Design Inspiration For 2018

Remember the living room furniture I had in my hanging branch light project? That will serve as my Boring Before. It hasn’t been a big deal to me lately because I’ve been busy but now, I am so ready to ramble.

My eyes have been glued to my phone nonstop, pinning whatever trendy room photo catches my eye. I’m not just doing this for relaxation: I need to get a feel for my living room redesign, and for that to happen, I have to have all the inspiration I could get.

Plans For The Living Room Makeover

hanging branch light

Replacing dull furniture is what immediately comes to mind. The biggest and most obvious change would be the sofa! Not just the grey sofa itself, but also the atrocious, gaudy pillows.

Alright, here goes the roasting. The sofa looks like it’s been detached from some poor car, and the pillows look like they’re stolen from multiple houses. Just… what was I thinking? Maybe I spent all my brainpower obsessing over the hanging branch DIY.

The wooden dresser looks okay, but I’m not too thrilled by it. It’s a tad bit too dark to suit the theme of the room, if you ask me. But not as bad as the sofa.

Living Room Goals

For those who still aren’t familiar with my type when it comes to color schemes, I really like warm tones: orange, yellow, brown. As for lighting, I think that a soft, incandescent glow is super lovely. My eyes are kind of sensitive so I’m not a big fan of bright lights. Exhibit A of my ideal living space: this picture.

dark lit room

That was my definition of perfection in a living room. Together with the aforementioned qualities, the modern furniture, straight, unbroken lines of the sofas, and unique floor and dividers make this area exude an inviting ambience.

I got to give props to the Boring Before, though. Similar to this photo, my current living room lighting is still super nice.

Another design inspiration to fall in love with is -you guessed it- rich, warm toned furniture. Ignore the green gym ball and you’ve got a perfect setup for a morning coffee.

living room idea

I wish I knew what carpet this is. I’m a big fan of the wide windows, actually. I’ll always prefer dimly lit room, but some degree of control is also nice. The chairs have an interesting look, too. The back looks breathable, which is nice for warm weather. The sofa gives off an old-fashioned, classy vibe because of the detail near its legs: it reminds me of a scorched parchment look.

Final Thought

I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to home improvement. That’s why I enjoy looking at these photos! They keep me motivated to pinpoint the current weaknesses of my furniture, then build up on them. The endless scrolling is also a way to enrich my mind with new ideas for my next DIY.

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