Leather-suspended Shelves DIY For The Perfect Shelfie

Have you got that wall that badly needs some life?

I wanted to DIY my bare white wall with some floating shelves. What made the idea so appealing to me? First of all, I wanted a single rack at a certain height. Ideally, I can place my mirror there, some string lights for decor, and voila- I have made a new and pretty vanity spot. If not that, then some extra space for showcasing my precious mugs or small potted plants.

The unfinished look of wood combined with the durability and flexibility of leather, make a stylish furniture piece that would not visually overpower any space.

Materials Needed

Natural rough-hewn timber is perfect for this one. You can get the most basic pallet planks from any junk shop or online wood sellers. Remember that you don’t need to find a perfect-looking piece of wood if you’re aiming towards rustic. Think of uneven texture, scorching, or discoloration as part of the old-fashioned charm. As for my shelves, I’m going to recycle what I have, which is a piece of smooth, white-washed wood.

Get some leather strapping or belts- you’re going to need two for each shelf. The thinner these are, the better they’re going to fit.

Brass dome mirror screws would serve as attachment of the leather straps to the wall. And to join the pallet strips (if what you got are too thin for your liking), some metal mending strips should do the job. You can typically find these at your nearest hardware store.

Lastly, you’ll be needing an electric drill, Stanley knife, wood glue, and spirit level.

The Fun Part

Depending on your preference, you may join your planks lengthwise if you find that they lack shelf depth. For me, six inches is the sweet spot. I joined two of the planks with wood glue and mending strips. Pretty simple.

Cut the leather straps using the knife, then form a loop for each strip. Mark about one inch from the cut ends, then drill a screw-sized hole through the double-strap.

Drill holes in the wall where you intend to hang both your leather straps. Make sure they’re level! Screw through the holes in the leather to the wall.

Another thing to note is that if you want a heavy-duty shelf, you should attach the leather loop under the shelf with either some nails or a staple gun.

The Result

Leather suspended shelves are so easy to do and super pretty! My makeup is quite cluttered right now, so I wasn’t able to take a photo of the shelf as a vanity, as initially planned. For this shelfie, (and because I can’t wait to post my hard work immediately!) my rarely used mugs will suffice as models.

Leather suspended shelves

I hope this is the kind of thing that finally converts you into a DIY addict. It’s cheap (but does not look like it), and it’s super quick to do.

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