Metal Bunk Bed 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Bunk beds are a good investment for small rooms because they are the perfect solution if you are looking for a piece of furniture that can save space.

A bunk bed is usually a choice in a home with you have kids, and they sure do find having and sharing a bunk bed with their sibling fun. But, just like any other furniture, a parent would always want what is best and what is safe for their kids.

Metal bunk beds are safe and are always cheaper than wood bunk beds. So this is where you should start searching for the best metal bunk bed in the market.

10 Best Metal Bunk Beds in 2023

To make things easier for you, we have come up with a metal bunk bed review, and to start, here are our top ten recommended metal bunk beds in a table for you to compare essential specifications.

Product nameDimensionWeight limits (top & bottom bunk)Warranty
Zinus Aileene Bunk Bed76 x 41 x 61 inches175 pounds, 175 pounds5 years
DHP Twin-over-Full Bunk Bed78 x 57 x 62 inches450 pounds, 200 pounds1 year
Walker Edison Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Bunk Kids Bed79 x 42 x 68 inches250 pounds, 250 poundsNot applicable
Coaster Home Furnishings Stephan Full over Full82 x 61 x 65 inches400 pounds, 400 pounds1 year
ACME Limbra Black Sand Bunk Bed83 x 63 x 65 inches350 pounds, 175 poundsNot applicable
Novogratz Maxwell Metal Bunk Bed78 x 57 x 63 inches450 pounds, 200 poundsNot applicable
Mecor Metal Bunk Bed80 x 42 x 65 inches440 pounds, 330 poundsNot applicable
Top Unikes Metal Bed79 x 43 x 65 inches220 pounds, 220 poundsNot applicable
DHP Silver Screen Metal Bunk Bed w/ Ladder78 x 42 x 72 inches600 pounds, 200 pounds1 year
DHP Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed78 x 42 x 62 inches225 pounds, 200 pounds1 year

1. Zinus Aileene Bunk Bed

Zinus Aileene metal bunk bed

Leading the list of our favorites is the Zinus Aileene Twin over Twin Classic Metal Bunk Bed. It can accommodate two twin sized mattresses. This twin metal bunk bed can handle any thickness of the cushion, which is excellent for more massive men. Many users prefer an 8-inch memory foam mattress for their bunk beds.

For safety purposes, you get guard rails on the top bunk too, and it also comes with two integrated ladders on both ends. Despite its strong support made of steel bunk bed construction, this easy-assembly, quick-lock, metal bunk bed doesn’t come with any box spring for the top bunk, and some people prefer having one.

All these are covered by a five years worry-free warranty, the most extended warranty coverage on the list.

  • Cheap
  • Tall guardrails on the top bunk
  • Two ladders for easy access to the top bunk
  • Simple assembly
  • Doesn’t have a box spring
  • Absence of supporting bolts into/under the rails that hold up the top bed

There is a reason why the Zinus Aileene has made it to the top of the list; it is cheap, easy to assemble, and you get a great warranty coverage of 5 years guaranteed.

A negative point found for this Zinus easy-assembly bunk bed is if you prefer a top bunk with box spring, you may need to purchase one separately.

2. DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame & Ladder

DHP twin over full bunk bed

Dorel Home Products, like Olee Sleep and Zinus, has made a name in the industry because of exceptional furniture. “DHP is your go-to destination for all small space living furniture,” says their official website.

With its five color choices of black, blue, pink, silver, and white, the DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder can suit whatever bedroom aesthetic you have.

It has a secure metal frame construction. Along with the bed frame, you get two integrated side ladders to provide versatility and full-length guardrails for maximum support and safety.

The DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed can accommodate one standard twin size mattress (with a maximum thickness of 6 inches) on the top bunk and one standard full-size mattress (with a maximum depth of 8 inches) on the bottom bed.

The top bunk can support 200 lbs, while the bottom bunk can support 450 lbs. This bunk bed comes without any spring box, so this might be a problem for some. You also get a one year warranty guaranteed. DHP is included in our top list because it’s overall good-quality bedroom furniture and mattress brand.

  • Lots of color choices
  • Tall guardrails on the top bunk
  • Two ladders for easy access to the top bunk
  • Good price
  • The paint is prone to chipping
  • Top bunk can easily shake

The DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed gives you a variety of color choices, which means you can choose any color that will blend in your bedroom theme.

With this twin-over-full durable metal bunk bed, you get a large bed frame with two ladders and tall guard rails for safety purposes. This bunk bed, however, doesn’t have a box spring and only offers a one year warranty.

3. Walker Edison Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Bunk Kids Bed

Walker Edison metal pipe bunk bed

The Walker Edison Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Twin Bunk Kids Bed changes as the kids grow older because it can be converted and separated into two individual twin beds. It includes guardrails on the top bunk for safety purposes, a movable ladder that you can place on either end of the bunk bed, and wooden support slats.

The Walker Edison Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Twin Bunk Kids Bed is constructed with a sturdy steel frame and has a powder coat finish. Its recommended mattress thickness for the top bunk is nine inches and does not come with a spring box. It can also accommodate 250 lbs each for the top and bottom bunks.

This bunk kids’ bed is perfect since it saves you a lot of space, and it’s super affordable. If you have youngsters and you’re looking for kids bedroom sets under 500 bucks, check out our recommendations.

  • Affordable price
  • The bunk beds can turn into two individual twin beds
  • Tall guardrails on the top bunk
  • You can place the ladder on either end of the bunk bed
  • Sturdy
  • Takes some time to assemble
  • Ideal for thinner mattresses

The Walker Edison Furniture bunk bed can also be separated into two individual twin beds, meaning as the kids grow older and want separate beds, you wouldn’t have to buy a new bed frame all over again. The biggest con of this bunk bed is that it doesn’t come with a warranty. You, however, get a 30 days exchange period.

4. Coaster Home Furnishings Stephan Full Over Full Bunk Bed

Stephan full over full bunk bed

The Coaster Home Furnishings Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed has a sturdy two-inch tubing steel construction that can accommodate two full-sized mattresses. With that, it has a full weight limit of 400 lbs on the bottom and another 400 pounds on the top. Compared to the other top bunk weight limits on our list, this one’s 400 pounds is pretty impressive.

It has a stylish design with two built-in bilateral ladders that have a unique curve shape. These ladders make it easy to access the top bunk as you can find them on each side.

The top bunk also comes with guard rails to ensure safety. Unfortunately, you don’t get a headboard or a footboard for the bottom bunk. Therefore, there is a tendency for your pillows to fall off the bed.

  • Spacious
  • Stylish and unique, curved design
  • Comes with two ladders on each side
  • The top bunk can withstand heavyweight
  • Considered very expensive
  • Some assembly required
  • Does not have a headboard or footboard

The Coaster Home Furnishings Stephan has a unique ladder design on both sides of the bunk bed. The placing of the ladder also gives extra support for the bed frame. You get a spacious sleeping area that can support 400 lbs on each bed. This bed frame, however, is considered very expensive.

5. ACME Limbra Black Sand Bunk Bed

ACME Limbra full xl-queen bunk bed

With a measurement of 83 inches long, 63 inches wide, and 65 inches high, the ACME Limbra Black Sand Bunk Bed can sufficiently handle a weight limit of 350 lbs for bottom queen-sized bunk and 175 pounds for top full XL-sized bed.

This contemporary styled bunk bed has a black sand finish. It is a great space saver as it comes with a spacious, bottom queen-sized bunk.

It features two built-in side ladders made of sturdy metal construction. When ordered, this ACME will deliver the bunk bed in two packages, which means you will have to wait for both packages before assembling the pieces all together.

  • It is spacious and can support heavyweight
  • Tall guardrails on the top bunk
  • You can place the ladder on either end of the bunk bed
  • Imported and passed QC
  • Expensive
  • It doesn’t have a warranty
  • It is delivered in two packages

The ACME Limbra Black Sand Bunk Bed is a spacious bunk bed frame considering that its lower bunk is a queen-sized fit. However, it is expensive, despite not having a warranty.

6. Novogratz Maxwell Metal Bunk Bed

Novogratz Maxwell twin-full bunk bed

The Novogratz Maxwell Metal Bunk Bed makes it onto our list with a measurement of 77.5 inches of length, 56.5 inches of width, and 63 inches of height. It’s pretty compact. You can choose from colors such as grey, navy blue, and pink- all fun colors for your kid’s bedroom.

This bunk bed can accommodate one twin-sized mattress and one full-sized mattress. It can support up to 450 lbs for the bottom bunk and up to 200 pounds for the upper portion, making it a supportive bed for plus-sized folks.

It features a curve ladder that sits just above the floor for extra safety when climbing. Its sturdy metal frame construction also includes metal slats and side rails for stability and durability.

Although the Novogratz Maxwell Twin/Full Metal Bunk Bed doesn’t come with a warranty, it is easy and quick to assemble.

  • Quick assembly
  • Spacious
  • Can support heavyweights
  • Well-built
  • Curved ladder for extra safety
  • No spare screws included
  • The steps kind of hurt (not too much, though)

The Novogratz Maxwell has a high price compared to other bunk beds, and it also comes without a warranty. But if you want extra safety for your kids when it comes to climbing up to the top bunk, this can make the right choice.

7. Mecor Metal Bunk Bed

Mecor metal bunk bed twin-twin

The seventh placer is the Mecor Metal Bunk Bed with steel metal frame and slats. It has a removable ladder that can be placed on either the left or right side, depending on the location of the bed.

Its gray color does not stand out too much, so it’s a good idea if you want to preserve the look of your bedroom.

It has high safety rails that measure 13.4 inches on the top bunks that allow you to sleep safely and soundly without worrying you would fall. Its contemporary design features a durable steel frame.

The top bunk can support 330 lbs, and the bottom bunk can support 440 lbs. For a twin over a twin bunk bed, this amount of weight support means the built of the bunk bed is sturdy.

  • Cheap
  • Tall guardrails on the top bunk
  • You can place the ladder on either end of the bunk bed
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Lightweight but sturdy material
  • It is delivered in two separate boxes
  • Comes without a warranty

The Mecor Metal Bunk Bed no doubt has a durable and robust bunk bed frame. It has all guard rails to prevent kids and even adults from falling. It may come at an affordable price, but there is no warranty included, so for those who think warranties are essential, you might think twice about this one.

8. Top Unikes Metal Bed

Top Unikes metal bunk bed

Next in line is the Top Unikes Metal Bunk Bed that measures 78.7 inches long, 42.5 inches wide, and 65 inches high. This bunk bed of metal frame construction is easy to assemble. What’s more, is that it comes at an affordable price.

The bunk bed frame features a chrome black powder-coated finish and secured guard rails on the top bunk that measure 13 inches high to prevent you from falling. You have the choice to place the ladder on any side of the bunk bed.

The weight limit of this bunk bed is 220 lbs for the bottom bunk and 220 lbs for the top bunk. Despite not having a warranty, this easy assembly, twin over twin, metal bunk bed is not a wrong choice because you can separate it into two twin beds, a sign that it’s worth the money as this will grow with your child.

  • It is considered cheap
  • The bunk bed can turn into two twin beds
  • Tall guardrails on the top bunk
  • You can place the ladder on either end of the bunk bed
  • Comes without a warranty
  • No box spring included

Despite not having a warranty, the Top Unikes Metal Bunk Bed is still the right choice overall because it’s affordable and multi-purpose due to its convertible property. It also has high guard railings for extra safety precautions.

9. DHP Silver Screen Metal Bunk Bed with Ladder

DHP silver screen metal bunk bed

Another Dorel Home Products bunk bed on the list is the DHP Silver Screen Metal Bunk Bed with LadderIt serves as a piece of multifunctional bedroom furniture that can accommodate a full-size futon mattress on the lower bunk and a twin-sized mattress on the upper bed.

Its contemporary design makes it a great deal, as it has a convertible bottom bunk that can turn into a sofa. The bottom bunk can support up to 600 lbs, and the top bunk can support up to 200 lbs. This bed is the perfect bed if you have plenty of kids but lack home space since you can make a sofa out of this one whenever you please.

The DHP Silver Screen features a side ladder, upper guard rails, and a childproof mechanism. The Silver Screen really is one of the best bunk beds since it’s also easy to assemble and also provides a one-year warranty.

  • Versatile
  • Bottom bunk can convert from sitting to sleeping position
  • It has a modern design and has two color variations (black or silver)
  • Squeaky and shaky
  • The ladder rails are quite thin, which hurts when you try to step on them

The DHP Silver Screen makes a perfect bunk bed frame if you are looking for a piece of multifunctional furniture with a space-saving design.

With its features and sleek design, this bunk bed comes at an affordable price.

10. DHP Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed

DHP twin over twin bunk bed

Lastly, we have another Dorel Home Products’ furniture, the DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and LadderWith a measurement of 78 inches long by 41.5 inches wide by 61.5 inches high, the bottom bunk can support up to 225 pounds, while the top bunk can support up to 200 lbs.

This bunk bed frame with a modern design can accommodate two twin mattresses. The recommended thicknesses of the cushions are 8 inches for the bottom twin mattress and 6 inches for the top twin mattress. It features a slanted ladder for added safety.

However, you need to take extra care of this, since the paint is quite prone to chipping. It’s not for you if you are a low-maintenance type of guy (or girl).

  • Affordable price
  • Adds a modern, playful vibe
  • It has a slanted ladder for extra safety
  • Guard rails on the top bunk are too short
  • The parts feel cheaply made
  • Some assembly required

The DHP Bunk Bed comes with a low price and has a one year warranty too. However, some buyers find the guard railings too short and not safe for younger kids.

6 Things to Consider When Buying Bunk Beds of Metal

When it comes to choosing a bunk bed for your child’s room (or for anything, really), there are plenty of things to consider asides from preferences and budget. Here is a list you should go through before considering buying a bunk bed.

Who’s going to sleep on it?

The first thing you should think about is who will be using it. If the answer is younger kids, you have a lot more to consider. Are they mature enough to know what not to do on a bunk bed? Is the top bunker a daredevil? Will he or she behave when you are not around?

Or, maybe your kids are old enough already. In that case, you may want to consider the weight limit and the size of the bunk bed.

If you’re looking for a bunk bed for your Airbnb rooms, you have to make sure that the construction is sturdy enough. A lot of people are going to use it, so it’s better to be safe and invest in a good-quality bed.

Safety precautions

Bunk beds these days are made with extra safety precautions in mind, but you have to admit nothing is entirely childproof. So once you know who you are getting a bunk bed for, look into how safe and sturdy the bunk bed you are interested in is.

Frame placement and measurement

Next, you need to consider the bunk bed frame’s size. Compare it to your room dimensions. In the first place, you may have decided to get a bunk bed to save space. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a bunk bed that takes up as much space as two individual beds.

Type of bunk bed

There are plenty of kinds of bunk beds that vary from twin over twin, twin over full, full over full, full over queen. Once you have decided on our first three considerations, you would know what type is appropriate for your bedroom.

Features you want and need

Bunk beds are space-saving furniture. These sometimes feature storing capabilities such as storage drawers, cabinets, or shelves. You may want to look into these options in case you want extra storing space.

You should also consider the top bunk weight limit on how sturdy you need it to be for your sleeper. Some bunk beds are convertible to a sofa, while some are separable into two beds.


And of course, just like any other furniture in your home, you need to consider your budget. We suggest choosing a reputable brand and reading lots of reviews first.


Bunk beds are a space-saving option for any room. You can have them for your child’s bedroom or maybe for Airbnb business purposes. Nonetheless, our list of things to consider will surely help you set your mind on a specific bunk bed frame.

The Zinus Aileene tops off our list because it comes with a five-year worry-free warranty while others come with one-year-only or even no warranty at all. This bunk bed is also affordable at the same time.

However, it is only a twin-over-twin bunk bed. You might want more significant options such as; the DHP Twin-Over-Full, the Coaster Home Furnishings Stephan Full over Full, or the ACME Limbra Black Sand Full over Queen Bunk Bed.

Just go through our list and consider what you want and need, and you will be on your way to your new bunk bed frame.

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