Not Quite Spring Mood Boosters: Lockdown Edition

How is everyone doing in quarantine? Hard to believe we’re a living piece of a crazy historical period, right?

As cliche as this sounds, the least we can do is take care of ourselves. Stop adding to the ever-so-growing problem. No matter how lame and eye roll worthy it might seem to you, the idea that you’re staying home is already helping a lot: you’re doing your part by eliminating the spread of disease, so good job, you!

Anyway, here are some picker uppers you never knew you needed. Stay positive through hard times!

Drink Trolley Needs An Update

The more we suffer through these trying times, the more we realize alcohol isn’t only good for our hands.

Now that I think about it, quarantine season is the perfect time to consume your prized food and drink you’ve been keeping for so long in the cupboards! Why not bust out the Jersey Blue? Perhaps get the Chardonnay out of the box and pour yourself a nice glass or two, no justification needed.

We are all having a hard time dealing with the situation due to the uncertainty of it all. Maybe it’s high time to shut up the anxiety with this one.

On the occasional trip to the grocery, you might want to consider tequila and lime juice essentials too and make the perfect margarita. Who doesn’t enjoy a good, refreshing slushie!

Make Friends With Fronds And Flowers

merlot and flowers

If you’ve got potted plants, now’s the time for a rearrangement! Might as well include that in your spring cleaning list.

These house plants liven up your space. They add a touch of freshness overall, and will thrive even better this season. If any of your dried, wilted plants are still taking up precious space, it would be nice to replace them with new and healthy ones.

And if you’re a green thumb, tending to your existing flowers and shrubs in the backyard would be a fun activity to pass the lockdown time.

Final Thought

Nothing signals hope of better days than Spring. Help yourself chill out, pet your pups, and keep yourself informed. You’re always welcome to spend idle time Around The Houses.

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