Hallway Transformation: The Final Reveal

Some time ago, I shared my elaborate plans to renovate, beautify my hall. And now I’m finally revealing my hard work!

What have I been doing in the meantime?

Alright I know it’s been such a long time! Well, sorry for I got a lot of things to do. You could say I caught up on life- everyone needs that at some point, you know. Maybe you do, too.

Anyway, Justin, our professional painter-slash-decorator, kinda broke his leg falling off a ladder so the whole thing was postponed. Well folks, at least we know that this man is a truly hard working person. A serious expert! Kidding, Justin, please don’t kill me.

Then there was the thing about the carpet. Oh how I wanted Karastan (The Bradenburg one is sooo beautiful) but I couldn’t afford it. After a serious online search, I was delighted to find a less pricey option – The Kashan King Collection by Antep Rugs, a fashionable red-and-goldish pattern. I love the color scheme of the Himalayas rug so much. 

After taking care of those things, the hard part was over. But, of course we needed to finalize the look.

Remember what our hallway looked like before this glow-up? The hallway was a mess because of all our shoes, random knick-knacks that had nowhere else to go, and the colors looked lifeless. But now, behold of my fabulous new hallway! This beauty took a lot of time, hard work, and detail brainstorming, as discussed below.


The Walls

I personally like yellow light. I think it looks lovely and casts a lively glow on warm colors (another favorite of mine). So, since I had the look of the lighting in mind, I settled on the ever safe white walls. This might sound boring now but I promise you, it will come together in the end! After all, who doesn’t love a color that pairs well with everything?

As you’ll see on my Lighting section, I think I made the right choice with my walls.

The Furniture

I compensated for the not-so-bold color of the white walls by choosing a small sofa with a unique, semi-striped pattern. The My hallway is quite spacious, and my walls are basic, so I thought it could use some bright furniture.

It’s better to keep things simple so aside from the couch, I just added a shade lamp with an orange base beside it as companion. I chose bold red throw pillows to further make an accent. Have I told you yet how much I’m addicted to warm colors?

As for the desk where the lamp would be put, I recycled one of my old bedroom nightstands. Nothing too special there.

The Lighting

I am a huge fan of warm tones. In my opinion, it fakes a cozy home atmosphere (not such a bad thing) as compared to the common fluorescent white light. So, I set my mind on a diffused, yellow glow for my hallway. And not only from a single source! I have a ceiling light and the lampshade mentioned earlier.

For the ceiling light, at first I wanted a chandelier but I thought, “Seriously? That would be too much,” I think that chandeliers should be reserved for more spacious areas of the house, not present everywhere. It can be overpowering if you put it everywhere.

So, I thought the warm lighting looked perfect. Why not? It’s from Bluex.

After hours of meticulous searching for an accent lamp, I saw Noshy’s beautiful stained glass shade. It’s eighty bucks! Only eighty bucks for such a sweet-looking thing. I felt so proud of myself once it arrived on my doorstep and when I touched it, it also felt like high-quality build. I instantly thought that it would last a long time- the glass felt thick and heavy, the design was exquisite, the light is gorgeous.

The Art


I like to paint, so I saw no need to buy art pieces. Why not incorporate some personality to my home, give it a bit of life? After all, my paintings were collecting dust, yearning to be seen not just in Instagram photos.

I picked a few close-up bird paintings that, again, had warm colors that would complement the interiors. Have a look! The black background would stand out against the white walls, and the orange would pop in the little space.

There’s a lot more of this. However, if I were to get tired of my own paintings, I won’t think twice to support underrated artists.

Finishing Touches

I thought to add a little touch of shine to the look. So, the doors got a little makeover, too! A thin coat of varnish is just what they needed to complete the stunning look of the welcoming space.

So, what’s next? I’m thinking of adding some fresh flowers in a vase. Should I get tulips? Or Carnation?

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