My Genius Stylish Hallway Storage Finds

So, my hallway reveal is done. But, it doesn’t stop there! I gotta admit, it took a week for me to get used to the new look of my entryway, examining it still, deciding if there’s still room for improvement.

Boom, a light switched on. There’s something so essential that I’ve missed: it’s the ever so useful storage space. Of course, I’m more geared towards a minimalist look, that’s why for the first week of this new hallway look, I didn’t mind the simplicity that much. But it later dawned on me that this is not a model home that should look on point 100% of the time. There should be a dedicated space to keep (more like hide) personal belongings that had nowhere else to go.

My Favorite Storage Bench

Storage benches are one of the most brilliant pieces of furniture, ever. Because of the clandestine storage of this multi-use seat, you won’t even guess that I’ve a lot of clutter that I just haphazardly stuck in some confined space in ten seconds!

I’m addicted to Ottoman benches right now- they’re the best storage bench kind I’ve found. The soft texture, comfy seat, and the spacious yet sturdy material makes it a perfect classy addition to my hallway. I’m telling you, I’m crazy about this thing, especially since I just knew of this now. I hurried to Amazon and it didn’t take that long for me to find the perfect one: the Pulaski Hinged Top Button Tufted Bed.

Pulaski upholstered storage bench

I got this in Oatmeal Beige out of the three color options (Heathered Grey, Charcoal Grey, and this one). I am so in love with the straightforward design and the dark wooden legs. I figured this one would fit right into a limited space such as my hallway, but still offer some space for tiny items. I don’t need that much storage for my hallway.

Shoe And Coat Rack

I can’t bear to leave my shoes outside, and I’m surely not sticking them in a closet. Call me a clean freak, but I don’t like to bring my outside shoes to any of my rooms! I can’t imagine the dirt and gunk stuck to these poor shoes making their way into my personal space. Anyway, a hallway perch for my shoes is just what I need.

So, I had to find a stylish organizer for my shoes and sandals. I wanted to get something that absolutely blends into the background. I figured it should stay simple since it’d only stand in the corner hidden from my entering guests’ line of sight.

I wasn’t too particular about my shoe rack, but one from Amazon surprised me. When I saw the VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack Shoe Bench, I fell in love.

VASAGLE shoe bench

The muted, camo color is a dream for minimalist me. Plus, the bonus coat rack made me so excited. Because of this, I don’t need to drill holes and install hooks on my door. My coats now have a home!

Meanwhile, the added wooden surface on top is the perfect spot to leave bags and whatever bulky items my guests don’t need to bring with them into the living room.

My Final Thoughts

The vintage, warm tones of my newest additions to the hallway surely serve well in terms of functionality. I can’t help but feel proud of myself for my discoveries. I think I’ll stop here, since too much furniture can make my hallway look crowded again.

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