Gazebo With Mosquito Nets 2023 Reviews & Buying Guides

Gazebos have plenty of purposes. You can enjoy downtime in the cool breeze, you can lounge by with a glass of champagne after a stressful day. You can also host Sunday BBQ with the family, invite your friends for a game of charades, any celebration really. These structures are not only useful, but they add beauty to your homes too.

Your gazebo will be a lovely outdoor sanctuary and focal point amid your patio and garden, rattan chairs, porch swings and canopies.

A gazebo with mosquito screens can make your experience more pleasurable. The built-in netting protects you from insects and creepy crawlers trying to invade your space. It can also regulate the temperature since it blocks excess sunlight while shielding you from strong winds. Keep reading to know the top-quality products out there.

Recommended Gazebos With Mosquito Nets

You can still enjoy your outdoors while keeping things private. So take a look at our detailed review of the best gazebos with mosquito nets.

Product nameDimensionsWeightWarranty
Kozyard Alexander Aluminum Gazebo with NettingLegs footprint: 113 x 139 inches
Roof: 117 x 143 inches
286 lbs.Five years on rooftop
MASTERCANOPY Patio Bermuda Gazebo10 × 12 × 9.8 feet98 lbs.One year limited
Sojag Track No.77 Messina144 x 118 x 115 inches265 lbs.One year limited
Sunjoy Hampton Soft Top Steel Gazebo120 x 120 x 104 inches26 lbs.One year limited
Abba Patio Gazebo Soft Top58 x 13 x 10 inches79 lbs.One year limited

1. Kozyard Alexander Aluminum Permanent Gazebo with Privacy Sidewalls

Kozyard Alexander gazeboThis hardtop gazebo with netting is quite durable. These features make this dark brown colored gazebo a high-quality one: rust-proof aluminum frame, hard steel rooftop, PVB coated polyester netting and triangular aluminum stand pole.

The metal rooftop of Kozyard Alexander is high galvanized steel, a sturdy material. And it’s several times more durable than gazebos with roofs made from fabric or polycarbonate material. It’s quite stable and can last for years and years to come.

The PVB coated mosquito netting can cover the four sides of the gazebo. You can use it to block the sun, rain, wind, or to level up your privacy. If you need more fabric, you can always add additional layers of curtains. It has a double-track system that allows you to use two layers of netting and curtains at the same time.

It’s permanent aluminum, so this is one heavy duty and high-quality gazebo that can last through the seasons. And since it’s a permanent installation, it can be an extension of your outdoor living area.

  • Durable
  • Double track master for multiple curtains and nettings
  • Classical design
  • Can withstand heavy rain
  • Hardtop aluminum gazebo
  • Takes longer to assemble
  • One of the more expensive gazebos on the market

The Kozyard Alexander garden canopy gazebo with mosquito net has a classical design that fits nicely in any patio or garden. If you’re looking for gazebos with multiple layers of curtains and fabric, this is your gazebo.

The triangular pole makes all the difference. It makes this gazebo one sturdy structure.

2. MASTERCANOPY Patio Bermuda Gazebo Canopy Soft Top with Mosquito Netting


This Mastercanopy Patio Bermuda gazebo has a flexible design that’s perfect for intimate celebrations: baptism, thanksgiving party, or a soiree with your girlfriends. It’s got an aluminum-coated steel frame. And instead of a metal roof, the roof is made of a unique breeze soft-top canopy cover, which is more refreshing material and can provide better airflow.

A fire-resistant polyester fabric makes it up. The colors of the curtains and the mesh screen add a dramatic touch to this lovely gazebo. It has a vented soft canopy that can block the sun’s UV rays while promoting fresh air to circulate through the inside.

  • Easy to install
  • The canopy can block UV rays
  • Rust-resistant steel frames and steel post
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance backyard gazebo
  • Several missing parts from the package
  • Installation instruction was hard to follow

You will be amazed by how dramatic the Bermuda gazebo looks and feels. From the unique rooftop shape to the color and design, it’s a perfect venue for an occasion. It’s also an ideal venue for an outdoor fair.

This aluminum and steel gazebo features a roofing material that is cooler and allows more ventilation compared to the metal ones. So this gazebo is perfect for hosting your summer parties and events in your backyard.

3. Sojag Track No.77 Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter

Sojag Track No.77 GazeboThis charcoal-colored hardtop gazebo can stand the harshness of the winter. You don’t need to tuck it away once the snow starts to fall. Sojag Track No. 77 is high-quality and durable to last until the end of winter. Just make sure to remove the snow that has fallen on the roof.

The PVC coated netting is quite durable too. It’s thicker compared to the competition. The zippers are easily accessible. It can give you full protection from the flies, bugs, and other insects. Since it’s high-quality, you can also expect the netting to be a bit heavier than usual.

Even the vent has a screen, which ensures that no insect can get inside the zipped up gazebo. It covers a large patio area and can give shade to a large group of people.

Even the screws are of stainless steel construction, making this one gazebo that’s hard to knockdown. This gazebo is one of the coziest and well-ventilated models on our list. Even in the heat of the summer, you can still stay comfortably cool inside.

  • Thick mosquito net
  • Durable enough for winter
  • Has a screen on the roof vent
  • Has a dome on the roof for additional ventilation
  • Takes longer to assemble

The Sojag is one robust gazebo that can stand the harsh winter. Even if the wind is blowing at 85 mph, this gazebo can hold its post. It won’t rust or bend since it’s rust-resistant. It’s a recommended gazebo for the winter season.

4. Sunjoy Hampton Softtop Steel Gazebo with Netting

Sunjoy Hampton Softtop Steel GazeboThe Sunjoy Hampton soft top gazebo looks stylish and is reminiscent of the Arabian Nights. The sheerness and texture of the netting add a luxurious touch to this already beautiful gazebo. The fabric covers the poles, so it looks softer.

But do not be deceived by Sunjoy Hampton’s elegant design. This soft top gazebo is quite stable. It makes use of guy ropes to ensure stability. It also has a full coverage area, so that a large crowd can enjoy the shade and the comfort this gazebo provides.

The canopy is a polyester fabric that has a vent for increased airflow. It’s quite lightweight. So it’s perfect for summer occasions, perhaps a summer soiree with your friends. It also makes up a beautiful play space for your kids while you update on your readings.

If you’re looking for a very affordable way to cover and style your deck, this is the right choice. Gazebos with mosquito nets like these can protect you from pesky insects.

  • Luxurious looking
  • Well ventilated
  • Large coverage area
  • Affordable
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to set
  • This gazebo won’t be suitable for heavy-duty use

This Sunjoy gazebo is a budget-friendly gazebo that can provide shelter from the sun and bugs. It’s not intended for harsh environments, heavy rains or winter.

5. Abba Patio Gazebo Soft Top


This open style soft top gazebo is eye candy; it can be a luxurious focal point in your garden, deck, or patio, having a lovely design that can be a perfect backdrop for gatherings and parties.

Abba Patio Gazebo is constructed with a high-quality powder-coated stainless steel. The powder coating of this patio 10 x 10 feet fully enclosed garden gazebo makes it rust-resistant and durable.

The canopy fabric is UV resistant too. It can offer enough protection from the sun’s harmful rays. And at the same time, the 10 x 10 gazebo canopy with mosquito netting is double vented, which ensures enough ventilation to keep you comfortable and fresh inside. You can fully enclose the built-in netting for added privacy and protection.

This 10 x 10 feet gazebo soft top fully enclosed garden canopy can be easily modified to fit your preference. You can install LED lights, fabs, and lanterns with the aid of U bolts and S hooks. It’s quite easy to do a DIY on this lovely gazebo.

It can keep you cool and protected during summer. The fabric is UV resistant so that it can block the harmful UV rays. And it double vented so you can enjoy twice as much airflow.

  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Fully enclosed mosquito netting
  • Double-vented
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Rainwater can collect on the rooftop
  • Not for permanent installation

Abba’s soft top canopy is excellent for events and parties. However, this is not for permanent installation. This gazebo garden canopy with mosquito netting might not be able to withstand heavy rain and snow.

Features to Consider When Choosing Mosquito-netted Gazebos

There are several factors to consider when buying a gazebo with mosquito netting. There are a lot of choices, but you best decide to depend on your needs to get the best deal.

Here are some areas to take note of before heading to the store to buy one. Check out our buying guide.

Price points

It should always fit your budget. Buying something over your limits might cause you more headaches in the long run. You don’t need to shell out a lot of dough to get a beautiful and functional gazebo.

Some gazebos on our list have some of the most competitive prices in the market today.

Determine the space in your garden or patio

Gazebos with netting come in a variety of sizes. Some have a large outdoor coverage area, while some brands offer a decent one. You need at least an estimate on how big your lawn is, or wherever you’re going to install the gazebo.

A large gazebo in a small patio won’t look cute. And a small gazebo in a large courtyard will often be missed.

Suitable material

Canopy rooftops can come in a variety of materials. Some can be metal, polycarbonate material, or fabric.

A fabric canopy has more cooling material. Some fabric canopies may have a polyester material or a canvas top. And these types of awnings are preferred during the hot season though it may not be able to withstand extreme weather, so gazebos with this type of roof may need to disassemble come winter.

You should also be able to determine the difference between a soft-top gazebo and a hardtop gazebo. Soft top canopies are lighter, but some brands are not for permanent installation. These gazebos won’t survive extreme weather. However, these are perfect pop-up gazebos for events and fairs.

Hardtop gazebo, on the other hand, is more durable and can hold its post even in the winter or heavy rain.

Enclosures and privacy curtains

You can enclose mosquito netting in a variety of ways. It can be in the form of a zipper, velcro, and some with stakes to the ground.


You’ll use it for what? Is it for a one-time event? Or do you intend to have it permanently installed?

Some gazebos are heavy-duty and can last through the four seasons without showing signs of wear and tear, while some cannot. These are perfect for use during the summer. And it’s also an ideal venue for one time outdoorsy events.

Included mosquito netting

Does the package already come with a mosquito netting? Is it easy to assemble?

Ensure that there’s a mosquito netting included. Some gazebos have a track system. You might need to purchase additional cloth.

Final Verdict

Gazebos with mosquito screens make your outdoor experience safer.

All of our product suggestions have lovely designs- you might even have difficulty choosing which brand to buy since there are a lot of attractive gazebos in the market today.

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