Modern TV Stand For Flat Screen 2023 Buying Guide

Even if you have an expensive flat-screen, an enjoyable watch is not guaranteed. Without a proper console to support it, its beauty can be a waste. That’s why suitable TV stand can make your viewing experience more pleasurable.

It can give you the perfect view and angle, which is essential, especially if you’re chilling out after a day’s work. But sometimes you get tired of the classic heirloom style. They don’t need to be old and dated sliding barn door tv stands. Your stand can have a modern look too, aside from having room to organize, store, and showcase your stuff. We’ve listed 9 of the best modern TV stands for flat-screens. Check out our recommendations.

Top Recommended Modern Flat Screen Stands

Following is a list of excellent products for the star of the show in your living room.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier15-4/5 inches deep by 21-2/3 inches highLaminated fiberwood and oak finish1-year limited
Sonax Fiji29 x 60 x 16 inchesGlass, wood, MDF, and laminate1-year limited
WE Furniture Minimal24 x 58 x 16 inchesUniversal stand made of MDF5-year limited
Bell'O CW34265 x 23 x 24 inches3- tier made of tempered glass, particle wood, and metal1-year limited
Ameriwood Home Carson20.5 x 47.2 x 15.75 inchesParticleboard, laminate, and metal1-year limited
South Shore Large16 x 70.2 x 28 inchesLaminated particleboard5-year limited
Kings Brand Furniture Dedham38 x 18 x 24 inchesChrome metal and glass shelves1-year limited
Leick Riley Holliday Mission50 x 20 x 25 inchesTall console made of hardwood and oak finish1-year limited
VIVO Universal Tabletop5.4 x 2 x 15.6 inchesTabletop stand made of steel legs30 days

1. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier Stand

Convenience Concepts tv stand

This 3- tier TV stand by Convenience Concepts is as compact as it gets. It’s made with a laminated fiberwood and has a black wood grain finish. This stand is complete with stainless steel support.

This modern TV console can support TV sets of up to 42 inches. And it can bear a weight of up to 100 pounds. It comes with a wall attachment so you can securely anchor it to a solid base – no worries of it tipping over.

The shelves are roomy enough to showcase your DVD and CD collection. Convenience Concepts lets you choose among six colors too.

Since it’s compact and lightweight, it can easily fit in any room – ideal for those who have little space. You can assemble it without any tools, so that anyone can set up this console. We think it’s perfect for dorms and small apartments.

  • Light
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Has a wall attachment
  • It can accommodate a swivel TV stand too
  • Doesn’t have any cable management
  • The support poles are susceptible to denting

If you’re looking for a simple and basic console to store your TV, this is it. This modern-looking TV stand by Convenience Concepts can provide your basic storage needs for your CDs and DVDs on an open shelf. The TV stand’s black wood grain finish gives off a classy vibe.

2. Sonax Fiji 60-inch TV Component Bench

Sonax Fiji TV stand

This sleek-looking console by Sonax consists of tempered glass, MDF, wood, and laminate. It has a combination of closed and open shelves, with the closed shelves having tempered glass doors. With the one-touch glass doors, it’s easy to open and close the cabinets.

The two glass doors each reveal two additional storage spaces. The middle shelves are adjustable too. This way, you get ample storage space for your DVD, entertainment accessories, and other media.

This posh looking console has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. And can support flat-screen TVs that measure up to 64 inches.

  • One-touch glass doors
  • Sleek looking
  • Solid and sturdy
  • A bit smaller than advertised
  • Assembly instructions are hard to follow
  • Some parts are ill-fitting

If you’re looking for a sleek-looking and solid console for your flat screen, Sonax Fiji is for you. This fits perfectly in a small living room or your small bedroom since this stand measures 60 inches.

It looks and feels rather sturdy, and it won’t disappoint. It’s quite stable but still easy to move around the carpeted floors.

3. Walker Edison Furniture Minimal Farmhouse Wood Universal Stand

WE Furniture Wood TV Stand

The WE Furniture TV stand looks like a storage bench. The four adjustable shelves are roomy enough to showcase your heirloom. It’s high-quality MDF and can support flat-panel TVs that measure up to 64 inches. You can even place small pots of plants on the shelves for a more outdoor vibe.

This flatscreen stand features a cable management system that runs at the back – no more tangled cables. So, your guests need not see all the wires and messy-looking parts of your electronics.

This product comes in eight lovely earthy colors that can match your home interiors.

  • Open shelves for showcasing your collection
  • Can fit small spaces
  • Heavy
  • May look a bit flimsy

This Walker Edison universal stand has a classic design that complements a modern room. It’s sleek enough to fit into a small space. The open shelves are ideal for those who want to showcase their collectibles and heirlooms.

The adjustable shelves are an attractive feature. You can even remove the middle divider if you have a large decor to boast.

4. Bell’O CW342 TV Stand

Bell'O TV Stand

This Bell’O console table boasts unique architecture: a combination of solid wood and tempered glass. The tempered glass is black chrome tinted, giving this console a somewhat edgy and futuristic appeal.

The open shelves with tempered glass divisions allow for increased ventilation. So, you don’t have to worry about your TV heating up too much. It can support TV sets of up to to 73′ with a weight not exceeding 125 pounds.

It also features a cable management system, so that all your cables and cords are out of sight.

With its cooling system, it’s perfect for gaming masters. This way, your TV and devices won’t heat up even if they’re on for most of the day.

This gaming console is small and compact, so it fits a small apartment or bedroom.

  • Has a cooling system
  • Unique design
  • Challenging to assemble
  • Might not complement the interiors of a big living room

The architecture of this flatscreen stand would look best in a bedroom. It might seem slightly unharmonious with the rest of your living room, but the look is super unique and cool.

5. Ameriwood Home Carson Stand

Ameriwood Home Carson tv stand

This Ameriwood Home Carson TV console is manufactured with board, metal, and finished with a laminate. It allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds- a combination of open and closed shelves for your storage needs.

The top part contains a fixed shelf. But, there are two adjustable shelves located at the center. You can adjust the racks according to your storage needs. Since the shelves are open, you can use these to showcase your DVD collection.

Two closed shelves at each end, further contain two additional shelves inside- one adjustable and one fixed shelf. You can securely store your phones, accessories, and other gadgets in this private shelf.

It has got a wire management system with cables that run at the back, so all the cords won’t spoil the view when you’re watching your favorite flick.

  • Has a lot of storage space
  • Has both closed and open storage shelves
  • Some shelves are adjustable
  • Materials look cheap and flimsy (but it’s not!)
  • Challenging to assemble. The instruction manual is difficult to comprehend.

This Ameriwood Home Carson full TV stand is ideal for those who need a lot of storage space. It’s pretty convenient with the closed and open shelves. You can use the covered storage to stow away all your clutter.

It’s an excellent 3-in-1 TV stand where you can store, showcase, and support your flatscreeen.

6. South Shore Large

South Shore TV Stand

This South Shore TV console is one luxurious and spacious furniture. Made of laminated particleboard, it brandishes elegant legs and framed glass doors. The metal doors complete its contemporary style.

Additionally, it features a combination of open and closed shelves: specifically, five open and two closed. The closed shelves open with glass doors hinges to reveal two additional storage spaces inside.

What’s also lovely about this TV stand is its cord management system. It’s located at the back, away from everyone’s field of vision.

It’s perfect for showcasing your home decors too since you can see through the glass door.

  • Large console
  • Combination of open and closed shelves
  • Has glass door hinges
  • Quite heavy

This contemporary flatscreen console by South Shore looks well constructed and heavy-duty. It’s well worth its price. It’s ideal for homes with ample space since the stand in itself is massive. This lovely piece of furniture will make your entertainment center easy on the eyes.

7. Kings Brand Furniture Dedham

Kings Brand Dedham TV Stand

The Kings Brand Furniture TV stand is one sophisticated console due to its chrome metal and glass construction. This one, Dedham, features two clear glass shelves. The architecture of this console is quite unconventional because of the semi-circle design that’s perfect for any small modern home.

If you’re looking for a contemporary design that’s very different from the TV stands you see at grandma’s house, this is going to be great.

Since it lacks a cable management system, make sure not to overload it with too many cables. Cords dangling everywhere can ruin the unique architecture of this console.

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Unique semi-circle design
  • Doesn’t have cord management
  • The glass isn’t that secured to the metal frame
  • Quite heavy

Kings Brand Furniture Dedham blends so well with art deco spaces. Since it’s quite small, it’s also perfect for your bedroom or tiny apartment.

8. Leick Riley Holliday Mission Stand

Leick Riley TV Stand

This Leick Riley Holliday Mission TV stand looks like a modern version of a precious heirloom thanks to solid hardwood and oak veneers. The wood grain of the oak finish lends a warm and cozy vibe. This console is quite nostalgic too. It can take you to a trip down memory lane when you’re eating apple pie at your mother’s house.

It can accommodate flatscreens of up 50’ in size. It features three closed cabinets where the middle one has a glass hinged door and geometrical framed wood design. The media cabinets on each end have two additional shelves – one adjustable and the other fixed.

You have plenty of space for decluttering. You can showcase your DVD collection in the middle cabinet. It also has a wire management system at the back of the console, so that you can keep all your cords and cables in one place.

This piece of furniture has a lacquer finish that protects it from dents and scratches, making this console easy to clean too.

If you’re tired of pressed wood particles that dent, this is for you. You’ll get all of that at a price that won’t break your wallet.

  • Made of real wood
  • Has a lot of shelves and cabinets
  • Simple unfolding assembly
  • The color may be too dark for some

You can get this luxe-looking wood console at a reasonable price. Who says you need to spend a lot to achieve a classy ambiance? Leick Riley Holliday Mission is well worth its cost – and it’s solid wood, so expect this modern stand to be sturdy.

9. VIVO Universal Tabletop


This VIVO steel metal stand can enhance your watching experience. It ensures that your TV stays anchored. It also gives you the best position for viewing your favorite soaps.

This tabletop TV stand has two adjustments on each leg so that no matter how high your console or your couch is, you can still adjust it accordingly. You can place it on your dresser, tabletop, or a stand with a hanging rail mounting system.

It’s easy to assemble and fits most flatscreen brands since it can hold a weight of up to 70 lbs.

Just don’t expect a stylish and sophisticated product. The VIVO Universal LCD flat-screen TV stand looks decent enough for its price.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Great customer service
  • Feet of the stand are padded
  • Not a universal tabletop stand as the brand claims it to be

VIVO is a decent TV stand that can give sufficient support for your LCD flatscreen TV. It comes very handily if you bought a shelf that’s either too low or too high for your liking. This decent product can make your downtime more enjoyable.


After a week’s work, all you want to do is watch your favorite flicks. Or maybe go on a movie marathon with your DVD collection.

An excellent modern flatscreen stand should not be expensive. Modern doesn’t necessarily mean the high end. Instead, it should be able to give ample support for your television. Additional storage space is an added value too.

Our recommendations will amp up your viewing experience and will surely complement the stylish interiors of your home.

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