ZLINE Range Hood Reviews: Are These Worth It?

Professional range hoods are essential equipment for your kitchen. These things absorbs all the grease so that it will not build up on your appliances such as your 30-inch gas downdraft cooktop. They do a good job of improving air quality and temperature regulation. Extremely good range hoods can do all of these.

ZLINE is a maker of long-lasting products, paired with beautiful aesthetics. This brand of range hoods is popular because the products have a sleek design that can make your kitchen a cooking haven. In this review, we’re going to compare the best ZLINE range hoods.

Recommended ZLINE Range Hoods 2020

Each model excels. Take a look at what makes every product unique so that you can get a ZLINE range hood for your kitchen as soon as possible.

ZLINE GL1i-3030 x 24 x 6. 8 inches65 lbs.760 CFMThree years on parts
ZLINE KB-3636 x 19. 7 x 10. 5 inches44 lbs.760 CFMOne-year on parts
ZLINE KB-3030 x 17.7 x 10.5 inches40 lbs.760 CFMOne-year on parts
ZLINE 623-3030 x 22 x 10 inches61 lbs.900 CFMLifetime on the motor
ZLINE 30KZB30 x 20 x 5.5 inches50 lbs.760 CFMOne year limited

1. ZLINE GL1i-30 Island Mount

ZLINE GL1I-30 Island mount range hood

This island mount range hood has a lovely modern design. It’s also durable 430 Grade stainless steel. Compared to the competition, it operates quietly. Built with a 4-speed motor, it efficiently pumps out the fumes and hot air.

It keeps your kitchen area well ventilated, but you’d experience all that without the noise.

It has the brand’s baffle filters. It efficiently extracts grease from the air, leaving you with a well-ventilated kitchen area.

This model will take all of those unwanted vapors, plus the grease. It includes LED lighting, so you’d be able to cook more efficiently. The push-button control is very accessible, too: you can easily control the light and fan speed with the touch of a button.

  • Has a variable height
  • Has LED lighting
  • Push-button touch controls
  • Simple to use
  • Need maximum fan setting to work efficiently

This stainless steel range hood is ideal for those who want a simple but efficient hood range system. This model has a brushed stainless steel finish that will add a touch of sophistication in your kitchen.

2. ZLINE KB-36

ZLINE 36 in Wall mount range hood

The ZLINE KB-36 is the best ductless range hood in this list. This wall-mounted range hood is quite easy to install since the package comes with all the things you need for its installation.

It can be converted into a ductless exhaust system too. You need to add the activated charcoal filters, and you can enjoy it.

It has the same ZLINE all stainless steel filter baffles, which are extremely easy to clean. It also has an LED indicator. This ducted-ductless hood proudly presents a sleek and functional design that looks stellar in your kitchen.

It’s durable, too, and can last for many years- ideal for those who aren’t yet keen on getting a ductless range hood. This particular model is easily convertible to ductless, should you feel the need.

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Item comes well packaged
  • Has an automatic shut off system
  • Buttons don’t push down easily
  • The highest setting is a bit loud for some

This model is straightforward to install- it’s one of the easiest to install wall mount range hoods in the market. It plugs and plays! And the aesthetics won’t disappoint, it looks pristine and clean in your modern kitchen.

3. ZLINE KB-30


This wall-mounted range hood is 430 grade brushed stainless steel material. The color and shape of this vent hood add an industrial look to your modern kitchen. It features two LED lights that illuminate your cooking.

The underside of this range hood has three metal grates, which are quite easy to clean. The baffle filters are easy to clean too. Conveniently, you can reuse it for years to come since there’s no need for replacement.

It also has four fan speeds and a timer to turn off the fans. The buttons are easy to push too. This sleek-looking stainless steel hood can use both functions as duct and ductless range hoods with the use of filters. You’d have to buy the carbon filters separately.

This model can fit ceiling heights from 8-9 ft. For shorter or longer ceilings, you can still get this model for your kitchen; you need to purchase chimney quick kits or extensions.

With a few adjustments, it can virtually be in any kitchen. This model has a lot of functionality and versatility in it.

  • Even the lowest setting is secure yet operates quietly
  • With auto shut off timer
  • Versatile
  • Can use more LED lights

Like the ZLINE KB-36, it can also be convertible to ductless with a charcoal filter. These two models operate in quite the same way, with size being a significant difference.

4. ZLINE 623-30

ZLINE 623-30

This range hood model has a timeless design that’s sure to last. This brushed stainless steel vent has perhaps the highest speed setting, with 900 CFM. It includes a lifetime warranty on the motor.

In line with other ZLINE range hoods, this cabinet hood also features easy to clean filter baffles, LED lights, and 4-speed fan settings. Installing this vent in your kitchen would feel like an upgrade- in terms of function and design, it will level up your kitchen’s value.

This high-quality stainless steel vents will serve you for years to come. Not only that, but its timeless design also will never fail your kitchen aesthetics. If you are remodeling your kitchen and looking to upgrade it, this vent is a perfect choice.

If you do a lot of indoor BBQs on the pan, it could produce a lot of heavy smoke. This vent is perfect for sucking out a substantial amount of vapors and fumes. That way, you can have a well-ventilated kitchen area all the time.

  • Commercial quality
  • Powerful motor with a lifetime warranty
  • Can be used inside or out of a cabinet, making it a cabinet range hood
  • Has a high CFM
  • The fans can be noisy
  • You have to push the buttons harder for them to work

This range hood has a commercial quality that would fit in a big household or your business establishments. It has a powerful motor of 900CFM that immediately traps a considerable amount of vapors and grease. The higher CFM thus results in high-quality indoor air.



Made of a combination of stainless steel and glass, this island range hood model will add a luxurious touch to your contemporary kitchen.

It also has the brand’s innovative features: dishwasher safe and easy to clean baffle filters. It also features a built-in LED lighting to illuminate your cooking and baking.

The package comes complete with two chimneypieces that are suitable for ceilings with a height of 8-9 feet. And it can fit any size with the use of chimney kits or extensions. It’s a convertible vent style and can also function as a duct or ductless range hood.

You can also enjoy a fuss-free control over the fan settings with the electronic controls. These are a soft touch and easy to access – also what sets it apart from the other ZLINE models in our review.

  • Has touch-sensitive electronic controls for fan settings
  • Comes with a LED upgrade
  • Has 4-speed fan settings
  • The ductless option is not for high ceiling cabinets

The addition of glass hood adds a touch of luxury to this already sophisticated vent. If you’re looking for more illumination for your cooking or baking, this model comes with LED upgrades.

This model is functionality and style rolled into one.

More About ZLINE

The brand is one of the frontrunners in bath and kitchen innovations. ZLINE Kitchen and Bath products add more functionality and aesthetics into your homes.

ZLINE kitchen range hoods offer quality construction, seamless operation, and impeccable cooking power. This brand provides both versatility and sleek designs.

Some of ZLINE’s signature features are:

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean baffle filters
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • LED lighting
  • Auto shut off system

And most models operate silently too. A ZLINE range hood is typically more expensive-looking, but it has a very decent price tag. Also, most of our listings here already have their baffle filters included, which is a massive advantage over brands wherein filters are sold separately.

The brand also has one of the easiest to install range hoods in the market. The majority of the famous range hood models can use both a duct or ductless exhaust system, adding more versatility to the product.

The brand also offers chimney extensions or short kits, allowing you to use the products whichever the height of your ceiling is. You have to purchase these separately.

ZLINE’s customer service extends impeccable to service it, clients, and customers. This brand consists of a myriad of range hood styles that can fit your kitchen aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or just starting into your new home, ZLINE has only the right product for you.

The brand most often indulges in a free shipment of replacement parts. And another thing that sets the brand apart from the competition is versatility. Chimney extensions or short kits are relatively easy to attach to almost any of the brand’s products. ZLINE is one of the range hood brands that are versatile, an aspect that most brands fail to get right.


If you’re looking for the perfect vents for your kitchen, we highly recommend ZLINE range hoods. With ZLINE, you’ll find a sophisticated design that adds in a lot of function and versatility. Even the most basic model looks quite expensive.

All ZLINE products do look expensive, but you’ll be surprised at their price: it might even cost less than your old vent that you’re trying to replace. When your old ductwork is in dire need of repair, it’s time to switch to a more reliable brand.

Our ZLINE range hood reviews have got the right product for you. Each may share similar features that are exclusive to all ZLINE products, but you will surely find a different specification that will fulfill your kitchen needs the most.

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