Floating Headboard With Nightstands 2023 Favorites

One way to make your room look polished and modern is to invest in a floating headboard with attached nightstands as they maximize your floor space.

Most of these built-in nightstands come with a wire management system and storage drawers that also contribute to a spotlessly clean look while being off the floor at the same time.

Floating Headboard With Nightstands Review 2020

From a wide range of these products in the market, we have handpicked our five most recommended. Here are the best floating headboard with nightstands, and their specifications to help you upgrade the look of your room:

Valhalla Designer123.5 W x 31.5 H x 16.5 L inchesKingComposite WoodNot Available
Prepac Series 9 Designer BHHK-0520-2K123.2 W x 31.5 H x 16.5 L inchesQueen, KingComposite WoodFive years limited
Pemberly Row123.25 W x 31.5 H x 16.5 L inchesQueen, KingComposite WoodFive years limited
Atlin Designs123.25 W x 31.5 H x 16.5 L inchesKingComposite WoodFive years limited
Prepac Series 9 Designer WHHQ-0520-2K107.25 W x 31.5 H x 16.5 L inchesQueen, KingComposite WoodFive years limited

1. Valhalla Designer Platform Floating Bed Headboard with Integrated Nightstands

Valhalla Designer floating headboard

First on our list is the Valhalla Designer Platform Floating Bed Headboard with Integrated Nightstands New Set. It is a King-sized, composite wood headboard.

This solid wood king size headboard features two nightstands with built-in drawers on each side. These work great as discreet storage and have a surface where you can place your reading lamp and books.

The nightstands are indeed very sturdy, as told by so many positive reviewers. So, you can forget about the possibility of things falling to the floor. Together, the nightstands and drawers prove to be very convenient for keeping things within reach whenever you go to bed.

You can get the uniquely designed Valhalla designer floating headboard in either a Black or Espresso laminated finish to give a modern and sleek look to your bedside.

  • Classy design
  • Has a hanging rail system
  • You can place it however high up you want
  • Expensive
  • No Full size option
  • Some assembly required

The Valhalla Designer tops the list with its contemporary design that can go well with any bedroom style. It mainly focuses on simplicity and functional storage space. The downside is that Valhalla Designer doesn’t give out a warranty with its floating headboards.

2. Prepac Series 9 Designer BHHK-0520-2K

Prepac Series 9 floating headboard

The Prepac Series 9, Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands, takes the second spot. This headboard has a durable black laminate finish.

It has adorable top features such as two built-in nightstands that incorporate a removable plastic grommet for wire management. That way, you can stop worrying about tangled lamp cords or phone chargers and focus on the clean lines of the headboard instead.

Each nightstand has a built-in drawer. The nightstands provide a place for your books, lamps, and small gadgets. Another thing to love about the Prepac is that its system can accommodate any bed and mattress combination, making it a perfectly adjustable bed base headboard.

This Series 9 designer floating headboard with included nightstands is a laminated composite wood that is CARB-compliant, which makes it eco-friendly.

You can get this wooden nightstands-headboard in three finishes, namely, Black, White, and Brown. So, you can choose among these safe color options to suit your bedroom theme. You also get five years of limited warranty with every purchase.

  • These wooden floating headboards by Prepac are CARB-compliant
  • Hanging rail system
  • Can fit adjustable beds
  • Wire management
  • Not so good customer service

The Prepac Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands is a safe bet for all kinds of beds. It provides a modern design while being functional at the same time. This Queen black nightstand has a meager price that won’t hurt your pockets. The headboard has a simple, sleek design that can suit all queen bedroom sets.

3. Pemberly Row Floating Panel Headboard with Nightstands

Pemberly Row floating headboard

Next in line is the Pemberly Row Floating Panel Headboard with Nightstands in the King size.

All Pemberly wall mounted floating headboards come with attached nightstands on each side. These nights stand feature drawers and a removable plastic grommet for wire management on each side, just like the Prepac. The style of the nightstands look similar to the two previous brands.

This floating headboard and nightstand is CARB compliant laminated composite woods and only come in color Espresso. You can mount it at any height with the hanging rail system, so you don’t have to worry if you have an adjustable bed.

This headboard is proudly manufactured in North America.

  • Reasonable price
  • Has a hanging rail system
  • Glamorous
  • Lack of variation in color

The Pemberly Row Floating Panel Headboard with Nightstands only exists in the color Espresso. However, its color available is so neutral that it can help manage to suit any kind of room design and style.

This floating headboard also gives you five years of warranty.

4. Atlin Designs Headboard & Nightstand

Atlin Designs floating headboard

The Atlin Designs Floating Headboard with Nightstand is modern, sleek designed, and King-sized. It is nontoxic composite wood with a durable laminated finish and sturdy MDF backer, so we loved the look and felt of this headboard.

Not only that, but it also meets all North American safety standards.

It features two nightstands with drawers and hidden wire management for lamp cords, alarm clock cords, and device charger cords. All these you will find hanging on the wall for clean and convenient use.

The Atlin Designs headboard includes five years of manufacturer’s warranty on parts. You can choose to get this model in two color variations, which are black and white. Any of those colors would look great with faux leather furniture.

  • Reasonable price
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Innovative hanging rail mounting system
  • Ships ready to assemble
  • None

We recommend the Atlin Designs King Floating Headboard for king beds needing a little bit of storage options. Since King beds occupy a lot more space in the bedroom, there’s not a lot left for lamps, books, and other clutter. The nightstands offer a small amount of room for your bedtime essentials.

5. Prepac Series 9 Designer WHHQ-0520-2K

Prepac Series 9 Designer headboard

And the last on our list of floating headboards with attached nightstands are the Prepac Series 9 Designer (WHHQ-0520-2K). The nontoxic laminated composite woods are worthy of appreciation.

This Prepac Designer queen size wall mounted headboard features two built-in nightstands with drawers and white plastic grommet for electrical cord wire management. The industrial wood headboard allows you to install it at any height with the innovative hanging rail system.

The Prepac Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands includes a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

It matches the Prepac bed frames collection, and it arrives in a box with an instruction booklet to save you the confusion.

  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Finished in Fresh White laminate
  • Ships ready to assemble
  • Comes with an instruction booklet
  • The wood isn’t labeled
  • High maintenance

The Prepac Series 9 Designer (WHHQ-0520-2K) is a budget-friendly floating headboard with nightstands that you can get with five years of warranty. However, it takes some time to assemble. But it’s worth it, since it makes a sharp-looking bedroom focal point.


After looking at our top 5 reviews guide, you can see that most of the wall-mounted headboards with nightstands have similar features. You will also see that the main factors you need to consider in choosing among them are just your style, color preferences, and the budget.

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