Best End Table With Lamp 2023 Reviews

An end table alone looks just another regular surface for your keys, TV remote, and books. It’s kind of lackluster on its own. But if you attach a lamp to that, then you can read, watch TV, or browse your phone with just the right amount of light. There’s no need to brighten up the entire room at all when doing minor tasks.

Also, some people don’t like complete darkness- they need soft, gentle light to help ease them to sleep. End tables with lamps solve that problem; after all, these can look pretty as well!

We have looked above and beyond in search of the ten best end tables with lamps, and here are the ones that ended up on our list.

The Best End Table with Lamp You Can Buy

For a glance at our top products, below is a summary including their dimensions, bulb wattage, base finish, and warranty. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect table lamp.

Product nameDimensionsBulb wattageWarranty
Brightech Owen End Table & Lamp24 x 20 x 5 inches9.5 Watts3 years
BHG Combination Floor Lamp End TableTable: 20 x 14 x 22 inches, Legs: 16 x 12 inches150 WattsUnspecified
Leick Chairside Lamp Table with Drawer24 x 12 x 57 inchesUp to 60 Watts1-year defect-free guarantee
Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Shianne19 x 15 x 58 inches100 WattsUnspecified
Better Homes and Gardens End Table Floor Lamp53 inches high100 WattsUnspecified
Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp18 x 18 x 56 inches9.5 Watts3 years
Portfolio 3-Way Bronze20 x 14 x 23 inches150 Watts3 years
Mainstays Transitional Glass22 x 22 x 54 inchesUnspecified3 months
Costzon Floor Lamp18 x 18 x 24 inches9.5 WattsUnspecified
Lavish Home A1000B216 x 16 x 59 inches9 WattsOne month

1. Brightech Owen End Table with Lamp – Best Overall End Table-Lamp

Brightech Owen end table with lamp

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It was evident that this famous product will be on the list. The Brightech Owen Table is classic in form but advanced in function.

The middle area of the table has a charging pod. This feature means certain mobile phones can charge wirelessly on the table. Also, that means no more going back to your bag to get a charger and untangling the wire! However, if your phone cannot charge wirelessly, it comes with a USB port for any charging cord.

The table is 18.5 inches and has a light almond finish, with a bit of sheen to it just like its three legs. Meanwhile, the lamp is 14.5 inches and illuminated by a 9.5W LED bulb. The light bulb has a lifespan of 20,000 hours at three hours per day. Overall, it stands at 56 inches, which is enough for most rooms with modest ceiling height.

What we liked about the Brightech Owen is that the amount of light is not too much that it blinds you when you turn it on in the middle of the night. However, it gives a bright light to the table below it, which helps you find things quickly.

  • Wireless charging and Alexa-compatibility work and are not finicky
  • The legs are stable and do squeak when pressure applies to the table
  • Easy on-off switch
  • A bright source of light
  • The switch and USB port should be made more discreet in its placement and color.

Brightech Owen is a perfect lamp for people who do a lot of work on their phones. It can also be for those who want to read some pages before going to sleep. The circular corner-less shape makes it safe for kids running around. The white base and light almond finish are gorgeous.

2. BHG Combination Floor Lamp End Table – Best Modern End Table

Better Homes and Gardens End Table

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Looking for a small light source that will not fill up the whole room but your cozy spot only? This Combination Floor Lamp, End Table from BHG, is a plain shelf table for those pairing it with modern furniture such as a modern stand for your flat-screen.

It is a triple-shelved end table in vibrant espresso color. You can use the lower shelves to stack books or put some ornaments. What makes this a great lamp is a swing-style arm that increases the light distribution without taking up too much space.

With a height of 53.5 inches, BHG Combination Floor Lamp-End Table can fit in almost all types of the living room. It uses a three-way light bulb, which means it has a low, medium, and high-light setting. This product is undoubtedly perfect as a reading lamp. The construction feels sturdy thanks to the two more columns of wood on each side supporting the legs.

We see BHG as a lamp that will be more popular with the older demographic. The look of it is classic but does not look like something from a thrift store.

  • The espresso color is not overwhelmingly dark
  • The three-way bulb allows for more lighting options
  • Two shelves below the main table add more organization
  • Fabric shade could have been thicker

This BHG Combination floor lamo-end table is a good 3-in-one (shelf, table, lamp) bedside desk. It does not take up too much space, which is now becoming an essential factor in pieces of furniture. We liked the light at a low setting since it does not distract you but gives enough light to avoid total darkness.

3. Leick Chairside Lamp Table – Best Compact End Table with Lamp

Leick Chairside-lamp table

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A more classic style in a compact package, the Leick Chairside Lamp in Medium Oak, is a team favorite for one good reason: the craftsmanship is unbeaten at this price point. Despite being small, it announces its presence in a room with its design alone.

Constructed with solid ash wood, nothing about this wood table lamp feels cheap. Even the swing-type arm lamp feels excellent. We tried swiveling it repeatedly, and the motion feels butter smooth with no hitches. The lamp accommodates up to a 60-Watt light bulb.

The ecru (light beige) lamp shade contrasts well with the darker finish of the table. Also, the storage drawer was a nice touch for those who want to store some keys or bookmarks in their table desk lamp. We also liked the black drawer pull that is reminiscent of the wooden trunks our grandparents had back then. This product is also perfect as a bedside table due to its minimalist design.

The simple designs like Leick Chairside’s work well in a market full of drawers and tables wanting to be unique. Also, this table will get better over time through the patina (fading) it develops.

  • Woodworking on this is of higher quality compared to other similarly-priced desks
  • Perfect as a table lamp at your reading nook
  • Swing-type arms are smooth
  • Single light setting only

Since 1910, Leick has been producing products found in a lot of homes worldwide. They know their customers, and this chairside-lamp table is for people who want an elegant and minimalist solid wood table that does not take up a lot of space.

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Shianne

Shianne floor lamp

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Industrial design is in right now. Bare concrete walls, exposed steel pipes, and geometric lines are found in a lot of homes and offices nowadays. The Ashley Furniture Signature Design is a beautiful lamp for modern-styled homes.

The light walnut desk has an irregular wood marbling, which adds character to the rigid-looking desk. Aside from the legs and lampstand, the two lower racks are also steel, which has a dark gray finish. The steel felt rigid enough for daily use when you try to push the table down with your hands.

If you are a fan of hard geometric lines, then you will like the lamp. The lampshade is rectangular and comes in eggshell color. We loved this since the overall color scheme of the lamp starts with dark steel at the bottom, a light brown desk, and light beige shade.

The Ashley Furniture lamp stands at almost 58 inches, which gives the LED lights enough vertical space below it to distribute. It is warm light, not too blue and not too red, which fits right in in a neutral-looking room. The Shianne is the best bedside table lamp for you if you want something that isn’t too intimidating.

  • The industrial look is elegant, without looking too masculine
  • Beautiful wood marbling on the decks
  • Rectangular lampshade
  • Neutral light accents the color of the table
  • Nice mini table lamp for those lacking in space
  • Cannot put smaller objects or anything vertically on the metal racks

Whether it is to add more “rigidity” to a warm looking room or solely completing your modern-industrial room, this metal end table by Ashley Furniture is an excellent option. The racks could have been a flat shelf, but the metal grills add to the look; it is a fair trade-off.

5. Better Homes & Gardens End Table Floor Lamp

Better Homes and Gardens end table floor lamp

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We understand that some of our readers are not ready yet to splurge on furniture. That is why we included the Better Homes and Gardens End Table Floor Lamp. It is the perfect size for a college dorm, a shared apartment, or your first home.

This Better Homes and Gardens product will not win any awards in terms of material or originality, but it is just what a lot of people need. A functioning desk with lower shelves and an attached lamp will not take up a lot of real estates. It comes in a dark brown finish that looks premium.

The lamp has a swing arm too, which felt robust when we kept swiveling it. It emits soft light thanks to the fabric shade. Just like with most entry-level floor lamps, a CFL lightbulb is used, which still uses more power than an LED bulb, but it will not rack up the power bill even if you use it daily in your home office.

There are also three columns of wood beams on each side to support the shelves and the desk when loaded. It is a simple desk for simple uses.

  • Affordable
  • Construction is proper despite the low price
  • Easy assembly
  • One of the best floor lamps
  • Perfect house minimalist solid wood table
  • Uses a CFL bulb

This product by Better Homes and Gardens is an excellent end table anyone can buy. It is functional and affordable – two things a lot of consumers want. It does not look bad either, but it might be mistaken as a wooden desk. Are you budget-conscious? Then this one’s for you.

6. Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp


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The Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp is for those who already know what they want in a lamp. The Havana style will surely grab your guest’s attention when they see your light.

This product may look classic, but the lamp is high-tech. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple Homekit. You can turn on or off the light just by your voice command, although there’s a no-touch sensor. There is also the USB charging port, which makes this a capable bedside lamp.

The side panels and the lampshade itself has slits shaped like elongated oblongs. It looks like a lot of houses in Havana that use blinds for their windows. Usually, end tables with desk lamps look gaudy when trying to imitate a style, but not this one.

A solid wood table lamp should not just be another piece of furniture but a statement of your style. Contrasting the Havana brown finish, the lamp’s arms have a subtle shade of gold that looks sophisticated.

Brightech Madison uses a 9.5 Watt LED bulb with a natural 3000 Kelvin color temperature, which is considered as warm but rated at 800 lumens. The bright light of this lamp is a beautiful addition to your office lighting.

  • Alexa compatibility and a USB charging port makes this lamp functional and the best table lamp for tech-savvy people
  • Havana-style slits on the side panels and lampshade are gorgeous
  • Unlike the first previous Brightech lamp, the USB charging port is discrete
  • One of the best LED desk lamps
  • The desk could have been bigger

If your office needs an end table and light source but also a style upgrade, then this Havana-themed high-tech lamp called Brightech Madison should be on top of your list. Despite a loud design, it does not look tacky. Put some picture frames on the wall behind the light, and you have yourself a room straight out of a magazine.

7. Portfolio Bronze 3-Way Shelf, Table, Floor Lamp with Fabric Shade

Portfolio three way lamp

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Fan of Roman grill design? The Portfolio Bronze 3-Way Shelf, Built-in Table, Floor Lamp with Fabric Shade is a beautiful desk lamp that is also a statement piece.

As an end table with a lamp attached, the design of the light should complement or contrast the desk. The Roman grills form an arrow-like shape in the middle and a spiral on the sides. We liked this since it was loud enough to get some eyes on but not in an obnoxious way, similar to most recommended end tables with shade lamps listed here.

The lamp has a linen shade and accepts 3-way light bulbs. A low-medium-high light setting is useful for those who use their lamps for various situations. You can also use the lower shelf as a magazine rack, as long as the spine is going against the horizontal grills.

We liked that the grills’ ends were not jagged or sharp that it could cause harm to your kids and pets. Portfolio Bronze 3-way is a sign of quality craftsmanship.

  • The grill design is unique
  • Compact enough to fit besides the bed or couch
  • Fabric shade has a subtle shine on it
  • Smooth-to-the-touch table
  • Magazines keep on hitting the grills when pulling it out

Not all of us like plain-looking furniture in our home or office. This beautiful LED desk lamp by Portfolio will not just brighten your room but also give it character. The magazine rack has a solid build with no rattles or squeaking whatsoever.

8. Mainstays Transitional Glass Table Lamp

Mainstays Transitional glass end table

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In terms of style, less is (usually) more. The Mainstays Transitional Glass End Table & Lamp is here to prove it with its steel lines and glass desk.

The slim rounded metal legs support two identical circular glass desks: the lower shelf, and the main surface. The finish is matte black, so it looks very contemporary and sleek. Everything is symmetrical, but this Mainstays Transitional Glass End Table & Lamp does not look boring- instead, it looks modern.

The 22-inch round glass desk is a valuable space for putting down your coffee, parking all the remote, or some family photos. After all, the light above it will give focus to the images you put on the desk. The tan shade makes this accent table lamp blend well with your room.

Mainstays Transitional Glass End Table & Lamp is a stunning home decor that looks as good as it performs.

  • The sleek design of this table with light makes it an excellent desk for a lot of modern and retro-modern homes
  • The white light it produces is gentle on the eye
  • The glass desk is thick and does not feel fragile
  • Glass gives it a modern style
  • A bigger version should be available

From its looks alone, the Mainstays Transitional Glass End Table & Lamp is a winner. Who said desks could be glass and not wood? A lot of customers would shy away from this because glass can crack, but we felt confident with its overall build quality.

9. Costzon Floor Lamp – End Table

Costzon Floor Lamp Swing arm

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The Costzon Floor Lamp is for those who like their furniture as black as their coffee. It is a lamp perfect for gray-themed rooms since it adds a little bit of intense color.

The Costzon Floor Lamp – End Table comes with two USB ports for charging. This feature makes this a genuinely functional mini-table lamp. Below the 18-inch desk are two smaller shelves. These are the right places to put your tech basket or some before-sleep lotions.

The lamp connects to the table via a solid brushed steel pipe with a silver finish. The silver works well with the matte black desk. To finish it off, you can choose from either a black or white lampshade. We liked the white lampshade since it gives an extreme contrast to the black desk but a complementary color to the silver swing arm.

You can use any type of lightbulb on the Costzon floor lamp. Whether you prefer a bluer or a more yellow-ish color temperature, the overall color scheme will pair well with a cooler or warmer bulb.

  • The two USB charging ports charge well, and not slow unlike another mini end table with desk lamps
  • Beautiful black and silver combination
  • Compact form
  • Black lampshade

We recommend this Costzon lamp-end table to anyone who likes a bold black desk in their room. The matte black finish gives a severe and modern vibe. The two USB ports are helpful in that you can charge your battery pack or phone before sleeping.

10. Lavish Home A1000B2 Floor Lamp

Lavish Home Floor lamp table

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Mid-century modern has always been a favorite among interior designers and furniture makers. The Lavish Home A1000B2 Floor Lamp is an LED table lamp that will be a beautiful piece to add in your mid-century home.

Lavish Home Floor Lamp may be minimalist, but it is not boring at all. The deep brown wooden desks shine well when the light is on.

The finish of the desk is not too brown that it looks like a leather shoe. The lamp is like a drum and has an elegant glow when the light is on. It may not be as bright as your regular fluorescent bulbs, but it is enough for an LED lamp.

The single USB charging port adds function to the table but does not make it look like a desk straight out of Silicon Valley. The legs go straight up, supporting the desk with a steel line protruding out of it and inwards. We love this lamp for this simple but distinctive design.

Aside from its design and functionality, the Lavish Home A1000B2 Floor Lamp comes with a power-saving 9 Watt 805 lumens LED lightbulb rated at 25,000 hours of use. If you have expensive leather office chairs, you’d find this table to be a great addition.

  • Rustic and mid-century design works well with both classic and contemporary rooms
  • More like a lamp in the living room that should be visible, unlike bedside lamps
  • Lampshade beautifully glows when lit
  • The lamp is fixed and cannot swivel in any direction

The Lavish Home lamp seemed like it took inspiration from the ideas, advice, and knowledge of real homeowners, just like the best. It is minimalist but has character; it is rustic but not dated, and it is beautiful but not expensive, like most end table lamps we recommended here.

How to Choose the Perfect End Table & Lamp

A lot of table lamp reviews solely recommend without telling you why. Well, there are a lot of lights out there, and not every one of them is right for you.

Here are some deciding factors that make a product right for you:

1. Price

As the rapper and millionaire Jay-Z once said, if you cannot buy it twice, then you cannot afford it. You should not take this quote literally, but the point is that you should live within your means and pick furniture that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

How much are you willing to invest in a table lamp? Is the table going to be used commercially in your cafe or hotel? If so, you should spend more and buy the best-looking lamp-and-table combo that would elevate the look of the service you are giving.

2. Size

Most of the lamps here in this list have an overall height of 55-58 inches. However, with the housing economy nowadays, a lot of people cannot afford a house anymore and settle for a room or a small apartment. Space is everything in a home, and you do not want your table to take a lot of it.

Why do you need a table with an attached lamp if you already have a floor lamp? Because it saves space by acting as two pieces of furniture- all without sacrificing real estate.

3. Build quality and material

When you are at the store, try to give the table a little push and the legs a stretch, if there is a rattle or squeak, then you know right out of the box the table has poor build quality. Of course, under regular use, a table will soon break; that is why when testing it, you should not punch it or drop it.

The material is what makes a table cheap or expensive. Usually, plastic ones are the most affordable, steel and ceramic are mid-range, and hardwood is the most costly.

An end table with built-in lamp should not be the primary source of light for intense tasks such as finishing your daughter’s homework. Its gentle glow is a decor. You do not need an over-the-top expensive table to achieve a candlelit ambiance.

4. Lamp style and lightbulb choice

The lamp is the focal point of the end tables. The lampshade color should not be loud, so most of the lights here have a neutral color like beige, brown, or eggshell. The shape, too, is essential: the more curves it has, the more dated it looks. New lampshades go for clean lines and corners. A drum-like shade looks “retro-modern.”

Right off the bat, you should prefer LED light bulbs over CFL or incandescent, since it uses less power to give the same amount of light. You can also opt for a three-way bulb for more lighting options.

Different Types of Table Lamps

different lamps for end tables

If you are looking for a separate lamp, here are some styles and elegant designs you can choose from. Pick anything that suits your home interior best!

Swing or boom arm lamps

swing or boom arm lamp

If you are familiar with movie sets, then the boom arm lamp is easy to spot as a look-alike of the boom mic sound guys use. It has a long swingarm that can be adjusted and swiveled wherever you like.

It is popular in a lot of co-working places because of its versatility in its placement and length, given that different people use the lamp every day. Also, it has clean lines and a modern look to it, which makes it appealing for a lot of buyers.

Gooseneck lamps

Just like a boom arm lamp, its “neck” or “arm” can be moved and adjusted at every part like a hardwire or a more rigid showerhead. It can give light to any spot, which makes it an excellent option for work that includes minute details like watch repair or drafting of house blueprints.

Tree lamps

It basically what the name says. The central steel rod branches out and supports many lamps. It is more of a general lighting option and a design piece rather than a lighting source for studying.

Torchiere floor lamps

It is a straight vertical lamp that has an inverted lamp shade. That means the light goes up, so it lights a corner in the room. Usually, it has a more intense light, since it cannot be adjusted, so it is like a complimentary light to your ceiling light.

Tripod lamps


You can see this lighting up absolute memorabilia or artwork. It has three legs hence the name and supports a single lamp. It ranges from a bare steel lamp where everything is sleek, to a shorter, chunkier version with bigger legs.

Buffet lamps

The most common type of lamp is the buffet lamp. It is a short and stout lamp that has a lampshade at the top. It does not give a lot of light, but enough to cast a beautiful glow on your table.

Wrapping Up

End tables that include a lampshade are becoming more popular since it’s two-in-one furniture. Most buyers place this item beside their bed or lounge chair. It is more than a table, as it can be a design piece.

Some tables include a USB charging port and even a wireless charging pad, which a lot of buyers like. After all, what’s not to like in a table that can charge your devices? However, some have a more purist approach to their furniture and want to keep things minimal.

Whatever your type is, we’re sure that we have all shapes and sizes on our list. Our top picks are all high-quality and long-lasting, so there’s no need to worry about frequent replacements.

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