My Favorite Ikea Pax Wardrobe Hack

With a simple trick of the eye, you can change the look of your small bedroom.

For example, full-length mirrors are the easiest ways you can create the illusion of space. Strategically placed, they can “extend” the line of sight and therefore increase the apparent size of your room.

Aside from mirrors, there is an Ikea Pax wardrobe hack that I’m going to share with you!

What I Have

The relatively new house had old, built-in, Ikea Pax wardrobes, which is nice. Extra storage is always a welcome addition.

But it’s so boring and my bedroom needs some sparkle lately. I originally tried to shop for replacement Pax doors, but since the wardrobe model is old, their sizes have changed and I would have to think of another way to transform the thing.

Then I thought why not get the panels some fabric covers? Give this wardrobe some color without going through the hassle of painting and making a mess. Thanks, IKEA Hackers.

I knew exactly where to look: the H&M sale! The plan was to cover some MDF panels with the graphic fabric that I found, then glue them onto the closet doors. Enough talking, let me show you what I’m blabbering about.


Whoa, what a project, right? This has got to be my favorite DIY result yet. And so here goes the tutorial!

How You Can Do It

First shop for your scenic fabric or curtain panels- something big enough to cover your wardrobe. You are also going to need MDF roughly the size of your entire wardrobe.

After that, you’re going to have to cut the MDF into smaller pieces that fit each door of the wardrobe. To do that, measure the width of each panel. Not fully there yet, though. Subtract a couple of inches or so of width from the value you got. The little difference would serve as a frame for each section of board so that they’d look nicely spaced apart when placed side by side on the doors.

Ideally, you’ll have to visit a cutting station to give you exact, precise cuts for each MDF panel.

After that, hurry home and lay the fabric flat on the floor, align the newly cut MDF boards over it. Use your judgment (and a ruler) to measure and cut the fabric to pieces. Make sure to leave a margin for each fabric piece- you’re going to wrap it around the MDF board later.

Apply spray glue to the underside of the MDF. Place it back against the fabric, then fix the fabric to the panel using Gorilla construction glue or anything super strong. Stretch the canvas starting from the center to get rid of wrinkles. For the corners, cut off some fabric then retouch with glue.

Finally, it’s time to glue the panels to the doors. Use Gorilla (strong stuff) again. Boom, done!


It may be beautiful now, but since this is my job and design took over my life, I’ll probably change it up sometime, given that it’s pretty quick and fun to do. I know, I’m more of a warm gal myself as I’ve mentioned a million times, but this misty mountain scenery took my breath away the first time I laid eyes upon it.

This is my favorite creative project so far. I hope you get inspired to give your plain old wardrobe a makeover!

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