scheme. It will also keep your back warm during winter nights. Chairs are not just for sitting but also for complementing or contrasting the design of your room.

You can choose to get this in any of the four colors: Slate, Mocha, Ecru, and Blush Pink Velvet. We recommend getting the Blush Pink Velvet if you want an accent chair for your home. Meanwhile, Mocha would complement any solid wood furniture that you might have.

  • Metal base and frame make it a buy-it-for-life chair
  • The microfiber suede fabric is just lovely to touch
  • An ideal choice for small spaces
  • Feels a bit cramped when sitting on it due to the hugging design

The next generation in your family will still use this Babyletto Madison thanks to its metal construction and sturdy fabric. The brown color is vibrant, with a suede texture to add a touch of dimension. This would impress your guests when you give home tours.

4. OFM Essentials Collection Upholstered Home Office Desk Chair

OFM Essentials desk-chair-swivel

Do you want to be inspired by mid-century offices or brutalist design? The OFM Essentials Collection Upholstered Home Office Desk Chair is a classy looking chair that almost looks like an art piece; it’s for you!

It is an upholstered chair, so its looks are as good as its comfort. The fabric is this muted blue that has an uneven weave texture. It is plain-looking but not dull. The legs are nothing but dashing. It has a shiny chrome finish just pairs well with the chair either in gray, blue, or tan. We think a sky blue option would work great with the style of this chair, but unfortunately, there is none.

It may not deliver the maximum comfort, but it is a chair that will be used by hard-workers with an eye for design, and not those looking to doze off on their chair. This product is a recommended swivel chair for living rooms that need a style upgrade.

  • Mid-century look
  • Dark blue weave-like fabric pairs well with its chrome legs
  • Robust wheels
  • These aren’t inclusive of a headrest

This OFM Essentials product is a chair that many of your office-mates will notice. It fits in a lot of office design. The comfort is good enough!

5. Best Choice Products Floor Gaming Chair

Best Choice swivel gaming chair

If you want a stylish lounge chair for your vinyl room or mancave, pick this Best Choice Products 360-Degree Swivel Folding Chair in Coffee. You cannot go wrong with this one – looks and comfort-wise.

It has a very retro-futuristic look to it with its single-cut shape and quilted design. It has no armrests, which might be an advantage for gamers who want their arms unbound. You can also adjust the recline level in four levels, so you can sit upright or lean it back for relaxing.

The base has a cover, which is the same fabric as the chair, to have a uniform look. The cover is removable. Also, the chair is foldable in half. This one is a useful feature for storing the chair in your basement or putting inside the car when moving.

We liked this Best Choice Products chair because it is for people who know what they want: a low-height chair with no armrests and four recline levels in a stylish package.

  • Low height makes it suitable for lounging
  • Your arms are uncramped since it has no armrests
  • Can be folded in half and reclined in four heights
  • Not really efficient as a table chair to sit on while making your papers

Best Choice Products has this chair that may be polarizing thanks to its design: a lot of customers will like it, and some would not even consider buying it. We loved it not just for its look but the different experience it gives.

Final Verdict

These spinny chairs are fun to sit at because you can keep moving without actually leaving your spot. It is a good boredom-breaker in the office or a beautiful feature in the living room.

We recommend never to sort your choices for a swivel chair by price. These things receive extra wear-and-tear because of the rotation and various movements (reclining and moving), so you want quality components, material, and engineering inside your chair.

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