Queen Headboard With Storage Buying Guide 2023

Headboards come in plenty of forms: you can get yourself a metal headboard for a metal bed frame, a faux leather one, or even tufted linen. But another design to keep in mind is one that holds extra room somewhere inside or above it. These will be perfect for keeping your sleeping essentials.

There are lots of headboards in the market. But bonus space is rare. Keep reading to see our selected queen headboards with storage.

Recommended Queen Storage Headboards

Here are our top 7 Queen-sized headboards with included storage space.

Product nameDimensionWeightColor optionsWarranty
South Shore Vito64 x 40 x 9 inches58 lbs.Brown, Gray, Pure Black, Pure White, Sumptuous CherryFive years limited
Sauder Shoal Creek64 x 42 x 12 inches68 lbs.Diamond Ash, Jamocha Wood, Oiled Oak, Soft WhiteFive years limited
REALROOMS Lacey66 x 42 x 8 inches67 lbs.Espresso, Rustic Oak, Walnut, Dove Gray, Dove WhiteNot Applicable
Pemberly Row Bookcase Headboard64 x 42 x 12 inches68 lbs.Diamond Ash, Black Espresso, OakFive years limited
Prepac Salt Spring66 x 43 x 9 inches61 lbs.Drifted GrayFive years limited
Revere Headboard64 x 42 x 12 inches68 lbs.Brown, Jamocha, Oiled Oak, Diamond Ash, WhiteNot Applicable
Memomad Bali67 x 42 x 13 inches116 lbs.Off White, BrownNot Applicable

1. REALROOMS Lacey Storage Headboard

REALROOMS Lacey full-queen headboard

Next in line is the REALROOMS LaceyIt’s another good headboard that is laminated, stable, wood particleboard. It lends a soothing and classic touch that can blend in with any home décor.

You get extra bed storage space that allows you to place your cell phone, alarm clock, books, magazines, and other decorations like photos above your bed.

Asides from this Dove White headboard storage, queen bed size, you can also get the REALROOMS headboard in different color options. Espresso, Rustic Oak, Walnut, and Dove Gray are all safe choices for a simple bedroom style.

  • Can attach to full size and queen size bed frames
  • Great value for your money
  • You get five color variations
  • Doesn’t have any drawers
  • Without any warranty cover

The REALROOMS Lacey is a Queen headboard without any drawers- just six shelves for storage space. However, this headboard can be attached to either a full size or queen size bed. It is overall amazing and super affordable.

2. Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard

Sauder Shoal Creek bookcase-headboard

The Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard gives you five years to use its warranty. This adjustable bed storage headboard that can attach to full size or a queen-size bed will provide you with an ample storage area for your bed.

With this headboard, you now have a place for your alarm clocks, books, and gadgets. All thanks to the two small storage drawers and the enclosed back panel with cord management features.

The Sauder Shoal Creek bookcase headboard has an engineered wood construction. It’s great because it’s trimmings and milling leftovers of high-quality wood composites.

It would look nice on queen bed frames with wooden slats for their slat support. You can get this in Diamond Ash Finish, Jamocha Wood Finish, Oiled Oak Finish, or Soft White Finish.

  • Can attach to full size and queen size bed frames
  • It is considered very cheap
  • You can choose from 4 different colors
  • Easy assembly
  • American-made furniture piece
  • None

The Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard can be attached to full size or a queen size bed frame. You get to choose from 4 different colors, and it comes with two small drawers and some shelves.

Above them all, this adjustable bed headboard has a meager price and five years of guaranteed warranty. There is nothing not to love from this piece of furniture.

3. South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard with Storage

South Shore Vito bookcase-headboard

The best queen headboard with storage in our list is the South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard with StorageThis excellent storage headboard meant to fit in a queen bedroom set is made in Canada with non-toxic laminated particleboard, which means it can suit any bedroom set up.

With this contemporary bookcase headboard for queen bed frames, you get plenty of practical, accessible bedside storage that are all easy to reach.

This bedside storage includes some fixed shelves and additional storage space on one side. On top of that, it has a wire management hole in the back panel.

The South Shore Vito’s different color choices are Brown, Gray, Pure Black, Pure White, and Sumptuous Cherry. You can get this storage queen bed headboard with five years of warranty.

  • Can attach to both full size and queen size bed frames
  • This bookcase headboard is affordable
  • There are five different color choices, all of which can fit a modern design
  • Easy to assemble, with no tools needed
  • Doesn’t have drawers

The South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard with Storage is our top recommended headboard with storage space because it has a low price. It also provides plenty of storage space with front shelves and side shelves.

Aside from being useful as an organizer, you can easily make this classy headboard the focal point of your queen bedroom too.

4. Pemberly Row Queen Bookcase Headboard

Pemberly Row queen-bookcase-headboard

The Pemberly Row Queen Bookcase Headboard gives you spacious room for storage of your picture frames, laptops, books, cell phone, and other necessities that you can place on the shelves or the two small storage drawers. That way, you don’t have your clutter all over the place. This headboard also features a back panel for cord access.

This queen-sized headboard fits perfectly in full size or queen size beds.

You can choose to get this Pemberly Row Queen Bookcase Headboard in either a Diamond Ash finish, an Oak finish, or a Black Espresso Finish. You will also get a safe five years warranty service.

  • Reasonable price
  • Includes two small drawers and some shelves
  • Can attach to full size and queen size bed frames
  • You only get three color choices

The Pemberly Row Queen Bookcase Headboard can be attached to a full-size bed frame or a queen size bed frame. You get two small drawers and some shelves for extra storage space. On top of that, this headboard is wallet-friendly and lets you enjoy a five-year warranty.

5. Prepac Salt Spring Queen Headboard

Prepac Salt Spring queen headboard

The fifth spot goes to Prepac Salt Spring Headboard. Its Queen size measures 65.8 wide, 43 inches high, and 9 inches thick. It weighs 61 pounds. With the dull look of the Salt Spring, you have all the freedom to add a bit of personality. You may paint it a daring color, or coat it with something shiny.

This free-standing design can fit a full-size bed frame or a queen size bed frame, which comes in handy when you have multiple beds in your home.

The Prepac Salt Spring features three storage compartments and a center shelf that can be adjusted to suit your needs and style for a versatile usage option.

This headboard is very affordable and would last for the years to come. With purchase, you get to enjoy five years of warranty.

  • Features a middle shelf that can be adjusted
  • You can get it at a reasonable price
  • Can attach to full size and queen size beds
  • Simple and elegant design that is from non-toxic laminated wood
  • It doesn’t have any drawers
  • Comes in only one color

The Prepac Salt Spring doesn’t have any drawers, but you do get an adjustable middle shelf. You can get this headboard at a reasonable price.

6. Revere Headboard with Storage Bookcase Drawers

Revere queen headboard

Another headboard with storage space is the Revere Headboard with Storage Bookcase DrawersIt comes with ample storage space in the middle and drawers on each side. The drawers can store small items of value, such as your jewelry. Meanwhile, the center is perfect as a bookshelf. You can place flower vases or picture frames on the top surface to finish off the look.

This engineered wood construction features an enclosed back panel with wire management access. Altogether with its elegant and classic design, it can be easily assembled. It’s also great since it can attach to either metal bed frames or a wood platform bed.

You can choose to get this adjustable full size to queen size headboard in the colors Brown, Jamocha, Oiled Oak, Diamond Ash, or White.

  • You can choose from five different color variations
  • There are two small drawers and some shelves
  • Can attach to full size and queen size bed frames
  • It is considered expensive
  • Does not supply any warranty at all

The Revere is a headboard with shelves and two small drawers- pretty simple, and perfect for minimalists. However, it is quite expensive, considering its lack of warranty.

7. Memomad Bali Storage Headboard

Memomad Bali storage-headboard

Lastly, there’s the Memomad Bali Storage Headboard. This elegantly designed headboard offers plenty of storage space where you can store not only your glasses, cell phone, and books, but even your linen, blanket, and more. Out of all the headboards presented, this has the most hidden storage option.

This headboard provides an ample amount of space that features two side doors and two swing doors at the top. Because there are no shelves, this headboard is easy to clean as there won’t be any dust found inside its storage space.

The Memomad Bali is CARB-certified and made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). CARB stands for California Air Resources Board: being CARB-certified means that the headboard is approved by a third-party that conducts inspections for composite wood products.

This headboard is delivered disassembled and is not compatible with box spring beds. Aside from the off white color, you can get this headboard in brown color too.

  • It provides plenty of storage space
  • It is CARB certified
  • Your stuff are covered
  • Not compatible with box spring beds
  • It is considered very expensive for a queen bed base headboard
  • It’s not covered by warranty

There is no doubt that the Memomad Bali offers you a very ample amount of storage space. You can even place or hide your linen and blankets in these things. However, it is the most expensive headboard on our list. But it’s worth every penny for its good quality.

Final Verdict

Be it for a Twin, Full, Queen, King, or California King size bed, getting a headboard that can also work as a compartment will always go great on air mattresses, mattress toppers, or any memory foam mattresses.

So with the help of our queen storage headboard reviews, get one now that will suit your room!

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