The Search for The Most Wanted Leather Armchair

You know me, I’m the type to have a new obsession every now and then. Blame my neverending surfing the web for anything that my distracted mind could whip up at the time. Furniture (of course), gadgets, cheap clothes, dessert recipes, whatever. And once I’ve found my thing, I spend hours researching, watching videos, and reviews about it until I get tired and move on. It’s therapeutic, really. I think this is better than cocaine.

This week, it’s a leather chair. Specifically, an armchair. I thought to myself, I am gonna need one (or three?) of these RIGHT NOW! But wait, I have some explaining to do.

So how did the leather armchair find its way into my head? Of course, I saw someone rave about it somewhere. When you think about it, it’s actually a pretty excellent piece of furniture. In essence, it’s luxe and offers a comfy spot. Ugh, now I have to say goodbye to the little bit of $$$ that I’ve saved! Darn you, random inspiration blog that I’ve stumbled upon in the middle of the night. It’s a cognac leather chair courtesy of this DIY playbook if you’re curious. It’s just so pretty! Take a look:

diy playbook leather armchair

See how it pops in their space? It doesn’t crowd the room either. It’s almost an accent, if not for its neutral color. Overall, I love how it looks!

So the post shoved in my face how my living room could use an upgrade ASAP. I wanted something in the same earthy color because I’m an impressionable person. Or perhaps an orange one- lately, I’ve been obsessing over orange.

So I got my caffeine ready for a long night of Amazon searching! Hey, I got to take this seriously, since I’m so prepared to splurge. This will be a long-term investment.

Here’s a disclaimer: I might be easily distracted and find a lot of exciting stuff to ogle at, but solely to window shop. I rarely ever do the plunge and spend on things. But this time, my living space really needs that oomph. It’s beautiful, yes, however, I’m still not satisfied with the overall look.

Anyway, enter Charles. Only the most magnificent Stone & Beam classic, oversized, leather accent armchair! I fell in love with the Saddle Brown variant. As you’d expect, a warm tone is an automatic yes for me.

Stone and Beam Charles

The turned solid wood legs of Charles add to its stability. The surface is super easy to clean too. This is a good piece of furniture for my blogging years to come. I have now found a designated sweet spot for me and my laptop every morning.

The rolled arms are what really tie the classic look together. The seat depth is a huge plus, too. Stone & Beam had rated Charles’ seat depth as pretty deep (4 out of 5) compared to the rest of their collection.

If you’re not a big fan of this light tone, Charles is also available in other shades such as Sod (pretty, warm color) and Walnut (deeper, richer Sod).

Okay. I’m sorry to tell you that… one is not enough. I found a runner up. How could I not pick a couple of these babies if I really spent hours scrolling? I told you, when I’m addicted, I window shop ’til I drop.

Here’s a rare name without a vowel: Dygzh. That’s what this next leather armchair’s called! Come take a look at this beauty:

Dygzh leather armchair

As you’d expect, I’m eyeing the orange one (I can’t help my attraction to certain things). This PU leather armchair is the highlight of the room for sure. It’s got a unique but still ergonomic design, so it’s more than just a pretty accent. Like Charles, the material is stain-resistant and sturdy.

I gravitated more towards Dygzh and Charles’ aesthetic out of the thousands I’ve scrolled through. Not just because of their warm, gorgeous color scheme, but based on their product descriptions, they seem promising. In the end, I went with Charles- I cannot resist the classic and timeless design. But, mind you, I’m still bookmarking Dygzh… Let’s see how long my lust for it lasts!

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