8 Budget Friendly Steps For A Trendy Outdoor Room

As if my Ikea Pax wardrobe hack project isn’t big enough, spring gets me yet again excited for whatever shenanigans my mind spins round. Right now, I’ve been dreaming of a sweet picnic spot with the family!

Do you want to make your outdoors swoon-worthy? This sure beats mindless online window shopping.

Gorgeous Open Air Room Inspiration

open air room inspiration

To get a clear idea of your end result, look at a lot of pictures. Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr- find out things in common with their outdoor space and yours. Get a clear idea of how much space your designated backyard space occupies, then set that as a limit so you won’t be disappointed when planning. Try to look only for pictures with more or less that amount of room.

Step 1: Spruce up

Research is key! Drink in all the info you see on as many inspo blogs as possible. Don’t get too caught up on one photo you saw- my advice is to look for pictures that look similar to the yard you have, so it’s easier to apply their style. Be reasonable with your goals, too. I’m sorry but if a rusty old roof is all you can see, or if birds poop in your yard all the time, no matter how creative your plans are, if your canvas is near hopeless, your imagination’s for naught.

There are some elements that are necessary for this outdoor room! If you don’t have these, then it’s not the end of the world- I have a million other blog posts on DIY home decor waiting to be appreciated.

Step 2: Remove Unwanted Growth

First, remove all the weeds to get yourself a nice, smooth surface. To prevent new weeds from sprouting, lay an all-weather, landscaping ground cover.

Maintenance is necessary to keep your outdoor area from becoming a jungle of overgrown weeds and looking like a horror house.

Step 3: Sun Protection


You wouldn’t want to dine or lounge in the scorching heat. For this step, you’ll need to determine the usual spots on your house where sunlight is the most intense at various times of the day.

Better yet, just invest in a gazebo. It’s practical, cost-efficient, and contemporary. You save a lot of time, gain a lot of shade, and you’ll be getting a lot of use out of this one.

Step 4: Weather-proofing

It’s always a good idea to get rattan furniture for the outdoors. The problems are going to be your pillows and table cloth. If your outdoor room does not have a proper roofing, you might need to take them inside when not in use.

Clear varnish is an effective top coat for rattan sofas and rustic tables.

Step 5: Plants

flowers on tree

Designate the perimeter of your space with some plants. Bamboo is a classic! It grows quickly, is super tall, and wind-resistant too. Meanwhile, flower pots or even flower trees make for a more colorful atmosphere.

The presence of plants would make you feel more at ease and one with nature.

Step 6: Lighting

string lights gazebo

String lights look wonderful against the darkness of nighttime. Hang them basically anywhere dark, and you’ve instantly created a cozy and serious, almost magical ambience.

Step 7: Accessories

Personalize your area. Adding some finishing touches like a central flower vase or scented candles! Or Spice it up with some soft, curtain work, rustic crates here and there, or decorative pebbles in the pathway.

Step 8: Fall In Love

Enjoy the novelty of this outdoor room while it lasts. And when it does fade, you can always refer to my barrage of DIYs and hacks to repurpose the materials you’ve used and give another part of your house a makeover!

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